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How To Learn New BMX Tricks (Fast)

how to learn new bmx tricks

Are you trying to figure out how to learn new BMX tricks for the ultimate progression?

I SO wish someone would write an article like this when I first started riding BMX.

But 20+ years ago, that would need to be in a magazine because the existence of BMX online was at a bare minimum.

Anyway, I’m doing it for you!

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So you can progress faster and get to the level of BMX riding you want to be.

Learning new tricks is about pushing your limits, expanding your skill set, and keeping the ride exciting.

Every new trick you tackle adds a fresh layer of enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment that’s hard to beat.

But your progress won’t be as enjoyable as you’d want without a solid foundation.

Plus, skipping the basics won’t allow you to develop your unique style of riding, which shows off from a mile away.

This post covers:

Mastering the basics of BMX riding is crucial. (Even just getting comfortable riding your bike at a pump track!)

The better you get at the fundamentals, the smoother and more spectacular your trick-learning journey.

Trust me – you’ll THANK yourself later.

How To Learn New BMX Tricks Fast

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1. Understand The Basics Of BMX Riding

Getting the basics down pat is your golden ticket to a world where every trick feels within reach.

From riding and getting comfortable on your bike to finding balance, learning bunny hops, 180s, fakies and manuals, these are an absolute must.

In short, the better you know the basics, the further you can go!

By drilling these “simple” tricks, you’ll start to control your bike more and reach the point where you’re in 100% control.


2. Set Goals & Choose Tricks To Learn

This is what should be your first goal to achieve.

Be in control of your bike, and you get there the fastest by mastering the basic, beginner BMX tricks (check my list of fourteen easy tricks).

Don’t rush; there’s no point.

In fact, rushing can lead to injuries and a lack of motivation.

You don’t want that in BMX.

Sure, the first steps might take the longest, but things will start to flow more easily and flawlessly when you get the gist.

I’ve seen too many BMX riders rush their progress, even skip the basics. But these riders didn’t stick too long, which is a bummer.

That’s why I want you to take it easy.

You have so many more amazing years, heck, decades, ahead of you, so a year or two of just drilling the basics looks like nothing.

But believe me, from then on, your riding style and trick progression will be on a completely different level.

Here are a few of the how-tos I filmed to help you out:

By the way, don’t miss the ultimate list of common beginner BMX mistakes. (Avoid these for faster progress.)

3. Prepare To Learn New Tricks

Before we dive headfirst into the thrill of learning, let’s chat about getting prepped and primed – both body and mind.

It’s like the pre-party to your BMX success story!

Body & Mind

Embarking on new BMX challenges is as much about mental prep as it is about physical readiness.

Your mind and body must be in tip-top shape to navigate the high seas of BMX tricks.

Start with a positive mindset, believe in your ability to learn, and remember, every pro was once a beginner.


Like you wouldn’t sprint without a light jog first, diving into tricks without a warm-up is a no-go.

Spend a few minutes getting your heart rate up and your muscles ready.

Have you seen my super basic BMX warm-up video yet?


Limber up, folks! Stretching isn’t just about flexibility; it’s your secret weapon against injuries.

It helps keep your muscles and ligaments supple and ready for action.

Incorporate a mix of stretches focusing on your legs, back, and arms.

I recommend doing stretches after your session and doing the warm-up before the session.

Set the Stage

The right environment can make learning new tricks much easier (and safer!).

Look for a spot that’s spacious enough to give you room to move and fall (yes, it’s part of the process) safely.

The right spot can be your best ally, whether it’s a quiet parking lot, a local skate park in the off-hours, or any flat, obstacle-free area.

4. Practice Techniques & Strategies

Are you ready to take your tricks from “I think I can” to “Watch me nail this”?

You’ve got the steps down; now it’s all about practice, practice, and more practice.

There’s no shortcut.

The Magic Of Repetition

Let’s face it, repetition is the secret sauce to mastering anything new, and BMX tricks are no exception.

Think of each practice session as adding another layer of awesomeness to your skills.

The more you ride, the better you get.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you must ride every day.

So, keep at it, and remember, every attempt, even the not-so-successful ones, is a step forward.

Video Analysis

What I do all the time is film myself. And I recommend you do too.

Then watch your videos to spot where you’re shining and where you might need a little tweak.

It’s amazing how a small adjustment in your posture or timing can turn a “nearly got it” into a “nailed it!”

Overcome Challenges & Plateaus

Every BMXer, from beginners to pros, faces challenges and plateaus.

It’s like hitting a bump on the road – totally normal and part of the journey.

The key is to keep your spirits high and mix things up.

Try different approaches, adjust your sessions, change spots, or take a short break to recharge your enthusiasm.

Sometimes, stepping back can give you the fresh perspective you need to leap over those hurdles.

You might also be interested in reading how to stay motivated to ride BMX.

5. Safety Measures & Injury Prevention

Keeping it safe doesn’t just mean more fun; it also means we get to ride another day, every day!

Why not put on some pads and prevent the injury that could keep you off the bike for a week?

Gear Up

First things first, let’s talk gear.

