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Boyd Hilder Profile (2024)

boyd hilder

Do you want to treat yourself to the most extensive Boyd Hilder profile and watch his best BMX videos?

Boyd knows how to make our jaws drop whether he does skateparks or streets. Every single time.

Some say he is the Australian version of Dennis Enarson, but we are not really here to compare riders.

We are here to enjoy the rider and his unique approach to BMX. Because we all know that Boyd is no stranger to taking things to the next level.

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It does not matter whether Boyd goes technical or makes some seriously gnarly moves; he handles them all with ease.

This post covers:

Boyd Hilder Profile

1. Boyd Bio

Date of birth: November 30, 1995
Place of birth: Gold Coast, Australia
Height: 6’1″ (?)
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @boydhilder

2. Boyd Sponsors

Federal Bikes, Odyssey BMX, S1 Helmets, LUX BMX and Vans.

3. Boyd Bike Check

Don’t forget to check the latest Boyd Hilder bike check.

4. Parts Boyd Rides

Featured photo by: The Creative Club.

5. Best Boyd Hilder BMX Videos

Battling Bali

Even though things didn’t go as planned for Boyd, this is still such an awesome video to watch.

Knowing that Boyd rolled his ankle (on the first day), got food poisoning and dealt with a lot of rain and heat (and a scooter collision) will make you appreciate this edit EVEN MORE.

The dude is a beast.

It’s always a pleasure to watch Boyd shred.

Did you know that Bali and Jakarta had so many sick skateparks? I didn’t.

Odyssey Guest List

Two heavy hitters shredding the Ful Factory Distribution ramps? I’m down!

Boyd invited the one and only Garrett Reynolds for a full-day sesh, and this is the result they managed to come up with.

I tell you one thing – there’s some really insane riding in here from both of them, so make sure you don’t miss it.

The bar to nose tap to icepick and then 270 out from Garrett was mad. And the up double peg grind to suicide no-hander by Boyd was equally amazing.

But these two stunts are just two great proofs that these two are unstoppable. See the rest of the epicness above.

Odyssey BOYD Stem promo

Even though this is a quicky, you know it’s a must. Because it’s Boyd, that’s why!

Enjoy this not-so-simple promo for his signature Odyssey BOYD top load stem that comes with a few really awesome riding moves. You also get a few close-up shots of the stem with specs, showing its uniqueness.

Regarding riding clips: The 180 to double peg to manual back to tailwhip is for sure my favorite (but I think you need to see it to understand it).

I highly recommend the BOYD BMX stem if you’re a taller dude. (Or just like your front-end high, like me.)

Boyd for S1 Helmets

Boyd is dropping hammers after hammers. One of the most hard-working dudes in the BMX industry – that’s for sure.

Here’s a fresh one for S1 Helmets at this epic DIY spot. Or should I say, a dream spot?

And magical things happen once you place Hilder in front of it. You know Boyd and his all-around riding skills, so you can expect many great things to go down.

You couldn’t be more right!

The curved rail ride to backflip and the curved rail manual to tailwhip were both nuts.

Odyssey “Locked Down Unda'” web video

This is it if you are ready for madness and tons of intense all-around riding from Boyd.

His “Locked Down Unda'” web video project for Odyssey is full of bangers, starting with a wicked bowl line.

Primarily a street edit with many superb skatepark clips just to show that Boyd is no joke.

I do not know where to start with the tricks, so I won’t. Sit back, relax, and enjoy three minutes of goodness from Down Under.

Also, I like that Boyd wears a BMX helmet – it just makes more sense.

Odyssey Boyd sprocket promo

Okay, we all knew this one is coming, at least everyone who’s on track with the latest Boyd bike.

Here is the official announcement and a short (but really sweet!) promo for his signature Odyssey Boyd sprocket.

The sprocket comes in three sizes (25T, 28T, 30T) and is available in black only. It has a unique, five-spoke directional design, where each spoke gets thicker towards the center (which makes the sprocket a lot stronger).

You can get it now, but first watch four intense riding clips from Boyd, putting his signature sprocket to use.

Boyd Hilder’s Vans The Circle raw clips

It’s something about raw footage that always grabs my attention – sometimes even more than the official video.

I’m not sure why, but it’s just so dope.

If you’re the same, you’ll (100%!) enjoy this nearly 14-minutes long raw footage video featuring Boyd while filming for Vans The Circle competition.

This dude is so delightful to watch regardless of what he does.

The style and the insane stack of tricks that he has always do the trick. Get yourself involved and treat yourself to hot RAW moves from Hilder.

LUXBMX Aeterna part

Here is Hilder’s section from the LUXBMX Aeterna video and it is safe to say that Boyd is one of the most exciting riders to find his way into the mainstream of BMX in the past few years.

From his go-fast approach to everything he does to his versatility and pure skill at riding, it is always exciting to see what he will do next.

To go from a huge stylish kick out over a dirt jump to a flip whip in the same set of jumps, then a tooth hanger down a rail in the streets, shows how well-rounded he is.

