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Bruno Hoffmann Profile (2024)

bruno hoffmann

Do you want to view Bruno Hoffmann‘s profile and watch his best BMX videos to enjoy a dose of technical and burly street riding?

Bruno has been in the game for a very long time now.

I still remember his early days and follow his progression to where he is now.

Even though he primarily focuses on street riding, Bruno is no stranger to doing big stuff at the park, too.

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Fun fact: Bruno also has a little brother, Carlo, who is also murdering it on a BMX bike.

His early days were on a normal bike, riding jumps that he and his friends built just behind his house.

Eventually, they got a Freedom BMX magazine, and it all went from there.

This post covers:

Bruno Hoffmann Profile

1. Bruno Bio

Date of birth: March 8, 1993
Place of birth: Frankfurt, Germany
Height: 5’10”
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @brunohoffmann

2. Bruno Sponsors

Federal Bikes, Vans Shoes, Red Bul, Eclat and Our House.

3. Bruno Bike Check

Don’t miss the latest Bruno Hoffmann bike check.

4. Parts Bruno Rides

Featured photo by: Eisa Bakos.

5. Best Bruno Hoffmann BMX Videos

Eclat Bruno Grip Promo

While the Eclat Bruno BMX grip has been out for a little while, it’s always great to see a refreshing promotional video – LIKE this one!

Bruno hit a bunch of street spots (around Europe) and put his creative mind to work, pulling a bunch of rad clips.

I particularly enjoyed the icepick grind on a handrail to manual to 180. But the last 270 to smith stall to fakie on that epic setup is WOW material. Still, all the rest is just as enjoyable, so don’t miss it!


When you have Bruno in front of the lens and Rich Forne behind, you JUST know the video you’re about to watch will be epic. And the streets of Japan add a nice, exotic vibe to the overall project, making it an absolute pleasure to watch.

Bruno, Rich and the locals used the public train, Shinkansen, to travel from spot to spot, where the magic happened. Regardless of how far the street spots may appear to be, Shinkansen makes you nearly teleport there.

From a lot of pegs stuff to spinning tricks and tech combos, Bruno Hoffmann delivered as always.

Bruno for Federal (2022)

Bruno and Rich Forne surprised us with this new drop for Federal Bikes, and – YOU KNOW IT – it’s epic.

Amazing technical wizardry, giant 180s and wild wallrides. And if you pay close attention, there’s a lot of opposite and switch-footed stuff in this one, too!

Bruno pulls it all so smoothly.

Plus, the spots Hoffmann hit are unbelievable. I particularly like the gap to wallride on that castle-thing.

I’ll hit the play button again because this one deserves a few more watches to comprehend what happened fully.

Hoffi Tape by Federal Bikes

This is the latest edit Bruno has made for Federal Bikes. Since we were all more than less forced to be home in 2020 and unable to travel, Bruno took this to his advantage.

He has put a lot of work into this VX edit. If you know how Bruno rides, you know that we will see a lot of tech riding on the streets with some unique combos.

The dude can do a simple trick like 360 to fakie on a small bank and it looks effortless.

Also, remember that Bruno is not afraid to ride big stuff. Wait until the end of this smooth edit.

Solitude by Ciao Crew

When Coronavirus hit the whole world, everything was closing, and we all thought about when it would be over to go and ride the streets again.

Bruno did something else. Instead of closing down, he got out on the empty Frankfurt streets, put his mind to it, and made the magic happen.

I have followed Bruno from a young age, and man, his progression on BMX is insane.

I like him because he can ride everything and destroy everything, from small stuff to some of the biggest stuff on the streets.

FTS by Federal Bikes

First, FTS from Federal Bikes video got a nice award called NORA cup for best full-length video. Dude, this part starts with some crazy combo.

How is it possible to do a big gap (which heavily impacts your legs) to 180 back wheel manual to cab out? Well, you have to check this video part.

This video part has such a flow from start to end. The music fits very well with Bruno Hoffmann’s riding.

Some of these combos are so technical that only Bruno understands them. The last couple of minutes of the video and last clip are a real masterpiece.

Welcome to Vans

Bruno has been riding for Vans for some time, but now it is time to bump him up to the Vans BMX Global team.

He took Rich Forne and visited some unique places in Israel, Germany, and the USA to film his welcome part.

It starts slowly with some b-roll footage, but this dude does not stop when we get to the riding section.

I am impressed how easy he does a 360 to manual to 360 out. Wow. The last clip of this welcome edit is no joke.

Big 360 over the side of the stairs and with a short distance to stop, Bruno took it like a champ.

Tel Aviv X BCN by Federal Bikes

Bruno visited Tel Aviv, Israel, a couple of times, but at this point, there was not safe at all.

You can’t see in the video what was going on at the time in Israel, but there was a war going on when Bruno was there to film.

When everything got really serious, Bruno Hoffmann flew to Barcelona to finish this video edit.

Keep in mind, his was filmed in 2012, and you can hear that Bruno is riding a cassette hub and not a freecoaster.

I am glad that you guys can see what is possible with a cassette hub.

BMX Session Through Israel by Red Bull

Unfortunately, he cust his first trip to Tel Aviv due to unstable conditions and he was forced to film somewhere else.

Bruno was determined to come back to Tel Aviv to film a complete video part in this city. Once again, he joined forces with Rich Forne to capture one of the best BMX riding.

Tel Aviv, aka White City, as they called it, offers a lot of street spots and people are ok with guys like Bruno riding it. This edit contains a lot of tech riding.

Also, in the middle, you can see how Bruno rides some big rails and big ledges. He is so versatile.

Eclat Salvation section

This video part is a segment of Eclat Salvation episodes. The first part belongs to Devon Smillie.

For their second installment, they have sent Bruno Hoffmann to film his part in Arizona, USA.

I watched this video a couple of times, and I have noticed there aren’t any barspins and tailwhips, which is fascinating.

You know how good he is with his technical riding that he does not need to throw his bars or bike around.

You can’t spot when he is riding switch or opposite. This shows how consistent and smooth his riding is.

Devil’s Voice by Red Bull

Did you guys see Stranger Things? Here is the BMX version of it.

This clip is a cinematic masterpiece. The whole thing was filmed in Berlin at Teufelsberg (Devil’s Mountian).

In this clip, there is also a guest rider, Anthony Perrin, who is trapped inside this Teufelsberg.

The whole production is on another level. I love the whole vibe of this video.

It is not filled with crazy riding like we are used to from Bruno Hoffmann, but the whole production makes this clip outstanding.

What I like about it is that you can also see behind the scene what goes into making such an epic BMX video in the end.

Federal Bikes – Bruno Hoffmann 2014

Here’s an oldie but goldie even to this day. I cannot believe this one is from 2014 – DAMN.

Bruno took a trip to Greece to shred many good street spots with Federal’s distro rider, Jason Eustathiou. (You get riding clips from Jason, too!)

Hoffmann’s style and technical wizardry are entirely different. If it were released today, it would be just as dope.

Bruno put that freecoaster to some serious abuse, and the outcome is an absolute masterpiece, filmed and edited by Richard Forne.

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