A BMX helmet that fits just right, knee and shin pads are your best pals. You can also put on elbow pads if you think they’re necessary.

Modern safety gear doesn’t look as bulky as it once did, and most fit nicely under your clothes, so it won’t be visible.

Hey, I want to keep it stylish, so these things are important to me.

Know Your Limits, Ride Within Them

Remember, even the pros had to take it one step at a time.

Listening to your body and knowing when to push and when to take it easy is key.

There’s bravery in trying new tricks but wisdom in recognizing when you’re not quite ready for that next big leap.

And if you’re trying to do something to show off – DON’T. (That’s for weak personalities.)

It’s all about finding that sweet spot between challenging yourself and staying safe.

Master The Art Of Falling

Let’s face it, falls are part of the BMX package, but they don’t always have to end in ouchies.

Learning how to fall safely can make a huge difference.

Try to stay relaxed (easier said than done, I know!) and aim to roll rather than crash land.

And if you need to let your bike go its way, do it.

It happened too many times when I felt sorry for my bike, kept holding it, and ended up seriously injuring myself.

Practice tucking and rolling in a safe environment, like on grass or a mat, to get the hang of it.

I trained in Judo for seven years, which helped me with BMX falls.

Signing up for a year or two of martial arts on the side might not be a bad idea.

But what’s even better are regular full-body stretches – which you can easily do at home while watching your favorite BMX videos.

The more stretched you’ll be, the fewer injuries you’ll experience. (I need to incorporate more stretching, too!)

6. Learn From The Community & Pros

The BMX world is bustling with folks who are not just riders but teachers, cheerleaders, and friends rolled into one.

The Power of Community

Whether it’s online forums buzzing with tips and tricks, The BMX Dude website, or the local skate park where everyone knows your name (and your favorite trick), the BMX community is your go-to resource.

Don’t shy away from asking for advice or sharing your own experiences.

Pros In Action

Ever watched a BMX pro in action and thought, “Wow, how did they do that?” You’re not alone!

Watching professionals do their thing is not just awe-inspiring; it’s incredibly educational.

Take time to analyze their techniques, how they approach a trick, their posture, and even their falls

Videos, competitions, and exhibitions are gold mines of learning.

Mentorship & Buddying Up

Imagine having a BMX buddy who’s always got your back, offering tips, encouragement, and maybe a friendly nudge out of your comfort zone.

That’s what mentorship and peer learning are all about.

Connecting with a more experienced rider or teaming up with someone at your level can make the learning curve feel more like a fun ride than a steep climb.

Share your goals, challenges, and triumphs. BMX is more than just a solo journey; it’s about growing and glowing together.

However, if you don’t have anyone to ride with, film yourself. Make your camera your riding buddy!

7. Stay Motivated & Overcome Frustration

Whether you’re just starting or aiming to master that next big trick, keeping your spirits high is key.

But hey, no worries!

I have some friendly tips to keep you pumped and ready to roll.

Keep the Motivation Fire Burning

  1. Set achievable goals: Break down your BMX ambitions into smaller, bite-sized goals. Ticking off those mini-milestones not only feels fantastic but also propels you forward.
  2. Mix it up: Variety is the spice of BMX life! If one trick is giving you a tough time, switch it up. Working on something different can reignite your motivation and give you a fresh perspective.
  3. Ride with friends: Sometimes, you only need a bit of company. Riding with friends or joining a local BMX crew can turn practice sessions into fun outings. Plus, a little friendly competition never hurts!

Embrace the Bumps Along the Road

  1. Accept the ups & downs: Every BMXer has their share of falls and fails. It’s all part of the journey. Embrace the challenges as learning opportunities.
  2. Take a breather: Feeling overwhelmed? It’s okay to take a step back. Sometimes, a short break can do wonders for your mindset and body, allowing you to return stronger and more focused.
  3. Reflect & adjust: If you’re hitting a wall, take some time to reflect on your approach. Maybe there’s a different technique you could try, or perhaps adjusting your practice routine could offer a new angle.

Celebrate Every Victory, Big or Small

  1. Acknowledge your progress: Nailed a bunny hop? Finally got that manual going? Celebrate it! No matter how small, every bit of progress is a victory worth celebrating.
  2. Share your triumphs: Don’t keep your successes to yourself. Share them with friends, family, or your BMX community. Their excitement and encouragement will fuel your drive.
  3. Reward yourself: Set up a reward system for reaching your goals. It could be anything from a new piece of gear to a fun day out. These little rewards can be great motivators.


We’ve covered some serious ground from the foundational basics to mastering those mind-blowing tricks.

But the journey doesn’t stop here – oh no, it’s just getting started!

As you continue your BMX adventure, remember to practice safely, listen to your body, and wear your safety gear.

The path to mastering new tricks is a mix of exhilarating highs and challenging lows, but every pedal, every jump, and every fall is a step toward greatness.

And you can always reach out to me via social media or The BMX Dude’s contact form for additional tips and tricks.

Let’s keep this wonderful cycle of learning and inspiration spinning.

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