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Johnny Raekes Profile (2024)

johnny raekes

Are you ready to enjoy the best Johnny Raekes profile and BMX videos?

Going big and going tech with a touch of old-school, that’s what’s up when it comes to Johnny.

I really like Johnny’s original approach to spot usage and tricks.

And – OF COURSE – his next-level kickflips, x-up rides, and grinds combos.

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Note: He sometimes doesn’t even know if it was a single or a double crankflip – he’s that good!

Me neither. (Because it’s so fast!)

(I tried a double crankflip a few times, but I couldn’t get it around.)

This post covers:

Johnny Raekes Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: /
Place of birth: Kennewick, Washington
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @johnnyraekesjr

2. Sponsors

Fiend, Odyssey BMX and Vans.

3. Bike Check

Don’t miss the latest Johnny Raekes bike check.

4. Parts Johnny Rides

Featured photo by: Kevin Conners.

5. Best Johnny Raekes BMX Videos

Welcome To Odyssey Pro

Johnny switched his parts sponsor and is now officially riding for Odyssey Pro. To make the announcement official, he laced together this epic one-minute-long clip with Trent Lutzke, which Zach Krejmas later edited.

Honestly, I don’t know what’s happening most of the time in this one. The technical level Raekes is at is UNREAL.

So much wizardry stuff that will make you speechless. I’m really impressed by how quick his crankflips, barspins and tailwhips are. And all the x-up rides – SO FIRE.

I wish this one were five mins long. Oh well, I’m going to rewatch it – again.

Fiend Raekes frame promo

This is short, laced to a chill song, BUT the riding is not chill.

A really dope promo for Johnny’s first signature frame from Fiend. (His sig 4-pc BMX bars are now also available worldwide.)

I needed to rewatch this one multiple times to understand many hot and very technical moves. Yup, that’s Johnny!

The nolie bar to drop smith grind to hard 180 to full cab crankflip (was that a double crankflip??) off a curb was my FAV!

You can get the frame here.

Animal – No Sleep Out East

Here is a quick one with Johnny from Animal called No Sleep Out East. This one came out mid-2017 and was filmed on the East Coast between NYC and Philly.

Johnny has some of the fastest hands and feet in BMX, pulling barspins and crankflips into and out of seemingly anything he wants to.

These are on display here with tricks like a predator grind on a rail to hard 180 crankflip, a crankflip to railride to tailwhip, and a 180 to oppo smith to nose bonk crankflip out to fakie.


Johnny’s tricks have a level of complexity that words cannot explain, so do yourself a favor and check this one out.

Johnny Raekes Is Sweets Mob

Here’s something different from the creative mind that’s Johnny.

I’m sure you all know that Raekes is a kendama fan and is really good at it. The dudes at Sweets Kendamas spotted the talent and welcomed him to their team with this official video.

What’s cool about this one is its mixture of fantastic BMX riding and great kendama stalls.

I’m not sure about the kendama stuff because I’m not an expert (never even played with it), but BMX stuff is worth watching three times (at least!).

Stranger (2015)

Before being on Fiend, Johnny Raekes rode for Stranger, and in 2015, this dope video came out.

It starts with a bang in a barspin off of the top of a van and has a great vibe as a young Johnny absolutely slays everything his tires touch.

Amazingly, his ability to throw a barspin into and out of anything he wants was present from the beginning!

Makes sense that he now rides for the company owned by the master of this, Garrett Reynolds.

The nollie halfcab bar off a ledge in here is so ahead of its time and it’s so easy to see how Johnny ended up where he is today!

RideBMX “Headlights” Part

Before the untimely and unfortunate end of RideBMX, they had the opportunity to make one final full-length video, Headlights.

Here is the opening and Johnny Raekes part in the video that the guys were fortunate enough to upload to the Our BMX YouTube channel.

Johnny opens the video with so many incredible tech combos that cannot be understood through text without writing a novel.

Let’s just say that Raekes has some of the wildest tech combos in all of BMX and they make this one worth the watch!

RideBMX AM Spotlight

Here is an AM spotlight from RideBMX on Johnny Raekes back in 2016.

Johnny had a Stranger video that came out in 2015 and by October of 2016, he was riding for Fiend, where he finds a home today.

This spotlight starts with an intro from Johnny himself before an amazing riding edit begins.

It says something about Johnny’s hard work and talent that he was riding at this level at 17 years old.

How many other 17-year-olds are doing a crankflip to ice pick grind?! Not many!

Johnny Raekes is Fiending

Johnny is the type of rider who seems to be able to slow down time with his ability to throw barspins and crankflips into or out of everything.

It’s amazing to see the progression of that in videos like this one from later in 2016.

Here’s his amazing welcome to Fiend video.

This one might only be 1 minute long, but the riding here is next level as always from Johnny.

One clip that may be difficult to understand in text was an absolutely insane crankflip to ghost feeble/tire slide to 180 to immediate full cab barspin.

Yeah, just watch it. 🙂

RideBMX “Headlights” B-Sides

Here is 21+ minutes of raw footage from Johnny Raekes’ RideBMX Headlights part.

Videos like this one are always super awesome because they give an insight into more than just the riding.

My favorite!

We get to know a rider better by seeing things that would never make it into a complete video part.

And we also get to see a lot more insight into what it takes to do the things Johnny does in his parts.

Johnny is an incredible rider, but there is so much more to a person than just the riding, so this is a great way to see who he is!

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