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Mark Burnett Bike Check

mark burnett bike check

Our list of the most recent (and not so recent) Mark Burnett bike check rundowns is here for you.

Who’s EXCITED? I know I am!

Fun fact: At the time of writing this, Mark isn’t really riding for anyone. He announced in early 2021 that he’s off Subrosa and Shadow Conspiracy.

What’s COMING NEXT? No one knows.

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In the meantime, you also don’t want to miss our best-of Mark Burnett videos.

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Featured photo by: Ben Gea.

Old Mark Burnett bike checks

Subrosa and Shadow bike build

Back in 2019, Mark Burnett was riding for Subrosa and Shadow Conspiracy and here is a video bike check of his bike at the time.

Mark had a signature street frame with Subrosa called the Griffin frame.

In this video, he gives a great explanation of the different choices with the geometry of the frame. He also runs us through the rest of the parts on his bike.

It also AWESOME that he shares why he chooses the different things he does with them.

Mark is a very well-spoken rider who is also very deliberate with the selections he makes with his bike. Hearing the reasoning behind this for his entire bike is splendid!

Subrosa bike check

Shortly after Mark Burnett joined the Subrosa team and built up a bike of Subrosa and Shadow parts, Subrosa dropped this quick bike check on their site which is quite literally just a list of every single part on his bike at the time.

This one came out in April of 2018 so if you’re looking for the exact bike he was riding at that time, LOOK no further!

Sunday Bikes bike check

Back in early 2015, Mark Burnett was riding for Sunday Bikes and here we have a bike check for him that dropped January 6th of 2015.

This is another bike check that is literally just a list of parts on his bike. Old or new bike checks, we actually like seeing them all.

His bike was made up of Sunday frame, fork, and bars; with the rest being all Shadow.

FreedomBMX bike check (in German)

Here we have a written bike check with Mark Burnett by FreedomBMX. With a very exclusive audience as this one is only available in German.

There is also an interview with this one, so if you’re able to read German and were curious what Mark Burnett’s bike looked like at that time this one has you covered!

Mark Burnett (2011!)

This one throws it way back with Mark Burnett! This is a video bike check from all the way back in May of 2011.

It’s a bit hard to hear Mark over the music in the background but if you turn it up a bit you can make out what he is saying.

Mark was just 13 years old in this one and it is so awesome to hear him give a bike check for what he was riding all those years ago.

Mark was riding a Kink Tocco frame at the time and hearing him talk about his bike from 2011 is so awesome.

After the bike check comes a bunch of riding and skateboarding clips that definitely began to foreshadow the rider he would become!

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