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11 Best Alex Hiam BMX Videos (2024)

alex hiam

Do you want to watch the best Alex Hiam BMX videos?

I’m stoked to make this collection happen.

We all know that Alex has been doing it since a very young age.

Actually, Alex had a signature Colony frame and complete bike when he was just 12.

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Note: Alex was born on August 21, 1995, in Brisbane, Australia.

From winning events to releasing killer web videos and parts, Alex was, is, and will be on a tear for a long time.

Do you know what got Alex into BMX?

Playing Dave Mirra – I still remember how pumped I was about the game like it was yesterday.

Today, Alex is doing it for Colony BMX, Vans, Lux BMX, Stance and Skullcandy.

Treat yourself to some all-around bike riding madness NOW.

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Featured photo by: Cooper Brownlee.

Best Alex Hiam BMX Videos

Note: Videos are listed in no particular order.

1. Aim High

Alex is one of those dudes who can use his insane bike control on all terrain. It doesn’t matter what he rides; he’ll kill it with his original park-ish style.

Pulling insane combos in the bowls or mad grinds to whips on the streets, Alex is a stranger to none. Plus, a whole bunch more!

So yes, I’m excited about every new Alex footage, and I’m sure you are, too.

Let’s GOOO.

2. Vans – Magic Powers

Alex dropped an absolutely insane web video for Vans that I needed to watch three times to understand. This is madness.

And the level of skills and bike control Alex is at is unbelievable. While most clips are park, Alex also pulled a few insane street stunts, making them look too casual.

Riding brakeless and pulling tricks usually pulled with a (front) brake make no sense.

But that’s Alex.

He sure has magic powers to pull all that and make it look so easy. I won’t even go into tricks because I can’t describe most of them.

3. Colony BMX – Take A Ticket

In 2020, Colony BMX released a full-length video titled “Take A Ticket.” Alex had an entire 4-minute-long section that’s just mind-bending.

Alex is the type of rider that seems to be able to do everything.

From double whips over hips to massive 360 tabletops to fakie, to a literal 360ish downwhip to smith hard 270 to fakie on a sub box as the first two clips!

This section is full of so many bangers of all different types that anyone should be able to enjoy it.

4. LuxBMX – Aeterna part

Here is Alex Hiam’s section in the LuxBMX full-length “Aeterna” video.

This video starts with a ridiculous fall where Alex attempts a 720 down a massive 4 block, which lets you know how wild things are about to get!

Alex’s riding is so multi-faceted that you have no idea what might come next.

He might do a fakie to toothpick stall on a quarter and a decade air out all on the same ramp!

He also might bust out a double footjam whip on a street sub or do a wild ledge grind combo.

Alex Hiam can seemingly do it all and he is always awesome to watch!

5. Colony BMX – Bon Voyage

In 2017, Alex Hiam was out in California riding different skateparks and the Vans US Open.

Filming with Chris Bracamonte throughout his adventures, this video was the result.

At just over two and a half minutes, this bite-sized video has much more than bite-sized riding in it as Alex absolutely destroys everything his tires touch.

It is always amazing to see how Alex can do combos like a bar to ice to a toothpick to tuck no-hander, then immediately follow it up with a 6 or 7-foot alley-oop tailwhip air on a quarter.

Ah, another extremely enjoyable watch.

6. Alex Hiam’ epic skatepark session

Here’s a quick one from LuxBMX with Alex Hiam from one skatepark session back in 2019.

Alex completely obliterates Hibiscus Skatepark in this video, that’s just over a minute long.

The opening trick alone is mindblowing, being a whip to ice pick stall on a quarter to 270.

Alex makes everything he does look effortless and makes tricks like double footjam whips look so much simpler than they really are for us mere mortals!

This one will definitely leave you hungry for more Alex footage, so check out some of his other videos!

7. Colony “Take A Ticket” RAW

Here’s Hiam’s Colony “Take A Ticket” section in raw form.

At ten and a half minutes long, everything from the landed tricks to the misses it took to get the makes and some tricks that didn’t make the cut are here.

It is always wild to see what it takes for someone like Alex to do the things he does.

And it might be even wilder to see some of the things that seem just to happen as if they are no big deal.

Regardless, videos like this are a great insight into what it takes to make amazing video sections like Alex’s Take A Ticket section happen and are worth taking a peek at!

8. Insane 2016 web video

Alex has been killing it in the BMX world for a while now, leaving him with a few amazing videos under his belt.

Here we have one that lives on the OSS YouTube that is what the title says it is – INSANE!

At almost 6 minutes long, Alex DELIVERS in this one from the streets to skateparks.

The first few clips here are in the streets and might take you by surprise if you haven’t seen Alex ride street before.

No matter what he is riding, Alex rips, and as this video progresses, you’ll find that most of it take place in the streets!

9. Colony BMX – Summer 17/18

This one features 100% skatepark footage of Alex killing it around Melbourne and Brisbane. (Filmed in just a couple of months.)

There is some fantastic riding in here, from Alex’s signature massive tabletop airs to his signature mind-blowing tech moves.

One standout tech move is the whip to footjam whip on a big double coping spine which immediately follows up with a 360 tuck no-hander about 6 feet up and a 540 barspin to fakie over the same spine.

Hit play!

10. Colony BMX 2013 web video

Alex Hiam has been on Colony BMX’s radar for quite some time now, and with videos like his Colony 2013 web video, it is easy to see why.

Alex put 6 months into this video, and looking back on it to see a younger version of him riding like this is awesome!

He does a whip to footjam whip and a 180 barspin to tuck no-hander over a big spine in just the first couple clips.

The 360 whip to barspin over another huge spine was also MAD.

Today, this video could be released by any big named pro with the same tricks and still be a fantastic video.

The fact that this is a young Alex Hiam back in 2013 makes it that much more impressive.

11. Colony BMX 2012 web video

Here is a quick video with Alex for Colony from 2012. You can tell how young he was here just from the intro clip where you see Alex.

But even so, you’d never be able to tell from his riding.

With tricks like 360 to footjam whips, huge/perfect invert airs and a 270 bar to tuck, Alex was on a TEAR as a young kid.

This video might be less than two minutes long, but from the riding in here, you can see why he already had a signature frame at such a young age!

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