Boyd also knows his way around a skatepark, as we see here. This one has it all.

Welcome to Federal Bikes

Federal Bikes welcomed Boyd Hilder to the team in 2019 after bursting onto the BMX scene not too many years prior and leaving everyone psyched in his wake.

His welcome to Federal video perfectly represents all things BH that stoke the BMX world.

After the minute-long intro, we get into the riding set to an upbeat song that perfectly matches Boyd’s riding.

With this one, we’ve got big gaps, big grinds, technical riding, and high speed, as we’ve come to know and love, with several tail whip gaps at the end that are absolutely mind-blowing.

Boyd Hilder is here to stay.

Boyd’s winning SS 2019 park run

Simple Session 2019 went down in February, and the BMX park competition was a stacked lineup as usual.

Setting himself apart from that lineup was Boyd Hilder, earning himself a well-deserved 1st place!

Boyd’s riding was completely different than any other rider in this contest with tricks like a one-handed superman cannonball (yeah, watch the video to understand that one) followed directly by a canadian footjam on a massive vert wall!

And those were just two of his first three tricks! He also does a mid-run bar to wallride to bar out of a quarter pipe on the spectator fence about 10 feet up.

This video is Boyd’s winning run, and despite crashing at the very end, he still won.

Boyd’s qualifying SS 2020 park runs

Following his unique and impressive win in BMX Park at Simple Session 2019, Boyd followed it up by winning qualifying at Simple Session 2020.

Even more impressive is that the qualifying format was two runs, with the overall impression of both runs determining the score.

That means a rider needs two near-perfect runs to win qualifying, which is exactly what we have here.

Boyd starts out his first run with a triple truck driver, followed by a cannonball as he flies around the course.

He also takes both runs entirely with a smile on his face; that is what it is all about.

Volume Bikes Venture video

This video from Volume Bikes with Boyd Hilder came out in May of 2018 and was one of the first stepping stones in his rise to the top of BMX.

This video has skateparks, streets, pools, and even some dirt jumps, showing how well-rounded Boyd is as a rider.

Going from an ice pick grind to whip on a rail to a line in a pool that ends with a flair is a perfect example of how unpredictable Boyd’s riding is.

It’s what makes his videos always a joy to watch.

Boyd Hilder killing SD streets

Back in 2016, a younger Boyd was on a trip to the USA, where he worked on this video with Vital BMX around the streets of San Diego.

This short but sweet one is just over a minute long, with Boyd going to work on a bunch of awesome and some familiar spots, bringing his signature unique style to them.

This video shows that Boyd has always absolutely killed it, even back in 2016 with tricks like back seat grab t-bogs, massive can-cans, and big down whips.

Odyssey’s 10 Spot with Boyd

The Odyssey BMX 10 Spot series sits down with Odyssey team riders to answer questions from the internet, and this time, we have Boyd Hilder in the hot seat.

Broc Raiford, Preston Okert, and Justin Spriet are also on the scene to ask questions with things like “Who is your favorite Australian rider?” and “Scariest thing you have done on your bike?”

Getting to know the riders at the top of BMX with videos like this is always enjoyable, especially with people like Boyd, who’s riding is always so awesome to watch.

Welcome to Volume

The video’s official description calls Boyd an Australian Powerhouse and says that he is “one of the most diverse riders out there.”

This is true to this day after this video came out in early 2016. Boyd is now off Volume and on Federal.

The video starts with a massive tailwhip drop in the streets and a mini flair in a skatepark.

Boyd shreds everything he touches from the streets to skateparks in this one and does so with his signature style that we have known and loved throughout the years.

How to icepick grind with Boyd

Want to learn icepick grinds? This video from the late Ride BMX featuring Boyd Hilder has you covered.

Even though it came out in 2016, it can still help you learn today.

Boyd starts with the prerequisite basics of feeble grinds and manuals and the best setups for learning icepicks.

Boyd thoroughly covers all the bases here and is very clear with this how-to. If you’d like to try your hand at an icepick grind but don’t know where to start, this video is for you.

Boyd’s Plaza Session at Source

Source BMX’s Battle Of Hastings has quickly become the premiere BMX event of the year, and in 2019, Boyd Hilder had his team.

In the event, there is a Plaza Session video segment where each team has a set amount of time to film a video in the street plaza area of the park with two of the riders on the team.

Jacmann Hinns and Brock Olive were up for this one, and this video is Boyd’s team’s 8th place finishing video.

Both guys brought wild technical grind combos to the table and many awesome up rail tricks like up rail hard 180 toboggan and rail ride up downwhip to fakie.

Mankind 2015 web video

Even though this one is from 2015, Boyd still kills it – LIKE A LOT. This web edit from the Mankind days is a pack of solid park, street and trails riding.

You know that Hilder can shred about anything and everything he wants.

It took him four months to complete this project around Gold Coast and Brisbane with Troy Charlesworth. The outcome? Spectacular even to this day!

Get yourself involved and let Boyd blow your mind away for one more time.

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