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Sean Ricany Profile (2024)

sean ricany

Are you down to watch the best Sean Ricany profile and BMX videos for some serious bike riding?


This dude is an absolute badass on a bike, not afraid of going big.

Sean is straight-up KILLING in on his bike.

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Whatever he puts out, you know you need to see it because there will be some bangers that will blow you away.

When Sean was just four years old, his stepfather took him to Incline skatepark and the rest was history.

From then on, all he wanted to do was be at Incline.

His stepdad was very supportive and truly believed in him, just like his mother.

Moreover, Sean is into dogs, has a girlfriend and is pretty serious about staying in shape.

In short, he is an insanely good BMX rider, and it was about time for us to put together some of his best videos.

This post covers:

Sean Ricany Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: July 14, 1995
Place of birth: Toms River, New Jersey
Instagram: @seanricany

2. Bike Check

Don’t miss the latest Sean Ricany bike check.

3. Parts Sean Rides

Featured photo by: Sean’s Instagram.

4. Best Sean Ricany BMX Videos

Rockstar Energy – No Agenda

While this one starts with an insane street clip (that I won’t explain here), Ricany’s “No Agenda” web video by Rockstar Energy is full of skatepark and bowl riding (even some trails).


He explains that even though he enjoys riding a ton of plazas at home, he gets bored occasionally. Thus, going on the road with his dog, riding new spots, and getting uncomfortable feels good for Ricany.

Enjoy a glimpse at his recent experience going up north, having fun on and off the bike.

Sean shredding SoCal street

You immediately know the video will be a banger when something new drops from Sean.

He teamed up with Dakota (and his VX) to hit many SoCal street spots, filming all sorts of madness.

I will bring out only two: hop 360 tailwhip into a steep bank and rail ride to truck driver. BUT!

There are heaps of other street goodies that you absolutely must not miss from Ricany. This dude is on fire, pulling lines and trick combos like none out there. Enjoy!

Cult “Knock Em Down” clips

Here are Ricany’s clips from Cult’s 2020 video called “Knock Em Down.” After a very entertaining intro, Sean starts heavy with a wild up rail ride to bar to manual to ice 180 down another rail.

This is a raw edit of his clips, so we don’t get any music. However, we get all of the background audio and full-second angles on many tricks.

Sean is extremely skilled on his bike, which shows through here. If you’re interested in a raw look at some amazing riding, this is definitely a good one.

Cult “It’s Later Than You Think” part

Cult’s full-length DVD titled “It’s Later Than You Think” came out in 2019 before the individual parts found their way onto the web.

When Sean’s name comes up, you know you’re in for some technical savagery and that is exactly what we have with his part.

A few standouts are the line that starts with a whip up a stair set and ends with an over pegs to wallride.

Also, an opposite pegs up a rail to barspin traveling sideways to land on a regular smith grind.

This was also only the beginning, with a tooth hanger to immediately following 180 down a rail.

Cult “Orange Roar” web video

This video from Cult featuring Sean Ricany starts with a bang. Sean wallrides up a stair set to manual on a slanted loading dock to a 360 out of the manual as effortlessly as possible.

Sean’s technical abilities always translate in his videos as he makes nearly everything look much easier than it undoubtedly is.

Almost every clip here is some wild tech street combo with a hint of burly mixed in.

The predator grind to barspin lateral hop to grind to 180 out at the end was particularly impressive.

Welcome to Cult video

This wild welcome video introduced Sean Ricany to the Cult team in 2016.

After a very fitting literal Cult intro that only Veesh could create, this video immediately starts out dropping hammers with a line ending in an over opposite double peg grind down a rail to whip out.

The level of tech Sean does in this video is so intense that it legitimately has to be seen to understand.

The riding, camera work, editing, and song choice make for a truly standout video.

Stranger “No Hype” DVD part

Sean Ricany’s section from the Stranger DVD titled “No Hype” is just under seven minutes of fire from the technical wizard. Burly, tech, and insane cover it pretty well here.

Sean’s talent on a bike is undeniable, and he absolutely went in for this part.

Nollie 180 bar down what looks like about an 8-foot drop?!

If you’re into lines, you have to rewind because of the complexity between regular, opposite, and what tricks go into or come out of them – this is definitely right up your alley.

Sean Ricany’s “Pro Part” video

Here is Sean Ricany’s “Pro Part” from the late RideBMX that came out in early 2016.

According to the description, this was filmed for over a year, “Starting around when Sean had finished shooting his Stranger “No Hype” section.”

You know it will bring the technical heat when a video starts with a fakie opposite double peg to tailwhip to fakie.

Sean also goes big here, which we see directly after with a massive truck driver.

The song goes nicely with his riding and the filming/editing highlights the riding in a way that makes this one a must-see.

Cult SOS frame colorway promo

What do you do when Sean drops a promo for either his signature product or a Cult frame colorway? That’s right, you drop everything and watch it.

It’s that simple. Why?

Because you already know it’s going to be full of good stuff. Whether it’s a one-trick clip or a line, Ricany knows how to drop hammers.

This dude is on an entirely different level, pulling barspins and opposite spins like it were nothing. It’s so worth the two-minute watch. Enjoy.

2018 X Games Real BMX

Here is Sean’s X Games Real BMX part from the 2018 edition.

If you know anything about Real BMX, you know the riders always go in for it.

Sean absolutely went in for this section, which shows in the sheer difficulty level of the things he did, from the setups to the technical trick combos performed.

He may not have made the top 3 in 2018, but everyone involved with this video killed it.

Sean riding BMX in Taiwan

Sean has been at the top of BMX for years now and in that time, he has been a part of many videos. Here is a video of Sean getting busy on his bike in Taiwan.

In this video, Sean is known for his incredible technical riding, which is fully displayed.

From skateparks to the street, Sean killed it in Taiwan and we even get to see him do a huge bar to tuck no-hander over a box jump and a channel gap turndown just before a huge 360 in the streets.

An all-around shredder, if you will.

Sean Ricany murders a skatepark

There’s no doubt that Sean Ricany is a fantastic street rider and has been for many years.

Many of the videos we have seen from him have taken place in the streets but don’t let the title of this video trick you.

Sean goes to work in a street plaza-style skatepark, bringing his signature riding and making it look easy.

One line here that pops is a line starting with a crank arm grind on a rail to over followed by an over pegs up a rail to over hard 180.

How to backwards double peg grind to indian out

If you’ve wanted to learn how to do a backwards double peg grind to indian out, the late Ride BMX has you covered with this video of Sean teaching us how to do it smoothly.

Sean has a great camera presence in this video and covers the ideal location and prerequisites you’ll need to learn first.

He then goes in-depth on how to begin trying to do the indian out before listing some possibilities of where to take it once comfortable. If you are down to learn a new trick, here you go.

Note: But you might first want to learn how to double peg grind.

Sean at Dew Tour

In 2014, Dew Tour still involved BMX and Sean Ricany was a competitor in BMX Street. This video takes place in Zone 3 of the Toyota City Championships from Brooklyn in 2014.

Judging from the video Zone 3 was the course section with the ledges and rail going down a stair set.

The video was somewhat of a highlight reel from the zone with multiple angles on some tricks.

With a lot of great riding on the down ledge and rail, Sean was on point here, including a massive straight-on hop to nose manual down the ledge to barspin out.

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