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Jiri Blabol Profile (2024)

jiri blabol

Are you ready to check the best Jiri Blabol profile and watch his ultimate BMX videos?

I sure am. ALWAYS!

Jiri hails from Hermanova Hut, Czech Republic, and is doing BMX for a long time even though he’s still very young.

This dude never stops, dropping nuts edits all the time for his sponsors, Subrosa and Shadow Conspiracy (which he’s doing it for through TBB-Bike).

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Jiri is also a car guy, enjoys Barcelona, Spain the most and probably has the best double barspins in the game. (You’ll see what I’m talking about SOON!)

Now let’s get to business.

This post covers:

Jiri Blabol Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: April 18, 1998
Place of birth: Stod, Czech Republic
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @jiriblabol

2. Sponsors

Subrosa and The Shadow Conspiracy.

3. Bike Check

jiri blabol bmx bike

4. Parts Jiri Rides

Featured photo by: Jiri’s IG.

5. Best Jiri Blabol BMX Videos

Subrosa – “No Big Deal”

Jiri visited Matt Ray in Boston for a month to hang out, ride bikes and film clips. At the level of Jiri’s riding, he filmed an entire web video for Subrosa, and here’s the result.

This dude is on another level – AND everyone knows that.

Coming out with some really extreme stunts, emphasizing the technical stuff that you need to watch a few times to get it.

And what’s even more impressive is that it looks so effortless whatever Jiri does. BOMB!

Welcome to Subrosa Pro

Jiri coming with a ton of heat for his official welcome to Subrosa pro video.

What’s important to know is that this entire video was shot during one trip to Spain.

Yup, Jiri’s a beast!

So many highly technical combos that include spins, barspins and tailwhips you don’t want to miss. You know it’ll be hot if the video starts with a long ice pick grind to tailwhip out!

This is a well-deserved bump after riding for Subrosa for many years.

10 Days in Malaga & Barcelona

Jiri Blabol is known for stacking a ton of clips in a short period of time. And this is for sure my favorite Jiri video to date.

He took a ten-day Spain trip, visiting Barcelona and Malaga, taking riding to the next level.

Jiri was well aware of the amazing spots; he only needed to put his creativity to use on them.

WHICH he did.

And the end result is a 3:40-long web video that you absolutely must-see.

BTW: Those double bars are RIDICULOUS!

Welcome to Shadow

It was 2016 when Jiri started doing it for Shadow and here’s the official clip that welcomed him to the team.

Considering it “old,” this one is hot now and will be ten years from now. Jiri is on fire, keeping progressing year in and year out.

But dropping hammers is his favorite thing to do. And you can enjoy yourself in a bunch of them by hitting the play button above.

Note: The mad double bars were already present at the time.

Welcome to Subrosa

2015 was the year Jiri Blabol officially joined Subrosa’s Skeleton Crew.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss a web video that starts with a barspin over 19 stairs! And Jiri handles it like a champ.

Jiri really went all-in for this one, pulling insane street tricks and lines that will keep you wowing for at least an hour.

But the last double peg and 180 bar are something else. What were you thinking, Jiri?!

This one is SO good.

Jiri’s Subrosa frame promo

I don’t understand half of the stuff Jiri Blabol does in here.

Jiri and Subrosa dropped a signature color Matt Rays‘s MR1 frame in 2020, and he didn’t shy away from doing a wild promotional video.

The colorway for the street frame got inspired by Jiri’s BMW E92 (after he wrapped it).

Jiri is an absolutely perfect fit for the MR1 frame, and here’s good proof. Everything he does is so smooth and the opposite tricks too clean.

Raw “Warsaw Riding”

Still, raw clips will forever be my favorite! Especially street ones.

You probably still remember the popular “Warsaw Riding” video by Subrosa and Shadow, taking a trip to Poland, right?

Here are some raw clips from Blabol, murdering all kinds of street spots with his insane technical riding.

Whether it’s a flat rail or a massive set of starts – Jiri kills it all!

Jiri Blabol (2017)

Does Jiri ever stop? NO!

It doesn’t matter what year the video is from; you know already it’ll be memorable.

This 2017 Subrosa web edit is no different.

Jiri went spot hunting around the Czech Republic and came out with nearly three minutes of mad street stunts that’ll keep you speechless.

I’ll repeat it; those double bars are ridiculous, so smooth and casual. (So fast it’s sometimes hard to tell it’s a double!)

Quick. Hands.


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