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Logan Martin Profile (2024)

logan martin

Welcome to my extensive Logan Martin profile and a collection of his best BMX videos.

Logan’s tricks are so next level you need to rewind a few times to understand them.

And what’s even more shocking, he’s so smooth at pulling all those mental spin, flip, whip, and barspin combinations.


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It all began at 12 when Logan first got on a BMX.

From 2011 onwards, Logan has been scoring medals at different competitions. He’s also multiple Nationals’ winner and, OF COURSE, the first BMX gold Olympian.

This post covers:

Logan Martin Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: November 22, 1993
Place of birth: Queensland, Australia
Height: 5’6″
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @loganmartinbmx

2. Sponsors

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3. Bike Check

Don’t miss the latest Logan Martin bike check and see his signature BMX park frame.

Featured photo by: Logan’s IG.

4. Best Logan Martin BMX Videos


Logan has been at the absolute top of BMX for quite some time, and with that comes a level of dedication that you must maintain to stay at his level.

This documentary with Logan gives some great insight into his mind.

The production value of this one is incredible, with a ton of b-roll from different contests and riding that lend to the message from Logan in the video.

We also learn about Logan’s BMX journey and how he came up in the BMX world with matching videos from what Logan speaks about.

Seeing video of him riding as a kid to footage from his first contest, all the way up to his gold medal win at the 2020 Olympics is amazing.

Logan Martin is someone we can all be inspired by.

2. Logan’s 10 Biggest Tricks

The video is a session in Logan’s backyard where he does his 10 biggest/most favorite tricks at that moment.

The first trick is a 1080 and, amazingly, Logan describes a trick that is so wild as “fun.”

With all of these tricks being so effortless and perfect, this video is a great example of why Logan does as well as he does at contests.

It’s definitely easy to see how Logan earned himself a gold medal in BMX’s first appearance at the 2020 Olympics!

3. Logan Martin 2012 Edit

It’s always awesome to look at old videos from the top BMX riders of any period.

And looking at an old video with Logan Martin after his huge win at the 2020 Olympics is even more remarkable.

This video is his 2012 Melbourne edit, and it is so wild to think that it is 10 years old while opening with a front flip tuck no-hander.

Seeing a young Logan absolutely shredding doing upside down 360 inverts, flip whips, flair no-handers, and so much more 10 years ago is insane.

It feels like it would be obvious that he would be where he is today.

Every single clip in this video is a hammer and it is 100% worth the watch!

4. Power Hour (2010)

This one takes place at a private indoor skatepark; as you can imagine, it gets pretty insane.

Logan starts things off pretty casually with an opposite flair then absolutely lets loose with more tailwhips than you can even count in one playthrough.

The level BMX has gotten to is just excellent and Logan Martin is the personification of that within BMX park riding.

To top it off, almost none of the clips in this video are single tricks and are part of longer lines.

He will do tricks like a huge frontflip no-hander to flair double whip to 720 double barspin over the spine resi.

Just wild!

5. This Is Me (2014)

It’s crazy to think that Logan Martin was just 21 years old in 2014 and already leaving his mark on BMX.

Here we have a video from 2014 called “This Is Me,” where Logan talks about his history in BMX and how he got into it.

There’s plenty of riding in this one, and every trick is impressive. (As always!)

From absolutely massive downside tailwhip airs to mind-bending spine tech tricks, and even a long ledge nose manual, this is a great chapter in Logan Martin’s BMX career!

The last clip is seriously incredible as well in a 360 to footjam to downside tailwhip out.

If that doesn’t make sense just reading it, hit play and take a look!

6. Power Hour (2011)

Five years ago, when Vital BMX uploaded this video, the description read, “There’s no doubt that Logan Martin is one of the best park riders in the world.”

Now here we are today, where Logan has so many contest wins and accolades under his belt, with arguably the biggest being his 2020 Olympic gold medal.

That being said, where was he in 2011 when this power hour was filmed?

Still, an absolute BEAST, that is for sure.

The opening two tricks were a 540 barspin air and a flip to fakie on a quarter.

Hit play on this one to see where BMX’ first gold medal Olympian was over 10 years ago!

7. 2013 Edit

This is a quick 3-minute video for JetPilot and Rockstar where Logan shreds many different places, including a ton of clips at Woodward West in California.

It is amazing to see Logan’s progression over time and where he was with BMX years ago.

With tricks like massive 360 whip transfers across a skatepark, to flip whip to no-handers over the huge Woodward box jump, and so much more – this one is definitely worth your time!

8. 2012 Edit

Logan Martin has no shortage of footage and videos of himself throughout the years.

There are consistent videos from more than 10 years ago to the present day, including this 2012 Web Edit from when he was just 18 years old.

Set to an MGK song that goes surprisingly well with his riding, young Logan kills it here with tricks like front flips, bar to tuck air, 720 no-hander, and a huge flair downwhip, to name a few.

9. Logan’s Tattoos

Here’s an interesting one with Logan Martin uploaded to his personal YouTube channel. This is a tattoo tour going over his entire bodysuit of tattoos.

The video starts with some background info on why he likes tattoos, which is actually some cool family history.

We find out that his uncle did all of his work and how long it took to finish it.

Tattoos are sacred to many people and a common theme with a ton of people in BMX, so if you’re interested, check this one out.

I’m down!

It’s a definite departure from the normal types of things riders talk about in BMX videos. But is also so personal at the same time that it’s pretty cool to learn about!

Note: Videos are listed in no particular order, but I plan to add newer ones on top.

FAQs About Logan Martin

What are Logan Martin’s major achievements in BMX?

Logan Martin has achieved significant success in BMX, most notably winning a gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the BMX Freestyle Park event. He’s also known for winning multiple X Games medals and securing victories in various international BMX competitions.

How did Logan Martin start his career in BMX?

Logan Martin began his BMX career at a young age, showing a natural talent for the sport. He quickly progressed from local competitions to international events, gaining recognition for his skill and style in BMX freestyle.

What sets Logan Martin apart from other BMX riders?

Logan Martin is known for his exceptional technical skills, consistency, and innovative tricks. His ability to perform highly difficult maneuvers with precision sets him apart in the highly competitive field of BMX freestyle.

What is Logan Martin’s training regimen like?

Logan Martin follows a rigorous training regimen that includes both on-bike practice and off-bike physical conditioning. His training focuses on improving his technical skills, building strength, and maintaining flexibility to enhance his performance and reduce the risk of injury.

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