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Alex Kennedy Profile (2024)

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Do you want to learn more about Alex Kennedy and watch his best BMX videos to enjoy out-of-the-box riding?

This dude is on an entirely different level, BMX-, health- and life-wise. I truly love seeing that more BMX riders take their health seriously.

Let’s face it; if you do not, your career may end sooner rather than later.

But if you take your body and mind thoughtfully, you can keep riding for a very long time! (Not stopping a bit.)

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Alex Kennedy is a great example and an inspiration to many young shredders out there.

He has been doing BMX stuff for a long time, traveling the world and competing at the biggest events, like X Games and Simple Session.

In an interview for Red Bull, AK said his favorite riders are Ruben Alcantara, Garrett Reynolds and Mike Aitken.

Also, he mentions that music, yoga, meditation, nature, and art excite him outside of the BMX world.

This post covers:

Alex Kennedy Profile

1. Alex Bio

Date of birth: December 22, 1989
Place of birth: London, UK
Height: 6′ 2″
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @a369k

2. Alex Sponsors

Cult and Eclat.

3. Alex Bike Check

Take a peek at the latest Alex Kennedy bike check.

4. Parts Alex Rides

Featured photo by: Alex’s Instagram.

5. Best Alex Kennedy BMX Videos

1. Two Dudes, One Day

Here’s another insane one from the duo, AK and Joe, that goes bananas. And what’s even more insane is knowing that all this was filmed in just one day.

Yes, that’s ONE DAY!

I’m not exactly sure what happened with Alex’s front wheel on that 360 to smith, but it looks like he didn’t hurt himself. But what happened afterward is the unbelievable 360 to smith grind to icepick to 180.

Alex really delivered some mad moves and so did Joe Jarvis. Let’s gooo!

Guest appearance from Bruno Hoffmann.

2. BMX On A Mission Entry

AK brings to the table his original street riding for the “BMX On A Mission” online contest by Urban World Series.

Alex worked on this one with filmmaker Tonash Goodyear, and the final product is a one-minute-long web clip that’s all about creativity, which AK is well known for.

180 toboggan to crooked stall 180 out anyone? Also, the 180 over double peg on a rail to 180 out was something else.


3. Alex & Joe In Barcelona

Even though Alex and Joe Jarvis spent only a weekend in Barcelona, Spain, they still came back with plenty of material to make this awesome Eclat “Ambas” video project happen.

These two complement each other SO nicely; one goes more burly (Joe) and the other more tech (Alex).

It’s always a pleasure to watch Alex ride (I’d want to see more from him, more often!).

That double peg to hop over into the steep bank was scary. But I really enjoyed the 360 toboggan and that tire-sliding thing at the famous Barca hip.

Get ready for pure enjoyment.

4. Eclat – Grain

Whether you’re health-conscious or not, this great look into Alex’s food life will make you more aware of what you’re putting into your body.

Food matters greatly if you want to ride your bike for as long as possible.

In this awesome “Grain” project by Eclat, we learn a lot more about Alex, starting with when he first got himself into nutrition and paying attention to the foods he eats.

Alex also talks about his intention when starting the food journey, trying different diets, the weirdest thing he’s eaten and preparing his food vs. eating out. Moreover, he also shows you how he makes jelly and gives advice to everyone trying new foods.

Interestingly, AK says intermittent fasting damaged his body, which is something I’m hearing for the first time. I’ve been doing IF for nearly ten years and never plan on stopping. But every body is different.

Such. A. Good. Watch.

Note: There’s a lot more to BMX than just riding.

5. E-Fise Glasgow X Dig 2022

Alex does things differently. And that’s why I always get super excited when there’s a chance to see him ride.

Here’s his collaboration with Gav Hadden, entering the E-Fise Glasgow contest with many unique street lines.

The hop 360 to over crooked on a flat rail and rail ride to 360 x-up were for sure two of my favorites.

But you can expect a lot more goodies that will have you WOWing through this video. Hit play and don’t miss a second because you know it’s good!

6. Wildcard entry

This one is just one minute long, but it’s AK, so you know it’s a good one. Actually, Alex’s E-Fise Wildcard entry is extremely good!

He’s participating in the contest with creative street riding full of goodies. But the tire ride to 180 toboggan to half-cab toothpick grind was epic.

Still, this is just one of the must-see stunts that’ll hype you up to try something new today. Enjoy.

7. Source – Park Bre”AK” In

In March of 2020, there was a break-in at the Source BMX Park in Hastings, England. The break-in just happened to be from one particular BMX pro, AK.

Obviously, this is just a video concept and Alex didn’t actually break into the skatepark. But it did make for an entertaining video without even considering the riding.

About a minute and a half in, we get to the riding and it was worth the wait.

Alex handles everything he touches with style, from the rails to the ledges, even combining lip tricks with his wild grind combos.

Be sure to stick around to the end of this one, as it has some pretty funny bloopers in there for you.

