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Garrett Reynolds Profile (2024)

garrett reynolds

Are you ready to enjoy the all-time BEST Garrett Reynolds profile and BMX videos?

What was I waiting for so long?!

Even though Garrett may not be the youngest of shredders anymore – HE’S STILL AT THE TOP!

So many medals, so many awards, so many insane parts and videos – WOW.

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According to his official Red Bull profile page, Garrett’s BMX career officially started in 2003.

Over the years, Garrett Reynold’s riding style progressed immensely, doing things extremely technical.


Some of the stuff is so clean, you barely notice the difference.

You can get his signature street frame, bars, stem, sprocket, pedals and seat. That’s just from Fiend!

This post covers:

Garrett Reynolds Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: August 2, 1990
Place of birth: Toms River, New Jersey
Height: 5’6″
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @reynoldsfiend

2. Sponsors

Fiend, Deadline, Red Bull, Source BMX and Cinema.

3. Bike Check

By the way, don’t miss Garrett’s recent bike check.

4. Parts Garrett Rides

Are you ready for Garrett’s MADNESS?

Featured photo by: Garrett’s IG.

5. Best Garrett Reynolds BMX Videos

Garrett makes X Games history

I usually don’t put a ton of emphasis on contest clips in these collections, but this one DESERVES it. The one and only, Reynolds, won gold in the recent X Games 2022 street contenst.

His perfect run is absolutely insane and you can watch it by hitting the play button above in case you missed it.

What this also means is that Garrett has a whopping 15 X Games gold medals (but 19 overall!).

Congrats, legend!

Even though Garrett is in his 30s, there’s no sign of stopping for him any time soon.

If you take care of yourself and are passionate about what you do, you can do it for a VERY long time.


Lost and found clips (Mental!)

Six minutes of lost Garrett clips? I’m down. Whether it’s old or new, it doesn’t matter. Everything that has Reynolds written on is good stuff.

And this is no different.

What’s also really dope is that Garrett still killed it even if riding a cassette. He’s almost as smooth as he’d be riding a freecoaster.

Even though an FC and plastic BMX pegs make it all look a lot more flawless, cassette and steel pegs are still dope!

Yes, that’s Garrett – we all know HOW GOOD he is.

Some clips in here are actually from 2010! But they will be enjoyable to watch even in 2100. Ridiculous.

2021 X Games gold medal run

Even though I like to feature only actual web clips and video parts in my best-of collections, I just cannot skip this one.

Garrett’s gold meal winning run from X Games 2021 is TOO INSANE. Who starts a run with a long tooth hanger to barspin on a ledge?

The hanger is a lot more challenging on a ledge than a rail. And then he pulls a super clean bar. WOW.

And this is just the beginning. I probably rewatched this one too many times already.

Everything is so clean. Well-deserved indeed.

X Games Real BMX 2020 – Gold

Here is Garrett Reynolds’s gold medal willing X Games Real BMX 2020 video part made with filmer Tony Ennis.

Garrett goes to work all over the country for this one-minute thirty-second video part that is an absolute brain bender as usual.

Almost nothing in here can be explained understandably in words. You just have to see it to take it ALL IN!

The first clip is a bar to ice pick grind to 180 bar out on a not-so-small ledge and the last clip… full cab whip… down a 4 block… Yea!

Cinema – Signature Sessions

In late 2018, Cinema released this Signature Sessions video with Garrett to celebrate his Cinema Reynolds BMX rim release.

The video is just over three minutes long and you ALREADY KNOW with a name like Garrett Reynolds that it is mind-blowing.

Garrett has always been in a league of his own and it has always been videos like this that are steady reminders.

In addition to the wild riding with lines too complicated to explain, there is plenty of nice b-roll that shows the rim.

One line that stands out as comprehendible through text starts with a hop downside whip down a stair set and then an over crank arm grind down a rail.


Red Bull – Unreal BMX Street Riding

Garrett Reynolds has been at the absolute peak of BMX for what seems like forever. He has lived up to that in everything he does.

This video from mid-2015 is a perfect example of this. It is three minutes of BMX greatness, starting with an absolutely massive hop whip down a famous rail hop drop.

From there, things just continue to be super-intense with Garret’s incredible riding.

Everything from the best TECHNICAL lines to BUNRLY tricks can be found in this one. Including a second massive whip down a drop, only the second time – It. Was. Opposite!

E-Fise Honor 2020 Qualifier

With the crazy year that was 2020 came a lack of BMX physical events. With that lack of events came the birth of a few digital contests, including the E-Fise video contest.

It was held in a place of the Fise contests we’ve grown familiar with.

