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Broc Raiford Profile (2024)

Are you searching for the best Broc Raiford profile and want to watch his ultimate BMX videos to enjoy stylish, technical and burly riding?

He is ONE OF THE TOP BMX street riders out there, without a doubt.

Don’t get me wrong, Broc murders it in skateparks and trails.

I’m a massive fan!

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Moreover, along with riding BMX professionally, Broc is also an avid tattoo collector, an artist and a very down-to-earth guy.

To no one’s surprise, he already took off the training wheels at the age of two, and it seems everything took off from there. Can you imagine? 2?

Still, it was at the age of 18 when Raiford turned pro, but you know he was already killing it way before that.

A year later, Broc Raiford was already on the front cover of Ride BMX magazine.


This post covers:

Broc Raiford Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: March 1, 1994
Place of birth: Metairie, Louisiana
Height: 6′
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @brocraiford

2. Sponsors

Sunday Bikes, Odyssey, Red Bull and Vans.

3. Bike Check

Want to see his latest setup? Then check out Broc Raiford’s bike check now.

4. Parts Broc Rides

5. Best Broc Raiford BMX Videos


We have ALL BEEN waiting for this one – the final in the insane web video trilogy project featuring the one and only, Broc Raiford.


One of the most ridiculous things about all these three video projects is this: They are all over six minutes long and feature two songs.


Broc is – for sure – one of the most hard-working dudes at the time of writing this.

INCINERATE is another epic dose of technical, burly, but, most importantly, smooth street riding that will blow you away.


Over twenty minutes of raw Broc material? You read that right!

Thank you, Odyssey and Zach Krejmas, for bringing us this one.

To ask if you’ve seen the Incinerate video is silly, I know. Why? Because we’ve all seen it, and many of us multiple times.

But now, here are the b-sides from filming for that insane project. It is awesome to see how much hard work and effort Broc puts into his videos.

All this was filmed all over the place from Los Angeles and New York City.


From the last epic web video project to this epic web video project was only a few weeks in between. Can you imagine?

And even more shocking is that Broc filmed all this insane riding material in just two trips with Daniel Cardenas in CA and AZ. That’s crazy!

Two songs, one easier and one heavier, to accompany the progression of the riding in the video – so fire.

When it comes to tricks, there’s so much wild technical stuff to burly stuff it’s ridiculous – JUST ENJOY!

I still can’t comprehend all this was filmed in just two trips – WOW.


A Broc video with two songs? That’s something I’m always down for.

This near six minutes long video project called “RETALIATE” has been in the works since early 2022, with Grant Castelluzzo behind the lens.

I’m pretty much lost for words because of the level of riding. From insanely burly stuff to even more technical stunts, it’s all in this one. Not just that, but the level of smoothness is NEXT LEVEL. All the tricks look sooo effortless.

From the first barspin to icepick grind on the second part of a kinked rail to the last oppo toothpick to over double peg to hard 180 (on a down rail!) – this is MENTAL.

And because there’s so much goodness in it, I recommend you rewatch it at least twice to grasp the madness fully.

Source – The Distillery / Lock In

What does Broc do when he arrives at the Source BMX to film a video but forgets his bike? He builds his signature complete because it’s the exact copy of his actual bike. (No need to get used to it – he’s already used to it!)

The riding that went down is full of solid stunts that are butter smooth. Broc. STYLE!

But I really like the nose bonk to x-up followed by a tabletop over a sub rail – how cool is that?

BTW, Broc, how can you forget your bike?

Odyssey BMX – Strike

I was hungrily waiting for this one to drop when they announced it. Why? Because I knew it will be FIRE – but I didn’t know it’d be 5 minutes long (even better!).

Broc came out with another street MASTERPIECE for Odyssey, and I cannot stop pressing the play button. I have already watched it a few times, and I’ll do it some more just because it’s so good.

Broc does it all so smoothly, whether it’s a technical trick combo or a big setup.

So much goodness, it’s pointless listing down my FAVS because everything’s my fav. Enjoy!

2021 X Games Real BMX clip

I don’t really know what to say about this. Extremely insane and EXTREMELY smooth. I really dig how Broc manages large drops. His landings are effortless.

His 2021 X Games Real BMX contest submission doesn’t start slow. Every clip could easily be a banger.

I’ve always been a fan of Broc Raiford’s riding. Every time he puts something new out, you know it will be mad and a MUST WATCH.

This one is no different, so go, hit play and enjoy. I’ll do it again because it’s just too good.

Sunday – 2022 Darkwave Authentic

Whatever Broc releases, you do one thing – you watch it! This short promo video is for his unbelievable signature 2022 Sunday Darkwave Authentic complete bike.

Do you know what’s special about this bike? It features the exact parts that Broc rides. Is this the best complete bike ever built? Maybe!

But first, enjoy yourself in a few hammer moves from Broc, hitting streets with his butter-smooth style. That 360 was MAD!

Note: See more amazing BMX street bikes!

Broc’s USL Blow Up The Park submission

If you are down to watch some intense cement park shredding from a street rider like Broc, this one will do you well.

This is his 2020 submission to the Ultimate Shred League’s video content, “Blown Up The Park.”

He is all over the place in true Broc fashion, from pulling technical moves to going big on transitions.

However, the moment you are all waiting for is the fakie 540 barspin. Yes, that’s what he pulls for a banger and could not do it any cleaner.

Another combo I also dig is the 360 to feeble to hard 180 on a down ledge.

Broc’s Sunday Bikes Darkwave promo

For 2020, Broc’s signature Darkwave frame in matte dusk fade and matte raw needed a proper promotion.

Instead of filming something short, emphasizing the frame mainly, Broc and Sunday did something entirely different.

This full-blown part will boggle your mind from start to finish.

