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Corey Martinez Profile (2024)

corey martinez

Do you need a dose of the best Corey Martinez profile and collection of BMX videos in your life?

If you’re in the space, you are damn well aware of who T-Nez is.

An all-around rider who was riding with brakes, put them away for many years, and he is now playing with brake stuff again.

Not just that, but Corey is one of those riders who can do it both, big and gnarly, or tech and wizardry.

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Yes, his bike control is on an entirely different level.

Martinez was born on April 24, 1983, in Nashville, Tennessee.

And when knowing that he began riding BMX when he was ten years old, well, you do the calculation – Corey has been doing BMX for a very long time.

And even though he’s “older,” there’s no real sign of him stopping any time soon.

Corey is one of those dudes who treats his body really well. (That’s exactly what you need to do if you want to stay on a BMX bike for a long time.)

This post covers:

Corey Martinez Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: April 24, 1983
Place of birth: Nashville, Tennessee
Height: 5’8″
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @coreymartinezz

2. Sponsors

United, Cinema and Etnies.

3. Parts Corey Rides


Featured photo by: Leigh Ramsdell.

4. Top Corey Martinez BMX Videos

Cinema BMX – Keepin’ ON

This is perfect. No fancy stuff, just heaps of epic street riding clips from the man himself, T-Nez. Most of these clips were filmed during various trips using an iPhone.

(No excuses, bro, you can always film stuff, and if your friends are busy riding, set up a tripod.)

Corey pulls many creative moves and lines in here that made me rewatch the video three times already. And I know I’ll watch it some more because it’s GOOD.

I’m not even sure what to call some of the tricks, but the ender is definitely something else.

Cinema BMX signature sessions

Here we have a video with T-Nez for Cinema to promote his signature Martinez top load stem that came out in 2019.

Naturally, any video with Corey in it will bring the heat.

Note: You can get his sig stem here.

One exciting thing about this one is that there is something different about his bike in a few clips.

He actually is riding brakes in here! The addition, or rather return of fufanus and other brake tricks to the riding of T-Nez is definitely a welcome one.

This video is all-around awesome, even without the brake clips.

HEY: We already covered two of his Cinema teammates, Nathan Williams and Garrett Reynolds.

Still United video part

The Still United full-length DVD was released in 2016, and with that Corey Martinez had an amazing part in the video.

His section was officially released online in late 2017 to the Dig BMX YouTube channel.

Just over five minutes of classic T-Nez savagery, which starts out with some of the most brutal slams you’ve ever seen.

The video begins out with a wild street 360 tailwhip, which is something you just don’t see ever.

Everything following from the curved backwards rail grinds to the massive gaps makes this one a must-watch!

Corey Martinez for Cinema 2017

After six years of collective filming from 17 different filmers, here we have Martinez’s 2017 video part from Cinema.

Corey always produces in his videos and after such a long time working toward this one, you know it will not disappoint.

From the very beginning, Corey brings both burly and technical riding in the streets.

One thing that is so impressive about Corey’s riding, aside from the fact that he has been at the top of BMX for so long, is the fact that he can go from doing a massive 360 rail hop to doing an opposite feeble grind up a ledge to downwhip out.

Corey is a legend!

X Games Real BMX 2018

In 2018, Corey Martinez and filmer Peter Adam took the gold medal in the X Games Real BMX 2018 video contest.

If you somehow haven’t heard of X Games Real BMX, the contest is where six different riders each have a filmer and a set amount of time to film the best one-minute thirty-second video part they can.

These parts are judged by a panel of judges and then the winners are announced on a full television broadcast.

Corey’s part in 2018 was absolutely full throttle with wild grinds and gaps to bring home the win.

The over double peg grind to back over on the Barcelona sea walls will go down as one of the craziest things done at that spot and in BMX.

Corey and Peter win Real BMX 2018

With Martinez’s winning X Games Real BMX video part from 2018, X Games put together an interview short documentary with a back story about Corey and his video.

This one is cool because the video parts can only be so long, so we only get to see so much.

That means that we get to see so much more here than we otherwise would have.

After this and showing the actual video, we get to hear the judges’ reactions to the video, which is also really cool to see.

Hearing Dennis Enarson, Scotty Cranmer, and Trey Jones react to the video just reaffirms why he deserved the win.

Gimme a Brake BMX video

In October 2019, a video with Corey Martinez called Gimme A Brake was released.

As the title suggests, the concept of this one is in the fact that Corey is riding brakes and doing brake tricks.

The bike he was actually riding in this video was also given away, which is pretty rad!

Seeing Corey ride brakes again after so many years without is so refreshing and so many of the tricks in here are still so impressive.

Regular and opposite 540 hurricanes back to back?! Yes, please!!

P.S. Back rail fufanu X-up!

This Is United video part

Corey Martinez had the last part in the United Bike Co “This Is United” video, which came out in 2010.

This part is over seven minutes long and even earned him the video part of the year at Nora Cup.

Whether it’s a wild gap, a gnarly grind, or something extremely technical, Corey goes all out at everything he does and it has always made for amazing video parts that stand the test of time.

Aside from changes in bike technology throughout the years, so much of this could be released today and still be just as amazing, which is a testament to the amazing rider Martinez is.

Corey’s 10-year United anniversary

2017 brought T-Nez’s 10th year as a non-stop member of the United BMX team.

With this, we have a look back at some of his best riding in that time with video parts from 2007, starting with the “Don’t Matter” video all the way up to 2014/2016’s “Still United.”

Seeing so many of the incredible things Corey has done throughout the years in one place like this is another reminder of how long he has been at the absolute top of BMX, making it all the more impressive.

Welcome to Etnies

Back in 2011, Corey Martinez was welcomed to Etnies with a welcome video called Better Late Than Never.

Even though this video is over a decade old at this point, it is amazing to see how well the riding still holds up to today’s standards.

Corey has always been an absolutely amazing rider who is at the forefront of BMX progression and this video is a great example of this.

With tricks like regular uprail to opposite tailwhip and opposite uprail to regular tailwhip as well as all sorts of big gaps and other technical grinds; this video is a great watch!

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Drop The Hammer (2005)

I don’t remember how many times I watched this one, but it was dozens! This is next level; especially when you look at the year it was released – 2005!

So much epic riding gathered in a three-minute long part – primarily street, which is why I like Corey’s Drop The Hammer part so much more.

But all the park stuff, damn, that’s awesome, too!

Martinez killed it! But what’s even better, Corey is still killing it today.

Do you know what I’ll do now? I’ll watch this one – AGAIN.

Unclicked: Corey Martinez

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