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13 Best BMX Grips (2024 Review)

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Welcome to my review of the best BMX grips you can currently get on the market.

For me, grips are one of the essential parts of the bike.

It’s the awesome feeling they give you when you grab the bar and go for a session.

Unfortunately, you need to go through a few to find the best option for you. (Luckily, they’re cheap.)

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I changed many grips to find out that longer and thicker were best for me. I currently ride Animal’s Edwin V2 grips. (But many also aks me what size are BMX grips)

But there’s something for EVERYONE in the list below.


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Note: Don’t miss my tutorial on how to install BMX grips.

Best BMX Grips With & Without Flanges

1. Animal Edwin V2 (My FAV!)

animal edwin v2
The Animal Edwin V2 grips are a new version of Edwin DeLarosa’s signature grip.

These grips have a super comfortable wavy pattern on them and here is the flangeless version in particular. (Check out my article to find out the difference between flanged vs flangeless grips and which is better.)

They are 165mm long and come with Animal’s Sewer Cap plastic bar ends. The Edwin V2 grips are available in black, army green, and purple.

I was rocking the 140mm version for a very long time, but I like the 165mm A LOT more!

Price: $10.99 (may vary)


2. Cult X Vans Waffle Grip

vans x cult waffle grip
The Cult X Vans Waffle Grip might be one of the MOST RECOGNIZABLE grips in all of BMX.

If you somehow haven’t seen these grips yet, Cult and Vans took their signature Waffle shoe pattern and used it as a pattern for a BMX grip.

These grips are made in the USA by ODI and come in many colors, including black, gum, rose pink, purple, red, army green, blue, white, and orange.

Price: $12.49 (may vary)


3. Odyssey Travis Grip

odyssey travis grips
Odyssey’s Travis grip is Travis Hughes‘ signature grip that features what Odyssey describes as a “MULTI-DIRECTIONAL ribbed pattern for superior grip and comfort regardless of your hand positioning.”

The well-known Par Ends are included with every pair and the Travis Grip is 165mm long.

There are 6 colors: red, clear, black/white swirl, navy, black/gum swirl, and solid black.

Price: $11.99 (may vary)


4. Odyssey Broc Grip

odyssey broc grip
Here is a look at the Odyssey Broc Grip. These are Broc Raiford‘s signature grip which was updated from the original to have SMOOTHER ends and to include his BR logo.

The Broc grips come with Odyssey’s Par End bar ends and are 160mm long with several color options available.

Currently, they are available in billiard green/black swirl, midnight purple, hot pink, toothpaste/navy swirl, bright red, sky blue, and solid black.

Price: $11.99 (may vary)


5. S&M Hoder Grips

sm hoder grips
Have you tried the Hoder Grips from S&M? These are Mike Hoder‘s signature grips and are one of the current favorites for all of the THICKER grip lovers of the BMX world.

They are in a small club of larger grips at 160mm in length and 31.5mm in diameter. They have a wide array of 12 colors!

The Hoder grips are also made in the USA by ODI and each pair comes with a set of bar ends.

I highly recommend these!

Price: $11.95 (may vary)


6. Eclat Bruno

eclat bruno grip
The Bruno Grips from Eclat are 164mm long with a super slim 28mm diameter.

One cool feature of the design on these grips is that they have the Frankfurt SKYLINE on the base of the grip.

These grips use Eclat’s VEX K3 compound, which is meant to extend the life of the grip and increase softness.

The Bruno Hoffmann grips come with a set of Crokx V2 bar ends and four colors.

Price: $11.99 (may vary)


7. Eclat Shogun Grips

eclat shogun
Eclat’s Shogun Grips have a unique pattern, come in a ton of colors, and have an EXTRA long 166mm length with a diameter of 29.5.

These grips include Eclat’s Techbolt bar ends with every pair.

Some of the color options on the Shogun grip are black, army green, purple, hot pink, camouflage, gray, teal, and classic blue.

Price: $12.99 (may vary)


8. WeThePeople Perfect Grips

wtp perfect grips
Here is the Perfect Grip from WeThePeople. This is not a matter of opinion either, that is literally their name. Genius? I think so too!

