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2 Best Cheap BMX Bikes (Tested 2024)

cheap bmx bikes

These best cheap BMX bikes are ideal if you’re looking for your first bike.

Or if you’re looking to get a bike for your kid.

After reviewing the market for the best affordable BMX bikes, I was SADDENED by how many low-quality solutions exist.

I don’t want to name any brands, but if you’re getting a bike from a large chain store – DON’T.

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Those low-quality bikes won’t give you the fantastic feeling a REAL bike gives you (like the ones below).

However, after diving deeper and talking to a few of my friends (two are parents), they all mentioned either Kink’s Launch or Curb bike.

As someone who’s been riding BMX for 20+ years, I recommend you get the Launch bike because the extra $60 spent is SO worth it.

It doesn’t only feel better, but it’s also more high-quality (longevity) and safer (some Chromoly parts).


  • Best Overall Cheap BMX Bike: Kink Launch ($299.99)
  • 2nd Best Affordable BMX Bike: Kink Curb ($359.99)

Best Cheapest BMX Bikes

1. Kink Curb BMX Bike

kink curb bmx bike
The Kink Curb is an excellent entry-level BMX complete bike without a high price tag.

You can get it in four epic colorways, matte midnight black, matte alps blue, matte gold leaf and mica green, to start with.

What I really like about the Curb bike is even though it’s extremely affordable, it still has the LOOK and FEEL of a much more expensive, pro-model bike.

The geo is semi-modern with a 100% high-tensile frame with a 74.5 headtube angle and a 13.25″ chainstay length.

The frame’s top tube length is 20″, so it’s great for anyone between 5′ and 5’4″ (but even if you’re an inch higher or taller, this bike should still do the trick.)

Moreover, Kink’s T875 bar has a nice 8.75″ rise and BMX forks a 32mm offset (check this beginner’s guide about BMX fork offset), giving you the NECESSARY stability for all-around riding.

The cranks are 3-piece, and the stem is a top load with a 50mm reach for a higher front-end.

They also included Mission’s 2.4″ Tracker BMX tires, which give the bike that modern look that (almost) became today’s standard. (You may also be interested in learning how long BMX tires last.)

Finally, brakes are included, but pegs are not. If you’re interested in grinding, I recommend getting plastic BMX pegs.

Kink’s Curb is a fantastic starting point for someone looking for a first bike.

Bike specs:

  • Frame: 100% High-tensile steel frame
  • Top tube: 20″
  • Headtube angle: 74.5°
  • Forks: Kink Lance forks
  • Bars: Kink T875 bars
  • Stem: Mission Control top load stem
  • Front wheel: Mission Reserve hub, Mission X7 rim
  • Rear wheel: Mission Function cassette hub, Mission X7 rim
  • Cranks: Mission Triumph 3-piece cranks
  • Sprocket: Mission Breach sprocket
  • Tires: Mission Tracker tires, 2.4″
  • Pedals: Kink Hemlock pedals
  • Seat: Mission Warsaw Combo seat/post
  • Brakes: Mission Cease V2 brakes, Mission Token lever, Mission L3 Linear cable
  • Brake mounts: Welded
  • Pegs: /
  • Weight: 27lb 5oz
  • Price: $299.99 (may vary)

Mike T.: “As someone new to the BMX scene, I was searching for an entry-level bike that wouldn’t be overly responsive, making it easier to get the hang of things. Being on the smaller side, I also needed a bike with a 20″ top tube for a comfortable fit. Another must-have for me was extra tire clearance, as I wanted the option to fit fat tires for a different riding experience. That’s when Rok came into the picture with his recommendation of the Kink Curb, and it’s been a perfect match. Rok’s advice was spot on, and I’m thrilled with how well the bike suits my needs and riding style. Thanks to Rok, I’m now riding a bike that feels tailored to me right out of the box!”

Jack Y.: “With a budget of $300-$350, I needed a beginner-friendly BMX that was stable and not too responsive, with a 20″-20.25″ top tube, small sprocket, brakes, and fat tires. Rok recommended the Kink Curb, and it’s been perfect. It fits my budget, feels stable for a newbie like me, and has all my desired features. I’m so thankful to Rok for finding me a bike that made my entry into BMX smooth and enjoyable!”

2. Kink Launch BMX Bike (BEST!)

kink launch bmx bike
But at only $60 more, you can get a much more high-quality bike – the Kink Launch.

This cheap BMX bike already has some Chromoly parts, making it MUCH more reliable and longer-lasting than the Curb.

The Launch comes in four colors: Galaxy silver, matte midnight black, cosmo magenta and matte storm grey. (I like the latter the most! Although the matte midnight black with chrome forks and silver stem and sprocket also looks amazing.)

Every year, Kink improves the Launch bike some more, making it BETTER and MORE quality to ensure it stays at the top of the list of the best affordable BMX bikes.

One of the excellent upgrades from the Curb bike are sealed mid bottom bracket and sealed integrated headset. Not only will you ENJOY much better performance, but you’ll barely need to maintain them.

Another epic improvement is the Kink Stryker forks (32mm offset). Why? Because they’re Chromoly! Just like Missions’s 3-piece Triumph cranks.

The frame has a 20.25″ top tube length with a 75° headtube angle and a 13.25″ chainstay length.

The Kink T875 has an 8.75″ rise, clamped onto the Kink Bold HRD stem with a 50mm reach. (If the rise of the handlebar is too high, you can replace spaces to lower it.)

If you’re looking for your first bike and ready to spend that little extra (I would!) – skip Curb and GET the Kink Launch bike.

This bike is so much better and will also last a lot longer.

