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Dan Foley Profile (2024)

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Get ready to watch the best Dan Foley BMX videos for an inspiration boost.

The fact that he can ride insanely well, film himself simultaneously, and then edit it all together into one ridiculously good video is almost too good to be true.


For everyone who lives in an area where you can find nobody to film you, pick up your smartphone and film yourself.

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Sure, it may take you longer, but Dan is proof that all possible. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Even though Dan only learned how to ride bikes at seven, he still progressed super quickly.

He became somewhat obsessed with being on two wheels, so no wonder why he got SO GOOD, SO QUICKLY.

Later, he also got into racing and started doing freestyle stuff when he was around twelve.

Dan Foley is one of the most original BMX riders out there.

Moreover, he can ride almost whatever he wants, but you will see him going all-in on the street for the most part.

Dan is also sponsored by Cult BMX and Vans Shoes. Two of his team members we already mentioned and you need to watch their videos are Chase Hawk, Simone Barraco and Dan Lacey.

This post covers:

Dan Foley Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: /
Place of birth: Arnold, Maryland
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @danfoley

2. Sponsors

Cult, Vans and Meseroll Shop.

3. Bike Check

Don’t miss the latest Dan Foley bike check.

4. Parts Dan Rides

Featured photo by: Dan’s Instagram.

5. Best Dan Foley BMX Videos

Spring Fever

Never do I get enough of Dan’s BMX ASMR videos. This is what BMX is for me all about. Keeping it simple, riding and doing your own thing.

And the fact that the videos are always raw, just the sound of the (street) nature and BMX, makes it a hundred times better for me.

Dan filmed all this over March and April 2024, and it came out magical. AS. ALWAYS.

I really hope Foley never stops making these because they are one of the best things to watch in BMX for me.


I said it many times and I’ll likely say it many more: Dan’s self-filmed video projects are too good, especially these “ambient” ones with the raw touch.

Plenty of epic riding in this one shot during late February and early March 2024.

I also really like all the attempts Dan put into it because it shows us more behind-the-scenes of what it takes to pull a trick. Hey, first tries aren’t that often.

By the way, I really like the double peg grind to nose manual – so clean.

Please make more of this, Dan!

Still Winter

It looks like Dan was pretty busy over the February of 2024, shooting clips around North Carolina.

He says winters are super mild there, but the 2024 winter seemed like going on forever. Still, Dan put together this masterpiece that’s eleven minutes long, consisting of nothing but golden self-shot clips.

I told it many times, and I will tell it again – as someone self-filming most of the time, Dan is a massive inspiration to me, and videos like this hype me up to get out and, well, film myself.


11 Minutes of Ambient BMX Riding

Raw Dan Foley? Yes, please!

If you’ve been following Dan for a while, you know he’s the master of self-filming – a real inspiration to me!

And you’ve also probably seen plenty of amazing IG content he publishes. Well, here’s an eleven-minute raw compilation of the clips gathered over the course of two years in their original, raw format.

There is no music, just the “bike audio,” which makes the watching experience even more pleasant.

I could watch this all day, every day.

Touch The Bottom

The master of self-filming knows how to do it – always.

I’m doing a ton of self-filming myself, but the level Dan is at is almost unimaginable for me.

Here’s an amazing four-and-a-half-minute-long piece for Cult that deserves multiple rewatches. From riding to filming, it’s all so well put together.

From manuals and backward manuals to pegs use and air time, AND A LOT MORE, Dan’s videos always make me speechless.

We all need more of Dan Foley, that’s for sure!

Making a BMX Video Part By Yourself

Can you film an epic video part all by yourself? Of COURSE, you can, and Dan is proof!

I’m sure you’ve watched Dan’s “Touch The Bottom” video for Cult, and if you wan’t to see a glimpse into what it took him to make it happen – well, here you go.

Dan says this is the footage he took from December 2022 and May 2023, which he then laced together into one epic 4:38-minute-long web project.

I’m filming most of my clips myself, so, as I always say, Dan is a huge inspiration. Plus, raw footage is my favorite footage! (Yes, that’s something I say a lot, too, lol.)

DRIFTS – Episode 3

I think that Dan’s “DRIFTS” episodes are one of my favorite things to watch. I like these videos’ rawness (no music) and Foley’s creativity in filming and editing everything himself.

Here’s the 3rd episode, shot entirely at Camp Woodward over the course of a few days he spent there.

I’ve never been at Woodward (I don’t know how crowded it is), but it’s great to see that Dan found some “alone time” at the compound to make this one happen.


And the backflip into the pool is a perfect ender.

DRIFTS – Episode 2

The fact that Dan started releasing these “ambient” BMX series where he rides around different spots, doing his thing in a raw format, brings a big smile to my face.

This is the content I like watching the most! Yes, fully edited videos with music are great, but this is even better.

Dan took multiple trips around the North Carolina Triangle region and came out with this epic nine minutes long project that’s a must-watch.

But all Dan Foley stuff is a must-see, so don’t miss it.

Style and A TON of creativity – that’s what’s up!

DRIFTS – Ambient BMX Riding

I’ve been the biggest fan of Dan for a very long time. His creativity and self-filming approach really inspire me!

And his DRIFTS project is an excellent example of that. (I didn’t even notice I was glued to the screen for 9 minutes and 30 seconds – so good.)

Dan shows that everything can be a spot, which is also my philosophy. No matter where you are or where you live, there’s always something that you can have some fun on.

SIMPLICITY is power. (But Foley spices things up even further with his excellent editing skills!)

