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10 Best Kris Fox BMX Videos (2024)

kris fox

Do you want to watch the best Kris Fox BMX videos because you like speed, style and pure insanity?

Even though Kris is capable of many tricks and crazy combos, we all know he likes to stick to his roots – racing.

With that in mind, he’s going super fast, high, and with a smooth technique that has shaped him into one outstanding shredder.

For the most part, in every Kris video that you watch, your mouth is wide open from start to finish. That’s just how it is.

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When did it all start for Kris?

In an interview for Dig, Kris mentions that he first started racing an early age. He was just two when they moved from his hometown of Fountain Valley, California.

Note: Kris was born on February 12, 1989.

His mother’s boss’s kids were getting into BMX racing at this new location.

As a shy introvert, Kris said team sports were not his thing, so BMX made sense.

And from the very first day at the track, he was hooked. It went so far; he took it to the 2008 Olympics level of BMX racing. Bravo.

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Kris Fox Unclicked podcast/interview

However, a few months after the 2008 Olympics, Kris broke his ankle. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), racing did not feel as good as it once did, so Fox quit.

Freestyle was what came next, and I do not even need to go too into detail about that.

We all know where Kris is, and he does an outstanding job doing his unique and stylish way.

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For insane BMX bike riding, bowls, cement skateparks, tons of style and lifestyle, go follow Kris and all he does on Instagram.

Featured photo by: Matt Cordova.

Top Kris Fox BMX Videos

1. Demolition – Pendulum

Are you ready for some high-speed, wild and crazy riding? Well, what else would you even expect from Kris?

This dude is on a tear, doing his own thing by spending more time in the air than on the ground.

West coast to east coast bowls riding at ITS FINEST for Demolition.

(And the sound of tires? Pure ear candy.)

Kris’s riding always makes me speechless, so I won’t even try to write anything else down other than – A MUST WATCH!

2. Demolition’s Mental Exodus

Here’s one called “Mental Exodus” from Demolition BMX with Kris.

This one is labeled as a full-length web video part from Fox. And you know exactly what you’re in for!

Kris goes fast, high, and does the lines that we all wish we could!

This one was filmed all around California in more bowls than you can count, with different transfers and manual lines that are insane.

At one point, he does a turndown air out of a quarter that can’t be more than 2 feet wide.

3. The Definition Of Speed And Style

Fox has been a stone-cold transition killer in BMX for quite a long time.

This one is from back in 2014, but you would never know it from the riding.

Kris immediately fires out an absolutely massive air in the Vans Shoes indoor park in California, followed by the infamous sub gap to dragon slayer manual.

Following is four and a half minutes of utter skatepark and dirt jump destruction and literally, the definition of speed and style!

4. Kris’s natural environment AKA bowls

One thing is for absolute sure – there’s never enough of Kris footage. How he shreds is something different – something on a highly different level.

This dude knows how to make our jaws drop. What’s best, it does not necessarily mean that he wows us with insane tricks.

However, it’s the simplicity, but Fox takes things to the ultimate limits with insane speed, flow, crazy airs, transitions and gaps.

And he laces it all together with so much style, making it look too effortless.

Watch Kris destroy local Orange County bowls just after having his favorite cup of joe.

5. Signature Demolition fork promo

In 2016, Kris Fox had a signature fork with Demolition called the Fox Fork.

This video is a promo for the fork and it also serves as a backstory on Kris where he talks about his racing career and how he got more into freestyle.

Then he talks about his progression in BMX, how he got to where he is with his sponsors and the backstory on the fork itself.

The end of the video is some really great insight into Kris’s feelings about BMX itself and is worth listening to for anyone who rides.

6. Vans BMX Pro Cup 1st place qualifying runs

In 2019, Kris Fox qualified first at the Vans BMX Pro Cup in Huntington Beach, California; in this video, it’s clear why.

Kris uses the HB Vans skatepark bowl to its maximum potential with manual lines, transfers, and gigantic airs.

He does tuck no-hander air and a look back to euro table air about 10 feet out of a quarter.

Kris goes full throttle for all three of his qualifying runs, and it is super awesome to see.

Yeah, Kris.

7. Signature SE frame promo

In 2014, Kris Fox’s signature Gaudium SE Bikes frame was announced for their 2015 lineup.

This video is a promo for the frame with Kris absolutely shredding a bowl and then talking about his affinity for simplicity in life and BMX.

We also learn the origin of Gaudium and how it is the Latin root for joy and happiness.

Kris calls it the happy bike and has a superb outlook on the frame and BMX.

It’s cool to have a frame promo video be so inspirational.

Keep in mind: This type of frame is great both for street and for park riding, with an emphasis on the latter.

8. Kris Fox and Matt Cordova in California

Here is a split video with Kris and Matt Cordova called California Coast’n.

There is an excellent quote about the style in the beginning: “To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art.”

This comes just before these two dudes begin their trip, where they do what they do best; fly around concrete skateparks as fast as possible, going as high as possible.

These two are the epitome of style and it is rad to watch.

9. Demolition wheel promo video

Kris is the type of rider who just never gets old to watch. Every single video that comes out feels timeless and fresh.

There’s just something about how he goes full tilt at everything he does while retaining a captivating style!

Here is a wheel promo with Kris for Demolition at a few different concrete skateparks.

Kris does all of the transfers we wish we could do and throws tricks in while he does them.

The awesome thing about this is how it feels like this full-throttle insanity is just how Kris rides regularly.

10. How-to bump manual with Kris Fox

In this video from Woodward West, Kris teaches us how to do the bump manual – with style.

This is the trick where Kris is going fast enough to clear a gap, but instead pushes it into a quick manual before clearing the gap.

Kris explains it well and certainly does a great job illustrating them for us in the video before giving a few examples of places to do them and tricks out of them.

The bump manual will earn you some style points, so head to your local and give it a shot.

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