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Devon Smillie Profile (2024)

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Are you looking for an extensive Devon Smillie profile and want to watch his insanely technical BMX videos?

Regular and fakie manuals, grinds, barspins and even burly moves, that’s what’s up when it comes to Smillie.

His switch and regular-footed stunts are TOO smooth. (Taking tech wizardry to the extremes!)

In an interview, Devon says he hardly remembers how he got into BMX.

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He was watching a lot of motocross at the time, and he just tried to imitate the guys on his bike. Listen carefully – he was two and a half!

I am sure many of us barely knew how to walk at that time, never mind purposely crashing on a bike because “it was cool.”

He then started racing at three and kept pushing until 7/8, when he transitioned to freestyle and get more serious about it.

Thanks to his parents, they set him up with a freestyle bike when he was only five years old.

This post covers:

Devon Smillie Profile

1. Devon Bio

Date of birth: November 18, 1992
Place of birth: Suwanee, GA
Height: 6′
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @devonsmillie

2. Devon Sponsors

Cult Crew.

3. Devon Bike Check

Don’t miss my Devon Smillie bike check.

4. Parts Devon Rides

Featured photo by: Devon’s Instagram.

5. Best Devon Smillie BMX Videos

1. BMX On A Mission Entry

Okay, first of all, I needed to watch this one twice in a row because there’s so much technical wizardry going down I missed half of it on my first watch.

Here’s Devon’s entry to the online content “BMX On A Mission” by Urban World Series.

Devon teamed up with filmer Eddie Cuellar over five weeks, and this is the result. I mean, if you can comprehend every trick on your first watch, dude, you have some superpowers.

Anyway, this one definitely deserves a few rewatches for the smoothes and, of course, insane trick combos.

But the 270 barspin to over icepick stall and then a crankflip into the bank deserves to be the banger.

2. Cult – New Beginnings

You’ve already heard that Devon parted ways with Fly Bikes and is now riding for Cult.

Here’s his welcome to the team video, which features four and a half minutes of unbelievable technical street stunts.

It’s impossible to pick my favorite clip because there is so much good stuff in it. But the one with the rat running full-tilt is really funny.

This is likely the best thing you’ll see this week (or month?). GO!

The only thing that confuses me is why there are so many clips in here still on a Fly setup.

3. Odyssey – Guest List

In “Guest List,” an Odyssey team member brings in a rider from outside the team for a day-long riding session at Full Factory ramps.

This time, Justin Spriet has Devon Smillie joining in.

Anticipate a spectacle of finesse and technical prowess – both riders are known to produce phenomenal footage that’s a must-see.

Justin and Devon’s synergy is evident, notably in their shared choice to wear helmets, an unexpected but welcome move.

Moreover, they both execute some remarkable aerial tricks, interwoven with intricate tech combos that are unbelievably impressive.

4. Devon for Etnies (2022)

I drop everything, close my door and make silence in the room when a new Devon video drops. Why?

Because it’ll be so technical, I need to focus on what he does to understand it.

And this one (a celebration for the drop of his signature Etnies Windrow Vulc colorway) is no different.

There’s so much good stuff in here I just don’t know where to start. But maybe I won’t and let you experience it all yourself. A lot of WOW moments, and that’s a guarantee.

But the last up crank to over pegs to 180 crank down is something else.

5. Devon’s Blow up The Park submission

The end of 2020 brought the Ultimate Shred League or USL Blow up The Park video contest.

This is where 10 riders from 10 different companies had 24 hours to film a video at a skatepark of their choosing.

The resulting videos would be voted on by the public and a winner crowned.

Smillie took part in the contest for Fly Bikes and this is his video.

Devon chose a more plaza-style skatepark for his video, which shined for his manual lines and amazing technical combos. Check it out!

6. 2020 FlyBikes Fuego line promo

Devon and the word Fuego have been synonymous with each other for quite some time.

In 2020, FlyBikes released an update on Devon’s Fuego line with a new seat and tire, as well as a new colorway on his street frame, tires, and grips.

This is a quick one at just a minute long, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less fire. Devon busts out some extremely impressive technical moves as he always does.

Also, a few burly moves like a pretty big 540 down a stairset that is definitely not small.

7. Eclat 2019

Here is Devon Smillie’s 2019 video from Eclat! The video starts with a cameo from a passerby that is very entertaining before getting right into Devon’s amazing technical abilities.

