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7 Best Tyler Fernengel BMX Videos (2024)

tyler fernengel

Do you want to watch the best Tyler Fernengel BMX videos?

I gathered them all here for you.

Tyler had his ups and downs during his career, many injuries, and back surgery, but we only keep things riding-related.

He was born on April 3, 1996, in Detroit, Michigan.

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Tyler was a motocross racer before he developed a strong passion for BMX.

That happened at around 12, and he got his first sponsor just two years later.

Yes, Tyler was always that good!

I’m really excited that Tyler started posting more clips lately, which shows that he has recovered from health issues.

We need more of TYLER!

Do not forget to follow Tyler on Instagram.

Featured photo by: Tyler’s IG.

Best Tyler Fernengel BMX Videos

1. Tyler Fernengel Back In Michigan

After some time without seeing a video from him, Tyler returned in great fashion with this video for Demolition called “Tyler Back In Michigan” that came out in late 2020.

This one starts with a wild hop over a chain into a gnarly bank, then a super long fakie manual.

The spots in this one are super rad, and Tyler uses them creatively, making for an enjoyable video.

If you’re a Tyler fan, hit play and check it out!

2. Demolition (2018)

The description on this 2018 Tyler Fernengel video for Demolition starts with “After a few serious injuries and a back operation…”

The fact that Tyler went through all of that and still came back to keep riding at this level is fantastic – just like this video.

The music contrasts the riding here greatly, being an aetherial instrumental – while the riding is next-level insane.

Unfortunately, this is because the original song had to be removed. Still, something about this music with riding that is on a completely other level makes for a great experience watching it.


3. Silverdome (2015)

In 2015 Tyler Fernengel and Red Bull came together to make one of the most truly epic BMX videos ever.

Everything about this video is amazing. From the narration and Tyler’s MAD riding to the incredible camera work and editing that brought it all together.


Tyler rides around the abandoned Silverdome in his home state Michigan hitting ramps that were built and already existing stairs and rails.

All of this led up to one final truck driver drop that you just have to see to take in. (Mental!)

4. Markit (2014)

Here we have a throwback Tyler Fernengel video for Markit from 2014. Tyler throws down bangers throughout, with massive gaps and an eye for gnarly spots.

There’s also some technical riding during the slow parts of the song and it’s very clear how talented Tyler is on his bike.

As the video goes on, things just continue to get crazier and crazier, with the gaps getting bigger and the tricks being thrown at them remaining amazing.

This is an absolute must-watch if you haven’t seen it and if you have, it’s worth the replay! (I’ll watch it again right now.)

5. Haro (2016)

Tyler Fernengel was on an absolute tear for a few years in which he produced several incredible video parts. Here we have his 2016 Haro BMX video that he put two years into making.

You know this one will be good just from seeing the first clip where he does a gap half cab barspin into a bank that he immediately has to hop off of.

Tyler’s eye for insane gaps is always crazy to watch and there is no shortage of them in this one.

Tyler’s level of riding is off the charts and this video is definitely worth the play time multiple times over!

6. Raditudes (2015)

Back around 2015, Red Bull created a video series called Raditudes, which in the description says is “an intimate look into what motivates BMX riders every day.”

This series episode is called “The Feeling Of Being Home.” It’s with Tyler Fernengel as he visits Barcelona for the first time ever.

Tyler narrates throughout as we follow his journey through BCN in riding to visit famous spots and just exploring the city.

This is a really awesome watch. And seeing more than just the riding clips makes it much more awesome!

7. Osiris – Welcome To Pro

Tyler Fernengel went pro back in 2014 with this video for Osiris BMX.

This one starts with a huge bang in a barspin roof drop before Tyler lets loose on everything he touches from the streets to different skateparks.

He even shreds some dirt jumps in here and does a massive no-foot can-can to tuck no-hander, which is a combo you don’t see every day.

Anyone can enjoy this chapter from the beginning of his career with how well-rounded this one is and how much Tyler absolutely kills it.

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