(And you don’t need to add music to improve it – “natural” sounds are the best.)

The master of self-everything

Okay, that’s not the official title of Dan’s Cult Crew web edit – but you know what I mean.

Dan knows how to do things his own way. His riding is phenomenal. Filming and editing, too!

And we all know how GOOD he is at combining all three.

I’m always super excited to watch a new video from Foley. At more than four minutes long, you get a good dose of self-filmed mastery.

While Dan’s riding is very creative and technical, he’s also NO stranger to going fast.

And then there’s the last stair set clip that will leave you speechless. I needed to rewind it a few times just to sink in.

Dan’s 2020 Instagram clips

Dan’s self-filmed clips are truly INSPIRATIONAL. Whether you ride alone or with your mates, you can film clips of yourself riding either way.

And if you are unaware of how to approach it, this collection of 2020 Instagram clips will show you how to do it.

What’s even better, you can reach out to Dan on Instagram. He may give you some additional insights to ease the process.

Anyhow, this collection of riding shots features both street and skatepark riding. Tons of style, creativity, two pegs, cassette hub and no brakes – that’s what’s up when it comes to Foley.

Dan’s quarantine clips

2020 has been a crazy year of quarantine and social distancing, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by watching a SELF-FILMED 2020 Dan Foley video.

This video from Cult is another chapter in the amazing self-filmed video series that Dan adds to regularly.

Besides the filming being top-notch for a self-filmed video, Dan’s eye for spots and usage of them always stands out.

With too many great wallride setups to count and more back wheel balance than most, Dan always finds a way to keep us entertained, even making these videos all himself.

Cult 2019 leftover clips

A bunch of clips were filmed by a person and some by Dan himself.

One can only assume that these are the clips from 2019 that didn’t make the cut for other projects.

That doesn’t make this video any less impressive or entertaining, though.

Dan goes big, gets tech, and brings his signature flowy, entertaining to watch style to this one from mostly streets to a few skateparks.

Dan’s bike control is incredible and one clip that stands out particularly is the manual up a ledge to 180 to half cab manual down several stairs and then another 180 out. BOMB.

Cult “Still Filming” part

Here we have a video with Dan Foley for Cult that came out in 2017 called “Still Filming.”

This part immediately highlights Dan’s incredible FRONT and REAR wheel balance. With a line where he does a nose manual to manual to nose manual to manual to nose manual to manual to downside whip.

Yes, that is three different nose manuals landing in a manual each time, all in the first clip.

Dan has a style all his own with a self-filming technique to match that always makes his videos STAND OUT among the rest.

Welcome to Cult

Foley’s welcome to Cult video came out at the end of 2016. With that, Cult included some team guys in this video from a road trip to the desert.

In addition to Dan, we see Dakota Roche, Sean Ricany, as well as a few others all riding ditches, rails, other street spots and even a skatepark or two.

Dan makes his appearance toward the end of the video. With a wild manual to turndown down a triple set before continuing to show us exactly why he deserves to be on the Cult team.

Welcome to Madera

With this welcome to the team video, Madera welcomed Dan Foley to their pro team in 2016.

The video is another display of self-filming MASTERY, just as his self-filmed videos usually are.

Dan always does a great job of documenting his one-of-a-kind style.

The spots in this video look amazing and Dan rides them how only he could with his amazing manual balance, whether going forward or backward.

The way he can do a wallride 180 to fakie manual full cab back to fakie manual before half cabbing into the bank he originally came from, and do so with ease, is MIND-BLOWING.

Dan and Ruben Alcantara at Simple Session

Simple Session is a BMX contest that is taking place in Tallinn, Estonia for many years now.

This split-part video features two riders we might never have seen together in a video otherwise.

Here we have Dan Foley and Ruben Alcantara at Simple Session 2012 from Woozy BMX. This is an edit of Dan and Ruben’s runs together into one video and it is a good one.

Dan’s flowy style SIDE BY SIDE with Ruben’s style is cool to see and it is always good to have videos from the past like this one to look back on.

Welcome to WeThePeople

Before Foley found his current home on the Cult BMX pro team, he was welcomed to the WeThePeople BMX Pro team back in 2014.

The video’s official description sums it all up with, “Dan Foley needs little introduction in BMX.”

Timeless is a great word to describe Dan’s riding as this could have been filmed/released today and it would be just as enjoyable or impressive.

From big tabletops at the skatepark to 360 turn downs and tire grab can-cans over dirt jumps to his incredible bike control on the streets, Dan HAS IT ALL in this video, which is definitely a treat to watch.

Dan Foley for Premium BMX

Dan has been a well-known name at the top of BMX for over a decade now, with this edit for Premium BMX from way back in 2009 as some GREAT PROOF of that.

His hair was longer, but his signature style was already here with turndown gaps, nose manuals, and 360 tabletops.

The footjam to tabletop and footjam to can-can in here were particularly impressive.

Dan shreds everything he touches in this clip. From The Unit, to the streets, to the legendary Jaycee Skatepark in North Carolina.

Fully self-filmed-edited video

This video has an unfortunate backstory, but what Dan Foley made of it is awesome. First, the filming, editing, and even the music were all done by Dan himself.

The unfortunate part of the story is that the skatepark in this video had been bulldozed before the video was filmed.

However, that didn’t stop Dan from riding what was left.

The skatepark may have been demolished, but two perfect grind ledges remained with some partially intact brick walls that he used to their fullest as if they were meant to be ridden.

Talk about finding a silver lining.

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