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Mike Aitken Profile (2024)

mike aitken

This best Mike Aitken profile and BMX videos are timeless, delivering a dose of style, flow and craziness straight to your screens.

I know I’ll enjoy watching them even ten years from now!

Mike was put on two wheels at the age of two.

Yes, that’s 2!

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His passion for BMX progressed quickly, and he started riding more seriously when he was just ten.

Furthermore, when he was fourteen, Mike already started competing and everything went from there.

With unique combos in the air that are unmatched even today, Mike was winning competitions, scoring magazine covers and, you guessed it, brands’ hearts.

At the time of writing this, Mike is doing it for Fit, Odyssey, 5050 BMX and Square One.

Even though everyone thought he would never again be on a bike after the big crash, Mike’s passion and dedication proved everybody wrong.

It’s all possible.

This post covers:

Mike Aitken Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: February 12, 1983
Place of birth: Salt Lake City, Utah
Height: 5’10”
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @nightwolfslc

2. Sponsors

Fit, Odyssey, 5050 BMX and Square One.

3. Bike Check

mike aitken bmx bike check

4. Parts Mike Rides

Featured photo by: @dylvision.

5. Best Mike Aitken BMX Videos

Anthem II Section

A legendary video called Anthem II was the last video part for Mike Aitken. During filming for this video part he suffered a life-changing injury. He was in a coma for three weeks.

He was diagnosed with multiple life-threatening injuries. Mike’s road to recovery was a long one and still is.

Nevertheless, this part is one of the best parts of BMX. He was and still is one of the best style riders with some sick combos.

Pegless over ice on a jersey barrier is just one of his skills that shows his capability to ride everything.

Please wear your BMX helmet when you are going out riding. Stay safe and click the play button above.

10 Spots with Mike Aitken

Mike seats down with Odyssey to answer ten questions. First, he talks about the hardest trick he has done and that is 180 over the rail in Hollywood.

Then he speaks about five favorite riders at this point and he tells us about the best thing that BMX brought in his life.

Moreover, Mike also speaks about how we need to chill and enjoy our life, favorite travel companion was Chase Hawk and Joe Rich, he speaks about his video parts.

You can sense him being very humble and very critical to his riding. Mike, you are still the man and still the legend in the BMX community.

FIT LIFE section

Mike is riding for FitBike from the begging and he is still on the legend team. For your information, a couple of months ago they reissued Mike’s frame S3.5. They still have some in stock, which you can grab before they run out.

This section is from 2007, and it shows Mike’s variety of riding. He is not scared to ride anything. He rides streets, trails, transitions, and everything is for him as a big playground.

You can also spot that Mike sometimes uses pegs and sometimes he does the same tricks without pegs. When you watch his parts he still blows your mind with superb style and flow.

Anthem II “Declassified”

Mike’s Anthem II part starts with his return to the roots and that are trails that were always his first love on a BMX bike.

The whole part is oriented on trail riding and some street and park. This video is the second part of his Anthem II part.

These are so-called leftovers, but this could be easy another impressive part from Mikey. He can really rip trails with style and flow.

All the small details in the tricks are super nice and they look so good. I could watch his video parts all day long.

Odyssey “Electronical” Part

This is one of my favorite parts from Mikey. It all connects in the right direction, with good music, super clean riding, and incredible spots. I have seen this part probably 1000+ times. Style king at his finest.

When Mike Aitken hit the scene with his style and flow I have seen so many people trying to copy him but he is the one and only. You can’t copy such a talented rider.

This part is a good example of how good he is on BMX. Stop doing what you are doing and enjoy some eye-candy BMX riding from Aitken.

Odyssey BMX Travel Log

Mikey, Tom Dugan, and Joe Rich took Mike’s Trans Am on a trip through Montana and Idaho. Opening shots are so cool and funny – they are like a mini-movie.

But when this ends you will see some epic riding from Tom and Mike.

This was a couple of years later after the Mikes crash and it is good to see him ride again.

After his terrible crash, he had a long road to recovery and he never gave up on thought to stop riding and to stop progressing his motivation to get back on his bike.

“Holy Fit” part

Holy Fit was one of the last videos done by FitBike. Mike has a split part with Justin Inman and Cristian Porras.

This is a kind of a legend split part and I can tell you these guys don’t disappoint.

It starts with fast riding from Justin and his style and flow are very unique. He is that dude who rides everything but his biggest love are trails.

Then we go with Mike and this is after his long recovery and I can tell you he is on the right path.

To go from being in a coma to this level of riding is huge respect to him. He does classic Mike tricks, which are always eye-pleasing.

After Mike, we have a fast part of Cristian Porras from Colombia. Big flair over a big channel in the bowl. That is all from me.

“Stay Fit” part

Stay Fit was one of the last videos with all the team riders who were on Fit from the beginning. Mike is still on the legend team for Fit. This part was made out of the clips which were filmed before the accident.

This one is not long but one highlight for me is that Mike does a down whip to disaster in a bowl and the last trick is also mindblowing.

If you know Mike he is more of a style cat with a less is more mentality. But if you go back to the past you can find a video clip “Fit Puerto Rico” where you can see what is Mikey capable of.

It Only Takes Once

This is the part where you can see a road from being the top rider in the world to being a human being who needs to learn everything from the start.

He hit the restart button with his almost fatal crash while filming Anthem II. In the begging, you will see his winning runs for Dew Tour at his hometown Salt Lake City.

He didn’t do any backflip variation but he showed everybody how you need to ride trails and he won the whole thing.

You will also see pictures from the hospital and the long road to recovery. The title says it all, IT ONLY TAKES ONES. So be careful when you go out riding and use a helmet.

Unclicked Podcast

I’ve been waiting for Ryan and Dennis to do an Aitken podcast for a LONG time, and it finally happened! So stocked about it.

This is such a great two-hour-long conversation that will familiarize you even more with Mike. The three of them chat about Mike’s first sponsors, traveling, the crash (and brain injury), Anthem 2 and trails, to name a few.

I also really enjoy that they also touched on the topic of “helmets.” But I’ll let you listen to it yourself.

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