The first riding clip during this cameo is mind-bending, and it comes before the music even starts!

The complexity of most clips in this video is impressive in itself, let alone considering how difficult just portions of them are.

One clip that will trigger your attention is the 180 to fakie ice grind, hop up to fakie manual, to crankflip to fakie out. This is one you need to see to understand.

8. FlyBikes Fuego 5 promo

In 2018, we received the fifth iteration of Devon Smillie’s Fuego frame. This version has a shorter rear end, built-in chain tensioners, a new seat post clamp, and a refined bridge and gussets.

To promote it, we have this one-minute video of Devon going to work in the streets on the new frame.

This one has a ton of really great-looking b-rolls of the frame while Devon rides, and of course, as always the riding is amazing as well.

One clip that really stands out is the lucky grind up a rail to over 180.

9. 2015 The Come Up web video

In 2015, this video with Devon Smillie came out for The Come Up. Francis Castro and Devon worked together quite a bit at the time; this was their 3rd video for TCU.

Right off the bat you know it’s going to be a good one with tricks like the incredible and quite far tooth hanger on a ledge.

Devon’s raw technical ability is truly amazing and is evident in this video; especially with tricks like a fakie, to fakie ice grind, to barspin to fakie on a ledge.

10. Eclat Salvation video

Here we have Devon Smillie’s Eclat Salvation video which lives on the late Ride BMX YouTube channel.

This video came out in 2016 and starts with Devon speaking on what he might be doing if it weren’t for BMX. Immediately with the music, this video brings the heat.

The very first clip in here is a 180 onto a bank to 540 cab up it landing in a manual which Devon brings back around to a whip into the same bank he originally came out of.

Completely wild and probably pretty hard to understand through text. With that just being the first clip, you definitely have to check out the rest.

11. Dan’s Comp Roll Call DVD part

Devon Smillie’s Dan’s Comp Roll Call DVD part from 2013/2014 is on YouTube and has just under 1.5 million views! At 5 and a half minutes and upon watching the video, it is easy to see why.

Devon is a tech wizard and this video combines that tech with also some burly moves.

The opening feeble up a ledge to manual to barspin drop is so wild with the ledge appearing to be at least 8-10 feet tall!

From there the insanity continues in every single clip that makes it very clear that Devon put in work for this one.

12. X Games Real BMX 2016

In 2016, Devon Smillie and Mike Manzoori competed against five other riders and five other filmers in the X Games Real BMX video contest.

This contest has 6 riders, each with their own filmer, work together for a set amount of time to produce a minute-and-a-half video that is then judged by a panel of judges.

The result, combined with a bit of backstory and judge reactions for each part, is then all put together in a television broadcast.

Devon’s part in 2016 was classic Smillie. Combined with Mike Mazoori’s fantastic filming, we have a really great entry into the competition.

13. FlyBikes and Tip Plus edit

This video with Devon from FlyBikes and Tip Plus was released to celebrate Tip Plus becoming a distributor of FlyBikes products in the United States.

With Devon being a Fly rider in the United States, this only makes sense and this video is a great way to celebrate.

Devon goes to work at skateparks and even has a couple of skateboarding clips in here!

Seeing Devon combining his amazing manual and grind lines with some quarter pipe tricks is awesome and just shows that he is a well-rounded rider.

The bar air to t-bog catch but with a back seat grab was particularly awesome.

14. 4Down1Up Team Smillie

4Down1Up was a video competition that took place in 2015 with four teams of riders with Devon Smillie and Matt Roe and filmer Peter Adam being one of the teams.

The video has a nice concept: it is set in the future with Devon, Matt, and old men who seemingly go back in time after seeing a skatepark.

The video begins, and we see how the two make a great team of riders and how well Peter films and edits.

Devon’s technical grind moves paired with Matt’s flow and style is great to watch and it is clear why this team deserved to take the win; which they did!

15. Eclat 2018

Here we have Devon Smillie’s 2018 Eclat BMX video. In classic Smillie fashion, every single clip is something wild starting out with an uprail hard truck driver.

The vibe in this one is great from the song and the b-roll to the riding and editing.

Devon’s manual lines are on another level where he consistently connects tricks that would be incredible by themselves.

One clip that really stands out is a line where he ends up in a fakie and does a fakie crankflip toothpick bonk as he hops down a small drop.

Also, the 180 barspin to fakie ice to 180 crankflip, yeah, mind-blowing, I know.

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