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Charlie Crumlish Profile (2024)

charlie crumlish

Are you searching for the best Charlie Crumlish profile and collection of BMX videos to enjoy extreme originality?

Charlie is not just any ordinary rider who enjoys murdering street spots.

This dude invented his riding style, and I cannot wait to share some of his best videos with you.

Similar to Mike Hoder and Reed Stark, Charlie is also very tall for a BMX rider. (Have you seen my tips for tall BMX riders?)

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Luckily, through S&M Bikes, he released the type of S&M frame he likes best, fitting his height ideally. Plus a 4 piece BMX bar, also from S&M.

Crumlish is actually 6 feet 4 inches tall (193cm). Moreover, Charlie also has a signature seat and BMX grips through Merritt.

When writing this, Charlie Crumlish is doing it for S&M Bikes, Merritt, BMXFU and Albe’s BMX.

Along with being behind bars a lot, Charlie is also behind the lens a lot. There are tons of edits that Charlie filmed and edited out there.

This post covers:

Charlie Crumlish Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: March 31, 1987
Place of birth: Buffalo, New York
Height: 6’4″
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @charliecrum

2. Sponsors

S&M Bikes, Merritt, BMXFU and Albe’s BMX.

3. Bike Check

Don’t miss the latest Charlie Crumlish bike check.

4. Parts Charlie Rides

Featured photo by: S&M Bikes.

5. Best Charlie Crumlish BMX Videos


Everybody knows that when a new Crumlish video drops, you just need to watch it regardless of your riding style.

Why? Because it’ll be packed with creativity and original spot usage.

And this one is no different. The only thing that would make it better is if it’d be longer.

It seems that for Charlie, everything is a spot – and that’s exactly how it should be. If you think you don’t have any spots to ride, bro, watch a few Charlie videos, gain inspiration and go shred.


Built Different Part

If one dude is doing it differently than anyone else, it’s Charlie Crum. Here’s his part from S&M’s full-length video, “Built Different.”

When you’re at a spot and think there’s nothing else you can do because dozens of riders already did all the impossible, send Charlie there, and he’ll blow you away.

His out-of-the-box approach to any ledge, rail, bank, you name it, guarantees you’ll be glued to the screen from start to finish. Hey, you never know what’s coming next!

Are you ready?


It’s always a good day when something new drops from Crumlish. This dude is on an entirely different riding level, and his videos are, too!

So. Good.

Along with all the creative moves his riding’s known for, Charlie also shares a message at the end about being you and not caring about what others say.

There’s creative power within you. Use it!


Merritt – Charlie’s signature grip promo

Charlie’s signature Merritt grips are out for a while, and here’s a fresh promo video that – as always – you need to see.

You get a quick look at the grip, but then there are many riding clips accommodating it.

And when it comes to riding, Charlie goes very, VERY tech. His creativity goes over and beyond the regular mortal’s ability.

In short, if you need inspiration for riding that doesn’t look everyday-ish, treat yourself to some Crumlish stunt action.

Charlie and Craig in New York

For a little New Year treat, S&M teammates Charlie and Craig Passero headed over to New York for two days to shred streets and have some fun with the locals.

The two returned with tons of solid material for a four and a half minutes long web video that will excite you to go for a ride.

Even though Charlie and Craig have entirely different riding styles, they are both very technical.

One goes with four pegs and a brake and the other with two pegs and no brakes – but both absolutely kill it.

S&M “Stay Home” edit

During the crazy times of 2020, even BMX riders had to find ways to stay entertained while staying home because of Covid.

Charlie Crumlish built a pallet ramp in his backyard for this video called “Stay Home” for S&M Bikes.

Charlie may be known for being an amazing street rider, but he is also a lip trick master, which he showed in this one with the bank to ledge setup he made.

There are so many good tricks in this one, from a straight oppo tire tap to 270 in, to a one-footed ice pick to 270 in.

We even had an appearance from the man Kareem Williams.

2021 A G BMXFU part

In early 2020, the 35 minutes long “2021 A G BMXFU” video came out. S&M Bikes uploaded Charlie Crumlish’s section to their Youtube channel for everyone to enjoy.

In true Charlie Crumlish fashion, it starts with borrowed footage and an intro of him shooting a basketball shot from his bike.

Charlie has a unique style in both riding and video editing that his videos are always pleasant to watch.

Also, who could argue with a 360 hurricane on a car? There is that plus so much more in this section and the last clip is an awesome no-hop 540 tap on a cellar door.

Charlie’s “Fire Mids” video part

The “Fire Mids” video came out from BMXFU and Crumlish had a section that ended up on the S&M Bikes’ YouTube channel.

Charlie’s section is full of mind melters with creative tricks like a regular ice pick on a bank to ledge, drop to tap/oppo ice on a parking block to over.

His use of brakes is definitely unlike anyone else in BMX, which makes his video parts easy to enjoy.

The last trick in this one takes a street spine trick from the mid-2000s and puts it to use on a pretty wild setup.

Definitely, a good watch that will get you hyped.

Charlie Crumlish S&M “Hot Dogs” section

Charlie Crumlish’s Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read DVD part from S&M Bikes is a textbook example of Charlie’s unique and creative approach to riding – or biking as he would say.

Most of the tricks here are so setup-specific and complex that it would be impossible to type them out in a way that could be understood.

Instead, do yourself a favor and watch this one.

Charlie’s use of found footage and his approach to riding go together well and make for one-of-a-kind videos.

S&M Tallboy frame promo

Tallboy frame is Charlie’s signature frame from S&M that came out in 2015.

The riding for this one sees Charlie using his freecoaster and all four pegs in combination with his brakes to make for some very difficult-to-explain tricks you really have to see to understand.

If there’s one thing for sure, Charlie is outstandingly creative with his riding. His BMX videos are always impressive to watch.

He did tire tap a doorknob out of a bank in here, which is one that can be explained easily.

Also, the rail to 180 to fakie pegs on another rail was something worth giving it a second watch, too.

Charlie’s OSS edit

This OSS video featuring Charlie Crumlish came out in 2013. It features a Tyler The Creator song combined with Charlie The Creator’s unique riding.

Even in 2013, Charlie used all four of his pegs and brakes together in super-creative ways.

He even does a barspin in here, which was very unexpected. It’s also cool to see his riding from before the freecoaster days and how he uses the cassette in the different tricks he does.

The half-cab to ledge feeble to 360 at the ends was killer as well.

Merritt signature grip promo

This is a promo for Charlie’s signature Merritt grips back when they first came out. This one is full of awesome riding on mostly ledges and bank to subs in ways that only Charlie Crumlish can do.

If you need BMX riding inspiration, just watch a Charlie video and it will do the trick.

The way Charlie can spin off of his pegs and end up in a fufanu on a ledge then jump 5 feet to flat is hard to comprehend. By the way, Charlie’s grips are still available today.

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