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Jaume Sintes Profile (2024)

jaume sintes

Are you searching for the best Jaume Sintes profile and collection of his ultimate BMX videos to enjoy modern and creative street riding?

We all know this dude’s full of originality, so watching his old and new stuff is ALWAYS a pleasure.

Jaume was born in Menorca, Spain, but is living the amazing Barcelona street life.

You’ll also see him traveling a lot with Miki Fleck.

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Sintes’s been riding BMX since around 14 and is doing it for Cult BMX, Primo, Pshomies and SkatePro.

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Jaume Sintes Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: /
Place of birth: Menorca, Spain
Height: /
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @jaumesintess

2. Sponsors

Cult BMX, Primo, Pshomies and SkatePro.

3. Bike Check

jaume sintes bmx bike check

4. Parts Jaume Rides

Featured photo by: Wes McGrath.

5. Best Jaume Sintes Street Videos

Cult – Stardust

Jaume’s creativity knows no boundaries, and this shows in all his videos. And although some of the stuff that he does seems quite simple and basic, it’s his approach to how he does it that makes it special.

But without Jaume’s insane bike control, nothing would be possible – or at least not his buttery smooth.

All this was shot during his trip to Japan and in and around Barcelona.

If you’re ready to enjoy some technical uniqueness to get yourself hyped, then enjoy Jaume’s “Stardust” web video from Cult.

Cult – Culture

Do you want to know some more about the amazing soul that Jaume is? I know I do!

Jaume Sintes (at the time of the video) is a 25-year-old native of Menorca, who – we ALL KNOW – made a significant mark in the Barcelona BMX scene since his relocation.

His passion for biking began in his early teens, inspired by older kids performing bike stunts. Despite not having the right bike initially, Jaume’s determination saw him start with a mountain bike and eventually upgrade to a complete GT BMX (thanks, parents!).

Moreover, art has always been a parallel passion for Jaume, influenced by his uncle, a painter.

He pursued an artistic education, which he now creatively intertwines with his BMX passion. Jaume’s recent focus on digital art led him to design for friends and collaborate with BMX shops and brands, including Cult.

In the video, Jaume also mentions his signature Cult Crew colorway frame. This frame is a testament to his journey in art and biking, symbolizing the fusion of his passions.

By the way, he also treats us to some sweet riding clips to spice up this short “Culture” documentary by Cult.

Jaume Is Pro For Primo

Jaume has been riding for Primo for a little while now, so we all knew only time would tell when he would be bumped to the pro.

The time is now. Congrats!

And to make it official, Jaume teamed up with Stephan August and Miki Fleck behind the lens to shoot this epic welcome to the team video.

Jaume is full of fantastic style and original moves that show through in this one. It’s always a pleasure watching him ride because you never know what will come next.

I won’t even go too into details because I’ll ruin the experience for you. (But damn, Jaume has one of the smoothest tailwhips, similar to Chase Dehart.) Enjoy!

Cult 2022

Jaume has been absolutely killing it lately! Here is a video with him for Cult that came out in March of 2022.

Jaume has a jibby technical style and does several WILD x-up grind variations, including super long x-up pegs to rewind barspin out on a rail you need to see to understand fully.

The cool thing about how Jaume rides is that it is hard to know what might come next, which always makes for an entertaining video.

Jaume also knows how to go big, which you can see in the last clip!

Note: Check out my best Cult frames pick.


A Jaume Sintes video called AMERICA from Cult came out in early 2021 from his time in the US.

The video opens with what has to be the longest x-up double peg grind ever done, and if that wasn’t enough, Jaume did a hard 180 out of it!

The mix of “America” themed footage brings the video to another level of production value-wise, which, combined with dialed filming and even more dialed riding, makes for an enjoyable video throughout.

Jaume literally does an x-up ride to 180 off a roof in here BEFORE the halfway point of the video – you NEED to see this one if you haven’t yet.

Jaume in Barcelona

Jaume Sintes has one of the most fun-to-watch styles in modern-day street BMX riding.

His ability to combine tricks in a completely UNPREDICTABLE way while also adding his style is so exciting to watch – and you just never know what will come next.

He does a 50-foot x-up double peg grind on a concrete ledge to hard 180.

What else do I need to say about it? This video is one you should definitely see or watch again!

Welcome to Stranger

This is Jaume’s welcome to Stranger BMX video that came out in mid-2021.

The video opens with a super LONG pegs on a rail to 180 out and then takes another 30 seconds to get to the rest of the video.

Once the riding does start again, Jaume puts on a display of riding that words can’t justify.

Jaume has an eye for spot usage that has him doing tricks like a 270 sprocket bash on the corner of a wall that sits on a wedge hip.

Hard to understand? Check out the video and see for yourself! I FEEL you.

Jaume & Miki in Mexico City

Here’s an awesome one for your day. Do you want to see what happens when Miki Fleck and Jaume Sintes spend some time in Mexico City?

Miki and Jaume both have completely unforeseeable styles, which makes the experience of watching them do their thing much more hair-raising.

Both have an eye for spot usage that has them doing things that words cannot explain concisely.

However, the chemistry of riding between their styles is undeniable. And this video is a must-see for anyone who is a fan of creative, modern street riding!

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