Riders had to qualify for finals by making a one-minute edit that was then voted on.

Garrett Reynolds submitted this video and ended up qualifying in 5th place with it. The video has a nice mix of tech grind combos and burly drops before the one-minute mark.

That first 360 toboggan down the stair set was INSANE!

Cinema – Take Five

If you’ve ever seen Garrett Reynolds ride, you know how incredible he is on a bike. With that, you may have wondered a little more about him as a person.

Cinema has you covered with this Take Five video from late 2019.

There is some riding in here, but the concept is that Garrett answers five different user-submitted questions.

We learn his thoughts on filming videos versus competing, his 5 favorite riders, upcoming video parts, and more!

Garrett is a LEGEND and learning more about BMX legends is always great.

Fiend “Fiending” part

“Fiending” is a video from Garrett’s company, Fiend, that came out in 2014 and blew up the BMX internet for days after its release.

Garrett Reynolds, being the owner of Fiend and one of the world’s best riders, had a major part in the video.

This one may have come out in 2014, but the riding holds up no matter when it’s watched.

The video starts with a few chill technical combos before unleashing OUTRIGHT CHAOS.

You will have to watch this video more than once just to comprehend. Tricks like big rail rides to opposite tailwhip, to countless technical combos, are too complex to put into words!

2017 Minneapolis X Games Gold

There’s no denying the SKILL Garrett Reynolds POSSESSES for BMX. With that, it could be perceived that he has won most of the contests that he has entered.

The riding led to Garrett’s gold medal win in BMX Street at the 2017 Minneapolis X Games.

It is even mentioned here that at the time, Garrett had won 8 of the 9 X Games BMX street contests that had taken place to date.

With tricks like barspin to ice pick grinds, massive tailwhips to flat, and double truck drivers, Garrett put down a near-perfect run to make his way to victory with apparent ease!

X Games Real BMX 2016 – Gold

In 2016, Garrett Reynolds took home X Games Real BMX gold with his video part filmed by Tony Ennis.

It is easy to see how Garrett took home the gold with tricks like 180 barspin to crooked grind to 180 barspin out and a halfcab over a rail hop.

The filming, editing, and song choice were all on point here as well, coming together to make a truly excellent video part.

Garrett always brings the heat and as usual, his combos are so technically insane that it is impossible to put them into words!

That last opposite feeble grind to regular 540 down a gnarly drop was INCREDIBLE!

2012 Dew Tour Streetstyle

Way back in 2012, BMX was still part of the Dew Tour and with that was just another contest for Garrett Reynolds to dominate.

Here is his winning run from the 2012 Dew Tour San Francisco BMX Streetstyle contest.

Garrett was under the pressure of potential to win two Dew Cups and had to produce a score over 91.75 in order to dethrone Dennis Enarson for the win!

Garrett’s run starts with a 540 barspin to fakie and hops back and forth over jersey barriers before he makes it through a quarter of the course.

Garrett made it to the end of the course with a VIRTUALLY PERFECT run, earning him a 93 and winning!

Garrett Reynolds Cinema 2017 remix

Here is a video from Cinema remixing some of their FAVORITE Reynolds clips from 2017.

The video uses clips from their District Of Cinema and Cinema is Fiending tours both filmed by Will Stroud.

The video starts with a perfect reminder of how amazing Garrett is as a rider.

Where any other rider would be psyched on just barspinning over a rail hop, Garrett lands in a manual and from there, things don’t let up a bit!

As usual, there is a nice mix of technical and burly. This is definitely a great chapter in the Garrett Reynolds BMX NOVEL!

2020 Lockdown with Garrett, DeMarcus & Nathan

It can be easy to forget that he is STILL HUMAN with someone as prolific and skilled in BMX as Garrett Reynolds.

All jokes aside, videos like this one from Our BMX called Lockdown With Garrett, DeMarcus Paul, and Nathan Williams are always welcome.

This is a longer video with more than just trick after trick, so we get a deeper look into who Garrett is as a person and see more than just the riding.

The scenes before and after a trick are sometimes just as cool to see as the trick itself. And this video has PLENTY of that to offer, which is awesome!

2016 NORA Reader’s Choice Rider of the Year

In 2016, Garrett Reynolds WON the NORA Cup for Reader’s Choice Rider of the Year.

This video is a raw cut of the announcement where Glenn PP Milligan presents the award, and it is rad to see.

Glenn did a fantastic job presenting and this raw look at the NORA Cup awards gives a great perspective for anyone who couldn’t make it in person.

Garrett has a nice speech at the end, making sure to praise Ride in 20 years of NORA Cup, which makes it even cooler of an award to win.

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