The Perfect Grip is EXTRA LONG at 165mm with a diameter of 29.5mm.

These come in a bunch of colors and also come with 3 of their nylon bar ends “because you never know when you’ll need a spare.”

Price: $12.99 (may vary)


9. WeThePeople Hilt XL Grips

wethepeople hilt xl grip
Let’s have a look at the Hilt XL Grips from WeThePeople.

These grips are 160mm long meant to better fit WIDER bars and have both a flanged and flangeless option which is rare these days.

One interesting feature of these grips is that they have different colored rubber rings meant for aesthetic purposes only.

I have to admit, this does look pretty cool. Every set of grips comes with a set of bar ends and are made from a VEX-K6 rubber compound.

The color options on the Hilt XL grips are black, red, and gum.

Price: $9.99 (may vary)


10. ODI Longneck SLX

odi longneck grips
The ODI Longneck SLX are one of the most popular grips for many, MANY years, and that’s for a good reason.

Although these look very basic, they feature a soft but long-lasting compound that feels good but will stay on your bars for many sessions without wearing out any time soon.

The mushroom rib pattern ensures a comfortable grip regardless of your riding style – they’re particularly nice for barspins.

ODI Longneck SLX grips are sold in pairs and come with rubber bar ends. Length: 160mm.

Note: Also available with flanges but the length of those is 143mm.

Price: $13.95 (may vary)


11. Shadow Maya

shadow maya grips
The Shadow Conspiracy’s Maya grips are Joris Coulomb‘s signature, made from DCR rubber that guarantees softness and longevity.

The grips feature a unique honeycomb pattern, are 160mm in length and slightly thicker, with a 31mm diameter. Nylon barends included.

What I really like about these is the “micro flange” on both sides, so there’s no right or wrong way of putting them on.

Price: $12.99 (may vary)


12. Subrosa Genetic

subrosa genetic grips
Nick Bullen’s Genetic grips by Subrosa have a cool rubbed pattern featuring vertical and circular ribs and a molded Subrosa rose logo.

Like all Subrosa (and Shadow) grips, these also use the Dura Choice Rubber (DCR) material, which gives the grips an excellent hand feel without compromising lifespan.

Remember, if you’re particularly searching for long grips, these are ideal at 170mm in length.

Price: $10.95 (may vary)


13. Cult Heavens Gate Grip

cult heavens gate grip
Here is Brandon Begin‘s signature Heavens Gate Grip from Cult.

These grips are super long with a length of 174mm and have a “small thin diameter” according to the Cult website.

These grips currently come in MANY rad black swirl colors like white, gum, rose pink, and lime green.

The Heaven’s Gate grips are made in the USA by ODI.

Price: $10.99 (may vary)


FAQs About BMX Grips

How to easily install BMX grips?

The best, fastest and safest ways of installing BMX grips is by using alcohol (90%+). Pour a tiny bit of it inside the grip, squeeze the grip a few tips and slide it onto the handlebar.

If yo think you added too much, take it off, blow inside the grip and put it back on. But if you have time, you can just leave it on and it’ll dry itself.

You don’t need air compressor, zip ties, or WD-40 to install BMX grips!

What size are BMX grips?

BMX grips are available in multiple lengths (approx. 140mm to 165mm) and diameters (approx. 27mm to 32mm)

What is the best BMX grip?

The best BMX grip is the one that feels the most comfortable to you. I’d highly suggest to try some, but you cannot go wrong with any I reviewed here for you.

How often should I replace my BMX grips?

Replace your BMX grips when they start to tear, wear thin, or lose their tackiness. This typically happens every few months with regular use, but it can vary based on the grip material and how often you ride.

Do BMX grips come in different sizes?

BMX grips generally come in a standard size in terms of diameter, as BMX handlebars have a standard thickness. However, the length of the grips can vary, and some riders may prefer shorter or longer grips based on hand size and riding style. Also, the thickness of the grips vary, which I find very important.

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