Remember, just like Curb, Launch also has a complete braking system but doesn’t include pegs.

Bike specs:

  • Frame: 100% High-tensile steel frame
  • Top tube: 20.25″
  • Headtube angle: 75°
  • Forks: Kink Stryker 4310 Chromoly forks
  • Bars: Kink T875 bars
  • Stem: Mission Bold HRD stem
  • Front wheel: Mission Covert, Mission X7 rim
  • Rear wheel: Mission Function cassette, Mission X7 rim
  • Cranks: Mission Triumph 3-piece cranks
  • Sprocket: Mission Rank sprocket
  • Tires: Kink Sever tires, 2.4″
  • Pedals: Kink Hemlock pedals
  • Seat: Mission Warsaw Combo seat/post
  • Brakes: Mission Cease V2 brakes, Mission Token lever, Mission L3 Linear cable
  • Brake mounts: Welded
  • Pegs: /
  • Weight: 26lb 9oz
  • Price: $359.99 (may vary)

Joe S.: “After wanting to get a BMX bike for a few months, I finally decided to get it. I didn’t have a large budget to invest in a bike, but after talking to Rok about which model would fit me best, he mentioned Kink’s Launch. The bike was easy to assemble straight out of the box, and I’ve been riding it without modifications ever since. Thanks!”

Alice K.: “My oldest son, Mark, kept nudging me about a BMX bike, but as a mother, I had 0 knowledge about BMX bikes, parts, well, nothing. During the conversation with Rok, he asked a bunch of questions to figure out what we were looking for and ended up settling with the Launch bike. Because Mark was also into grinding, I also purchased a pair of pegs, as Rok suggested. Mark couldn’t be happier about the bike, riding it almost every single day.”


How To Make Your Cheap Bmx Bike Last Longer

A BMX bike, just like any other bicycle, requires proper care and maintenance to ensure it lasts longer, even if it is a cheaper model.

Here are six important tips to help extend the lifespan of your BMX bike:

1. Regular Cleaning

Ensure you regularly clean your bike to remove dirt, dust, and debris, which can cause wear and tear over time.

Rinse your bike with water and make sure to dry it thoroughly to prevent rusting, especially if you have ridden in wet conditions.

2. Lubricate Moving Parts

Regularly lubricate the chain and other moving parts to ensure smooth operation and to prevent rust.

Most cheap BMX bikes come with unsealed bearings that require lubrication.

Use a bike-specific lubricant and avoid using too much, as excess lubricant can attract dirt.

3. Regularly Check & Inflate Tires

Ensure that your tires are always properly inflated. Under-inflated tires can cause damage to the rims, and over-inflated tires can burst. (Check out what’s the best BMX tire pressure.)

Regularly check the condition of your tires for any signs of wear or damage and replace them if necessary.

4. Check & Tighten Bolts

Frequently check all bolts and parts to ensure nothing is loose. Vibrations from riding can cause bolts to loosen over time.

Use the proper tools to tighten bolts and ensure they are secure, but be careful not to over-tighten as this can strip the threads.

You might also be interested in my list of the essential BMX tools. But I still prefer using a BMX multi-tool.

5. Adjust Brakes

Note: Skip this step if you’re riding brakeless.

Check the condition of your brake pads and ensure they are not worn out. Replace them if necessary.

Ensure that the brake cables are properly adjusted and lubricated for optimal performance.

6. Store Properly

If possible, store your BMX bike indoors to protect it from the elements.

But if that’s not possible, try to keep it covered and in a dry area to prevent rust.

In short, avoid storing your BMX (especially for longer periods) in a moist area.

Bonus: Regular Inspection & Maintenance

Consider taking your BMX bike to a professional for regular inspections and maintenance, especially if you are not confident in doing it yourself.

However, I also created a complete BMX bike maintenance guide to help you maintain the bike yourself.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your BMX bike remains in good condition, providing a safer and more enjoyable riding experience, and potentially extending its lifespan even if it is cheaper.

Conclusion: Don’t Get The Cheapest BMX

The Kink Curb and Launch bikes are cheap solutions for everyone getting himself or herself into BMX.

They are fantastic entry-level BMX bikes you’ll enjoy.

However, if you already borrowed friends’ bikes and know that BMX is something you want to do long-term, then I recommend you skip the entry-level bikes and get yourself a BMX street bike.

Even though these bikes come at a higher price tag, they’re so worth it (plus, Dan’s Comp usually has some sweet deals on them.)

But if you’re searching Dan’s collection of bikes, sorted by lowest price first, and need help, you can always send me a message and I’ll help you pick the best bike.

Get into BMX with a bike you can trust!

FAQs About Cheap BMX Bikes

Are cheap BMX bikes durable?

Durability varies. Cheaper BMX bikes may not have the same high-quality materials and construction as more expensive ones, potentially affecting their longevity and performance.

Can I do tricks on a cheap BMX bike?

Yes, you can perform basic tricks, but these bikes might not withstand the stress of advanced or heavy stunts due to less robust components.

Is it worth buying a cheap BMX bike?

It depends on your use. For casual riding or beginners, a cheap BMX bike can be a good start. For serious riding or tricks, investing in a higher-quality bike might be better in the long run.

How long do cheap BMX bikes last?

The lifespan varies based on usage, maintenance, and build quality. Generally, they might not last as long as more expensive, higher-quality bikes, especially under heavy use.

What should I look for in a cheap BMX bike?

Look for a sturdy frame and forks, reliable brakes, and decent quality bearings and wheels. Even at a lower price, these features can ensure a safer, more enjoyable riding experience.

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