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7 Best Mike Curley BMX Videos (2022)

mike curley

These Mike Curley BMX videos are an absolute must-see for all of you shredders out there who are into incredibly stylish street riding.

This kid is unreal when connecting multiple tricks into one line and pulling it all butter smoothly.

And I am talking about those insane technical combos that Mike is famous for.

However, even when Mike hits a skatepark, nothing changes. You will be blown away by the intense level of bike riding that he is at.

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It is all about the style, but not really. The tricks he can pull normally go both ways, regular and opposite aka switch.

Grinds and barspins, whips and spins, you actually need to know a little bit of history behind Mike’s riding to understand what goes the “right” way and what goes the “wrong” way.

In short, Mike aims for perfection at whatever he does.

We Want Mike Back!

There have been some ups and downs in his BMX career. He even had signature bike products!

According to his Instagram profile, he’s not as active as he once was.

The question that will keep you wondering is this – is Mike still riding?

Update: He started posting on Instagram again!

He somewhat disappeared from the scene, but I have no clue why and what happened.

There’s this ankle injury that he posted back in September 2018, but I genuinely hope that’s not the case, and everything is fine, and his body fully healed.

If you would like to watch other WeThePeople riders videos, you better not miss Felix Prangenberg, Ed Zunda and Dan Kruk.

Make sure you give Mike a follow on Instagram and see what this dude has been cooking up lately.

Featured photo by: Mike’s IG.

Best Mike Curley BMX videos

Mike’s WTP “Foundation” part

This is the video that I probably watched a million times. Ah, the words cannot describe how good this is.

From start to finish, Mike went all in for his WeThePeople “Foundation” part.

Note: This is WTP’s third full-length BMX video.

Anyhow, back to Curley. It starts off with a super long nose manual (somewhere in Sicily) with a pretty nasty head slam at the end.

Luckily, nothing serious happened.

From then on, it’s go time. Mike’s amazing style and choice of tricks will keep you glued to the screen for the entire four and a half minutes.

And once it’s done, you will want to rewatch it immediately.

Yes, it’s that good.

The winning clip: Nose manual to hang 5 to whiplash to manual to 360. How?!


WeThePeople “Combo Meal”

When you can implement the fun element into a BMX video, and you know how to do it the right way, you win.

And that’s exactly what this Mike Curley edit is all about.

Looks like fast food is the best fuel for Mike’s insane street riding skills.

Joke aside, we all know what it takes to become as good as Mike is – practice, practice, patience, and some more practice.

Not sure how long it took Mike to film all this, but I do know that all the spots are from the beautiful Barcelona, Spain.

At some point, Mike’s manual combos become almost absurd. Enjoy.

WTP x Frayed – Coast to Coast

Mike went on the road from the East to the West coast of North of England.

As a result, he hit a ton of amazing spots along the way and ended up coming out with this killer all-street BMX video.

No matter how old this may be, Mike’s riding will never get worn.

Even ten years from now, you will still enjoy coming back to this collection, watching Mike do his thing.

All the manual and nose manual combos that Mike Curley does are always jaw-dropping. This was shot in collaboration between WeThePeople and Frayed Magazine.

Jordan Godwin & Mike Curley – Frankfurt shredding

What do you expect when two seriously stylish street riders gather together to shoot a split edit? I think the answer is pretty obvious.

That’s right, an end product that is an absolute must-see. All these clips were shot around Frankfurt, Germany by Cal Earnshaw, and everything is mixed just so perfectly well together.

And that song – that’s a catchy one! Moreover, to some extent, Jordan‘s and Mike’s style of riding is pretty similar but at the same time quite different.

You be your own judge, I know I will hit the play button once again because it’s that good.

Mike Curley bike check (2018)

When he was in Spain to film for his WeThePeople video, Mike and Callum Earnshaw also decided to shoot a quick video bike check.

After all, that corn yellow setup deserves some extra shine, as it truly is shiny.

Mike is one of the riders who pushes the modern street riding on a somewhat classic/traditional setup, with a cassette hub and a front load stem.

Still, all the other parts are pretty new-school, but’s that something I will let Curley reveal. What’s cool, you also get a couple of riding clips at the end, which are always a plus.

Vital’s “Power Hour” with Mike Curley

Do you still remember the Power Hour feature that Vital was doing back in the day? Well, they did one with Mike and here it is.

If you would like to see a really young Mike, this is the video that you absolutely must watch. He even had his hair dyed blonde – how cool is that?

Anyway, in a mere one hour, Mike managed to collect a ton of tricks. And not just any tricks; these are all super technical, even to this day.

Are you ready for the young Mike madness from a local concrete skatepark?

Mike in WTP’s “Rain or Shine”

When you do your thing, you definitely have a bright future ahead of you. This video is just a year younger compared to the Power Hour above, and it seems so much changed about Mike.

Yes, he grew up and his level of riding just as well. What’s the difference?

It became even more technical, doing backward manual tricks like he would have a freecoaster, which he does not.

Some say this is the best “Rain or Shine” part by WeThePeople, but I think that is a personal preference; I think every part is fire.

No matter the weather that the UK has, nothing can stop Mike from hitting streets and murdering spots. After all, that’s what he does best.

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