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Mark Burnett Profile (2024)

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You need some Mark Burnett profile and collection of BMX videos in your life if you’re into street stuff.

Mark entered the BMX world as this kid with a BMX helmet who rode street.

So. Cool.

I wonder if more of the top pros would start riding with a helmet, especially street, would this make more people pick up a helmet, too?

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Anyhow, let’s continue with the tech master, Mark.

Before the BMX, Mark rode his (cheap) mountain bike and did karate from year 4 to 12, even getting a black belt.

However, his mom bought him his very first real BMX bike on his 11th birthday.

If you like the new style of street riding, you will also enjoy Lewis Mills, Colin Varanyak, Broc Raiford and Travis Hughes.

Mark quickly realized that BMX is what he likes doing the most and progressed VERY quickly.

Two of his bigger sponsors were Sunday Bikes and The Shadow Conspiracy. He later replaced his bike sponsor and went all-in with Subrosa.

Moreover, when Mark is not pulling NBD grind combos, he enjoys filming and editing videos and spending time on social media.

This post covers:

Mark Burnett Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: March 16, 1998
Place of birth: Slingerlands, New York
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @mark_burnett

2. Sponsors

Currently not riding for any brand.

3. Bike Check

mark burnett bmx bike check

Featured photo by: The Shadow Conspiracy.

4. Best Mark Burnett BMX Videos

Mark’s “Home vs. Away”

Can you imagine that this is seven minutes long and it consists of nothing but fire clips? Ah, this almost seems too good to be true.

But once you experience it, you immediately know it is as real as you and more.

The Shadow Conspiracy’s idea for “Home vs. Away” was to get Mark and Tony Malouf to work on a project over two trips.

First, they flew Mark over to sunny California and for the second trip, Tony visited Mark in Albany, New York.

What these two ended up with is a real BMX street riding masterpiece.

Let the wizardry begin by clicking on the play button above.

Mark’s raw “Warsaw Rising” clips

It is something about raw clips that really grab my attention, and this whole web video from Mark is no different.

Mark is one of those riders with a very distinct riding style.

Call him innovative if you will.

There are tons of original moves in here that you will want to rewatch a few times just for your mind to comprehend.

For instance, the feeble grind to manual to 180 on a rail was super intense.

Also, the feeble grind to hard 180 to backward feeble (on the same ledge) is nuts, too.

Enjoy yourself in Warsaw street riding from Burnett.

Mark Burnett’s Take Your Time web edit

It seems like every video Mark releases is quite long. When a video has two songs, you know things get serious.

However, you want it to be even longer once you start watching it.

This was two years in the making and the final piece is something you will watch over and over again.

Take Your Time was entirely shot by Ryan Chadwick, but Mark edited it.

Out of all the insane tricks, the rail ride to 180 tailwhip really captured my attention. But in reality, all is super-humanly good.

Sunday Bikes “Grow Up” part

If you are ready for some really heavy street riding, you better do yourself a favor and watch this edit.

Even though Mark is not on Sunday Bikes anymore, his part in “Grow Up” is still a must-see – and always will be.

Even though we are used to seeing Mark go extremely tech, I would say there are way more bangers in here than tech stuff.

Still, he knows how to mix things together into one smooth whole.

This was in the making for about one hundred days and the outcome is so ridiculously good it deserves everyone’s watching.

But once you start observing it, there is no turning back.

Is it just me or are Mark’s over tooth hangers the smoothest?

Mark Burnett for The Shadow Conspiracy’s ONE project

Okay, the title may be a bit long, but it reveals it all.

If you follow guys over at The Shadow Conspiracy (and Subrosa), you are probably aware of the cool project they did with six of their riders called ONE.

Mark is just as much part of The Shadow Conspiracy as he is of Subrosa Brand. And that’s what this project was all about, to showcase the family that the team(s) is.

What’s up with Mark’s section? You know it’s a banger, and I will say nothing else.

Treats yourself right – to some killer street riding.

