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Mati Lasgoity Profile (2024)

mati lasgoity

Welcome to the ultimate Mati Lasgoity profile and collection of his best BMX videos.

I pretty much became an instant fan the first time I saw him ride.

And this was quite some time now.

What’s best? Mati isn’t stopping any time soon. He keeps killing it hard, blowing us away with his technical and smooth riding.

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Especially nose manuals! (Those are nuts, Mati.)

At the time of writing this, Mati is doing it for Fiend and DUB, enjoying the Spanish life and the beautiful streets of Barcelona.

Note: Mati was born in San Luis, Argentina (in 1991 if my calculation is right).

And there’s one more thing that makes Mati stand out, just like Kevin Peraza – it’s the SMILE.


This post covers:

Mati Lasgoity Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: 1991 (if my calculation is right)
Place of birth: San Luis, Argentina
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @mlridebmx

2. Sponsors

Fiend, Primo, The Cut and DUB.

3. Bike Check

mati lasgoity bmx bike

4. Parts Mati Rides

Featured photo by: Ciro Costantini.

5. Best Mati Lasgoity BMX Videos

Welcome To Primo

At two minutes, this welcome to Primo team video is packed with some serious street shredding from Mati. If you like technical stuff and wild nose manuals, you’ll love this one.

However, Mati aka Mini, is also no stranger to pulling burly stunts with absolute smoothness.

What’s super impressive to me is how flawless Mati’s opposite barspins are – and there are a few of them in this web edit.

This one hyped me up so much to go out for a sesh.

Fiending En La Isla

Mati comes out with fresh heat from his trip to Tenerife (Canary Islands). I get hyped every time something new drops from this dude.


Because I know it’s going to be good. And this one is no different.

From various technical moves to some burly stunts that’ll make your jaw drop.

But I’m still the most impressed by Mati’s front-wheel skills. This dude can nose manual everything!

Sit tight and enjoy Mati Fiending en la Isla de Tenerife.

(Boy, do I miss the Canary Islands! My favorite place to date.)

30 Is Nothing

Here is a video from Mati called “30 Is Nothing” that came out in late 2021. Santiago Arano filmed this one during a few trips, such as Zurich, Seville, and Barcelona.

The video starts with some nice trip b-roll footage and nothing but smiles from Mati. The riding here is super dialed, and the vibe makes for a nice, enjoyable video to watch.

Mati does some excellent stuff here, including several extremely long nose manuals with bar spins out. One of these nose manuals is completely insane with multiple drop-downs.

If you’re looking for a video that is just a great watch with someone who just seems like a happy dude, look no further.


Dreamville BMX from Mati Lasgoity starts in a warehouse, with Mati gathering parts to build a new bike.

The camera work/editing is seriously awesome and makes the video easy to watch as Mati builds a new bike.

After he is finished building the bike, Mati hits the streets and opens with a super long rail ride to nollie bar.

The camera work continues to be dialed here, making for an all-around great video from the riding to the filming.

Mati & Miki Fleck plaza sesh

Here is a video with Mati Lasgoity and Miki Fleck shredding a Spanish plaza after dark together. This one came out in late 2020, and these dudes killed it!

These two have styles that complement each other well and definitely have fun together.

From Miki’s wild manual to 180 crankflip over a wedge to wedge gap to Mati’s crazy long nose manual – this one is a great watch.

We even are treated with a flair from Mati just before Miki hits us with a down rail ride to long manual to rail ride back up to barspin. So. Fire.

Vans 2015

Mati Lasgoity has killed it for quite some time on his bike. Here is a video with him for Vans from back in 2015 where his hair is long and his riding rules!

It’s always awesome to look back like this at riders who are still killing it in the present and see the progression over time.

Mati threw it down for this one with everything from big burly tuck no-handers, and 360’s down stair sets to extremely technical riding with ledges and rails!

If you’re a fan of Mati today, you’ll no doubt enjoy this excerpt from his past.

Watch it here.

United – 1 Minute w/ Mati

Here’s a quick one from United back in 2014 with a young Mati Lasgoity shredding an outdoor park in Buenos Aires.

The video starts with an uprail to barspin and continues with some tech grinding before getting one of those long nose manuals we have come to know and love from Mati.

There’s a touch of park riding in here with an awesome turndown over a wedge to wedge followed up by a flair.

This is a short and sweet video that’s definitely worth the play time!

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