From TECH stuff to BIG stuff, it’s all there for your viewing pleasure.

However, I must say that the 360 to feeble to hard 180 down that tiny ledge was my favorite.

Still, the ender is insane indeed. But the best part is still seeing Broc smiling all the time.

Broc Raiford welcome to Sunday pro

The king of pop decided to go all-in to celebrate the announcement of becoming the new Sunday pro rider. This outstanding street video is jaw-dropping.

Whether it’s something older or something newer from Broc, he simply knows how to surprise.

There are definitely a few bangers in here with a 180 to double peg to full cab over the rail at the end that needs a couple of rewatches.

If someone deserves to be a pro, Broc Raiford sure is the one.

Broc gets super creative on sidewalks

Not every city or area has sidewalks like LA or Santa Ana; still, creativity plays a key role in creating a masterpiece.

As an artist, you know that Broc has an OPEN-MINDED approach to everything, and this Sunday video proves it right.

Broc and Zach Krejmas worked hard on this one, creating an end product that is just ridiculous. Broc set a few rules to follow when finding spots, and they succeed at it.

Enjoy watching Broc Raiford shredding and killing sidewalks.

How do your local sidewalk spots look like?

Broc Raiford Ride BMX’s “Pro Part”

To accompany his pro interview in the 206th issue of the Ride BMX magazine, here is a four-minute clip that will blow you away.

Broc and Zach traveled from Arizona to California to find many amazing spots that ideally fit Broc’s riding.

You can EXPECT anything from massive gaps to technical moves.

As versatile rider as Broc is, this timeless BMX video will excite you to go shredding any time.

Let’s face it, if you need motivation, a Broc clip will always do the trick, and that is a guarantee.

Headlights – Broc Raiford part

Insane tailwhip gaps, up rail ride to barspin to wallride and a super scary 360 gap over the fence, all this and more is in Headlights’ Broc section.

To be entirely candid with you, this is one of the parts that I watched God knows how many times already.

I like the intro, The filming, The song, EVERYTHING.

It is something that definitely deserves a second watch. Probably a third and a fourth one, too.

Also, if you are wondering about Broc’s artistic venture, here is a piece of it.

The alleyway creativity from Broc never disappoints

First was Passageways and then Walkways, the two Broc Raiford web edits by Odyssey BMX.

Instead of filming another clip, Broc and the Odyssey crew decided to do something different.

And it worked extremely well!

You will experience excellent street riding from Raiford all around Long Beach.

Along with all those wild truck drivers, whips and grinds, I must say that I like Broc’s footplants.

It is a trick you do not see many riders do, making it unique.

Broc’s Disco Stew DVD section

Grinds, flairs on tiny objects, hop whips over handrails, footplants, wallrides, unique lines. Yes, that’s what’s up when it comes to Broc’s Disco Stew section.

However, I must say that toothpick to hop over barspin is the most insane move in here.

From the first clip to the last bunnyhop over the fence gap, your eyes will be as big as saucers.

This officially dropped back in September 2018, but it feels like they released it yesterday.

Signature Odyssey bar promotion

First and foremost, do you know what I love about this promo the most? That it has no music to it.

I simply love the idea of a no-song BMX web clip, and this is it.

More. Raw.

And when it comes to Broc, you know that you will enjoy watching him shred, as he never disappoints.

The specs of his signature Odyssey BROC bars are: 9.8″ rise, 29″ wide, 10° backsweep and 2° upsweep. If you want to know what it feels like behind the bars of Broc’s ride, now you can.

Note: If you’d like to go slightly higher, our collection of the best 10 inch BMX bars will help you pick the right one.

Speaking of Odyssey, you should also check his teammates’ Travis Hughes, Aaron Ross and Jacob Cable videos.

Volume Bikes “The Finer Things” Part

Even though this might be pretty old and Broc Raiford does not ride for Volume Bikes anymore, it’s still golden.

To this day, you can watch and rewatch this part as many times as you want and never get bored.

Just think about it; this was released back in 2015, and it’s still so INSANELY good. Not to mention, Broc’s part is seven minutes of craziness.

Yes, that’s 7!

Sit tight; otherwise, all these killer moves will blow you away.

Video interview after the knee injury

As you know already, Broc went under the knife back in 2018, fixing his ACL and meniscus.

About six months later, Odyssey caught up with him to talk about life and how his recovery is doing.

In this cool little clip, Broc Raiford talks about living in Long Beach, riding with friends, talking about his knee injury (torn ACL and meniscus), his mental battle, art and more.

You will also get quite some clips of him riding the Volcom skatepark with Kris Fox.

It looks like riding bowls is a great transition back to riding from a torn ACL.

Learn how-to nose manual with Broc

As popular as nose manuals are these days, you might need to get some tips from pros themselves on how to do them more easily.

I learned it the hard way, but this Ride BMX video will give you some good insight from Broc Raiford.

First and foremost, Broc advises you to start with hang 5s.

Then shift to pedal 5s to see how it feels leaning forward and get comfortable with it.

From then on, it’s just about practicing and finding that balance that will keep you nose manualling forever.

But do not get discouraged if it does not happen on your first session – because it will not.

Give it time, have fun and sooner rather than later, you will be doing multiple parking spaces on your front wheel.

This is how you do hop 360 the right way

There are tons of tricks that you can do out of a bunny hop. This is especially helpful for all riders who might not have that many awesome street spots around.

After you learn a decent bunnyhop and 180, only then do you progress to a 360. (Without the basics, you will not really come far.)

Especially not when it comes to hop 360s.

But Broc Raiford explains it all in great detail in this how-to video by Ride BMX.

One essential thing about the 360s is not forgetting to turn your head (!).

No matter how hard you try, it will not happen if you do not do it. Or it will look so SKETCHY that you better not do it.

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