Mark and Simone in Barcelona

Ah, it’s always something about Barcelona street videos that grabs my consciousness instantaneously.

It’s probably because I really like BCN and I cannot wait to go back.

Whether you are there as a tourist or decide to murder some spots, either way, you will enjoy it.

Mark and Simone Barraco went on a quest to shoot for The Shadow Conspiracy and came out with this creative masterpiece.

It is for Mark’s “personal” project, Field Notes.

The concept was to bring back Mark’s old iPhone-style videos that he published to YouTube.

This is pretty raw to some point and that’s what makes it that good. To sum up, Barcelona, Mark Burnett and Simone never get old.

Subrosa Griffin line promo

More Barcelona and more Mark – what else do you want in your life.

Fun fact: Mark decided to pick the name for his signature products after his mother’s maiden name.

Yes, he truly does appreciate everything that his mother did for him.

Anyhow, let’s get back to the video. Another trip to Barcelona, this time with Lahsaan Kobza.

The unique riding from Mark is always a real pleasure to watch.

But there are also some random clips in here from the life on the streets of BCN and Simone. It’s excellent and that’s what matters most.

How to bunny hop tailwhip

Back when Ride BMX was stile alive, they were doing this cool How-Tuesday feature where they were hooking up with pros to teach other shredders different tricks.

If you want to pull your first hop whip, watch one more how to before you go out and try it.

Mark’s hop whips are beautiful and you know you want to hear it from the man himself.

Maybe he has some secret tips and tricks that will help you out, which you may not be aware of.

Watch and rewatch it as many times, take notes if necessary, and go and pull your very first hop whip.

Tip: for starters, you can also find a super mellow bank and pull it in the bank – it makes it a lot easier.

Just so you get the feel of it, and you will then be pulling tailwhips out of a bunnyhop in no time at all.

Mark’s What Could Go Wrong DVD part

Rail ride to truck driver anyone? Or maybe pegs to tires on a kinked rail?

This is just a tiny bit of madness that you can expect from Mark’s The Shadow Conspiracy “What Could Go Wrong” DVD section.

This will blow you away as it includes all and everything and then some you would expect in a Mark video.

From big rails to insanely tech combos, all in one place for your viewing pleasure. Did I mention already that I really like the fact that Mark rides a helmet?

It definitely suits him very well. Moreover, the entire video part was filmed and edited by Ryan Chadwick.

The Shadow Conspiracy “Adulthood” web edit

If his Sunday Bikes “Grow Up” video was still before adulthood, The Shadow Conspiracy decided to celebrate with 18th birthday the right way.

Of course, with a dope web edit that is full of insanity on the streets around Arizona. Still so young in here, but the video is so ridiculously good.

And this is from back in 2016, but something you will enjoy coming back for years to come.

Needless to say, Mark Burnett is unstoppable and his riding progression is on another level.

With each and every new web edit or video part, he comes out with something original and unique that inspires everyone.

Welcome to Subrosa pro

Black and white, originality, Mark Burnett and Subrosa Brand, and just one week in the making – that’s what’s up.

If you are up for something special (but that applies to all of Mark’s edits anyway), sit back, relax and enjoy yourself.

While I know that Mark is capable of many things, the fact that he shot all this in just a week is really mind-boggling.

And that’s why you call someone a pro – Mark goes all-in every single time.

The feeble over feeble (aka predator feeble) on a kinked rail to 180 barspin is absolutely ridiculous. And Burnett pulls it like it was nothing.

Welcome to Sunday Bikes pro

Let’s take it back to when Sunday Bikes announced their new addition to their pro team – Mark Burnett. When this was shot, Mark was just sixteen years old.

Yes, that’s 16! But the style of riding would easily suit someone in his twenties.

Mark is on a totally different level for a very long time and that’s one of the reasons why brands like to work with him oh so much.

Not just that, but he helps with the editing part, too. A very versatile and handy dude, if you will.

And when it comes to riding street, Mark knows how to wow everyone regardless of the spot he plans to kill.

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