8. MArie JADE “No Future” DVD Part

Alex Kennedy’s part in the MArie JADE “No Future” DVD may seem short at just over two minutes long, but rest assured that Alex’s riding in it more than makes up for it.

First, the video feels much longer than that. And second, just every single clip is something wild that only a mind of AK could come up with.

Whether it’s to do with spot usage or the tricks he’s doing on them, Alex is always finding new ways to blow the mind of BMX collectively.

This video is a great display of this!

9. Alex Kennedy’s E-Fise 7th place clip

With the pandemic in 2020, we saw an emergence of online digital contests in the BMX world.

One of these was the E-Fise contest. A video contest where riders created videos that were not only judged by qualified judges, but also voted on by BMX riders everywhere.

Alex took part in this contest and this is his street qualifier submission.

The videos are short (1 min), without the intro, but there’s no shortage of amazing riding here.

Alex throws down the insane tech combos on flat rails and big moves on a down rail and a ledge setup.

There is also an amazing rail ride to fakie pegs that you have to see to understand!

10. Cult Prism frame signature colorway promo

Cult is known for giving their riders wild and awesome signature BMX frame colorways and this promo video for Alex Kennedy’s Prism Water colorway from 2018 is a great example of this.

The video is a minute long and has a great look at his Cult frame while Alex rides it and also in a few still shots.

The riding in here is well-rounded with grind combos and a rail hop toboggan even with a shorter run time.

We even get a cameo from someone doing parkour along with Alex.

11. DIG X Alex Kennedy (2015)

In December of 2015, DIG BMX released a follow-up to Kennedy’s first DIG video in 2011.

Rich Forne was behind the camera for this one, meaning the camera work and editing will be top-notch.

With the video’s technical aspects under control, the only thing left was for Alex to bring it to the riding department, which he absolutely did.

Every single clip in this video is unique, burly, or technical; sometimes, all three!

A stand-out clip that can be explained without seeing it would have to be the bar to roller coaster ice to bar between two back-to-back benches.

Alex has a one-of-a-kind approach to his riding, making progressive videos like this one from him so enjoyable to watch.

12. Alex does Israel street

Any time Alex Kennedy and Rich Forne team up, you know that something amazing will come of it.

This video they made together for DIG BMX is something amazing!

The interview part of the title comes from the fact that this was shot while working on Alex’s full interview in DIG 83.

This video came out in mid-2014, but Alex’s riding is always timeless and holds up no matter when it’s watched.

Also, the last clip here is a spectacular 180 on a wild setup that Alex handles perfectly.

13. Éclat “SALVATION” part

Hearing insight into the lives and thoughts of the BMX riders we admire is always welcome. It really helps get to know a rider through more than just their riding.

This video does both at the same time. The video is a riding edit at its core, with Alex speaking on his life and what BMX taught him.

At one point, he even says that he feels like BMX has saved him from real life.

It’s something that a lot of us can relate to, whether it’s using BMX as an outlet from real life or anything else it might be.

The riding in here is top-notch as always from Alex, so hit play and get a little insight while enjoying a little riding.

14. DIG Territories with Kennedy and Hoffmann

The DIG BMX Territories series took an Eclat rider and a WeThePeople rider to a city no one involved had ever been to or knew about to create a video.

The first episode features Alex Kennedy and Bruno Hoffmann and the intro genuinely feels like the opening to a feature film that goes straight into some incredible BMX riding.

Bruno and Alex have riding styles that really lend to each other how technical they can be.

Both riders throw down so many amazing grind combos in here and a few wild clips that don’t involve any grinding.

15. Alex for Cult

We all know that Alex Kennedy has been a staple of the Cult BMX team for quite some time now and here we have a video that came out back in 2013.

There is a laid-back video here as AK casually melts all of our minds with tricks like 180 ice 180, both regular and opposite, and his signature perfect t-bog’s.

Of course, being AK, you know that everything he does here appears effortless and oozes of style! Worth a watch.

16. Cult – CULTIVATE VOL.1

At two minutes, this one comes with heaps of hot stuff you don’t want to miss. If you’re a fan of Alex, I’m sure you’ve seen it already.

But even if you did, give it another watch.

That rail spot between two ledges is scary but fun at the same time. AK manages it with ease and pulls two combos with nothing but smoothness.

But there’s so much other stuff in here that will pump you up to pick up your bike and go for a ride. Yeah, dude!

17. Primo web edit (2013)

Throughout his years at the top of BMX, it has felt as though Alex Kennedy can do no wrong.

From his effortless style to his technical abilities, which also seem effortless, Alex took a path in BMX and made it his own.

The cool part about this is that he can get clips like the massive feeble up a ledge to smith on the top to drop, then move further up the spot and do an opposite feeble hop over to ice pick grind to nose dive into the down ledge at the end of the ledge he was grinding.

Hard to picture? Hit play to see it yourself and check out the rest of this amazing video while you’re at it.

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