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Are you ready to treat yourself to the best Jason Watts profile and collection of BMX videos?

Besides flying high in the air and pulling impossible tricks, Jason is no stranger to insanely technical stunts. Plus, he is one of the best goofy-footed riders.


Jason was born on April 27, 1993, in Brisbane, Australia, and started riding BMX at the age of thirteen.

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Initially, Watts was a skateboarder, but thanks to his two cousins, they showed him the local dirt jump and the rest was history.

At that time, Jason was a huge fan of Corey Bohan, Mark Webb and Mike Aitken, amongst many others in between.

Moreover, his BMX career kept progressing at a higher and eventually pro level, mainly due to Colin Mackay.

Colin invited Jason to his first Van Doren Invitational Bowl Contest at HB and got him on Haro and Vans.

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Jason Watts Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: April 27, 1993
Place of birth: Brisbane, Australia
Height: /
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @wattzup

2. Sponsors

Vans, Cult, Demolition, Back Bone BMX shop, Fast And Lose and TSG.

3. Bike Check

jason watts bmx bike

Featured photo by: Colin Mackay.

4. Best Jason Watts BMX Videos

Jason For Cult (2023)

I give mad props to every rider who releases a video that’s above five minutes in length.

Jason came out with an epic piece for Cult that’s full of insane bowl riding.

While flow and style are heavily present, Watts is also no stranger to pulling crazy trick combos to spice things up.

If you’d ask me which is my favorite trick, I couldn’t name just one.

However, I really like Jason’s nose manual combos! (Probably because nose manuals are my favorite!) But all those backward manuals are also MAD.

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Weekend Vibes

The epic thing about this one is that it has no fancy editing and music; it’s all raw, which is one of my favorite ways of watching BMX videos.

Troy Charlesworth has a cool project going on where he follows a rider around for the weekend and films whatever they come up with.

This is the Jason Watts edition. Jason and Troy hit up a bunch of cement skateparks and bowls to get some really nice riding and filming done.

That sound of a super fast rolling cassette – MUSIC TO MY EARS.

Speaking of which, have you ever wondered what’s the best sounding BMX hub? I’ve got you covered.

Welcome To Back Bone BMX

James Fox and Jason teamed up to create this masterpiece of a welcome to the Back Bone BMX team video. You guys nailed it!

The video’s intro (first minute) is mind-blowing, especially that “rock” riding – what a spot.

While the video is mostly Jason murdering bowls, you’ll also see some trail riding here.

Tuck no-hander to nac-nac nose manual, anyone?

If I didn’t know, I’d say this must be the ender clip, but no, Jason throws it between all the other madness just so casually.

Hmm, what else is worth mentioning? EVERYTHING!


Wing It The Whole Way

A 2,000 miles long trip, hitting various bowls in Malaga and Portugal (including “the lost bowl”) before visiting Barcelona – how exciting does that sound?

And that’s exactly what Jason Watts, Robin Pearson (behind the lens) and the crew did.

It doesn’t matter what kind of bowl it is; Jason will shred it with his original riding style that keeps your mouth open and eyes as big as saucers.

As a street dude myself, I like that toothpick grind the most 🙂 .

Who am I kidding? I like everything about this video. Fun. Vibes.

Vans BMX Illustrated Part

I said it earlier and I’ll say it again – salute to everyone who creates a video that’s five or more minutes long.

And if, by any chance, you haven’t seen Jason’s Vans “Illustrated” part, dude, you’re doing something wrong.

Even though this one is from 2017, it will be HOT forever.

Besides a good deal of bowl riding in true Jason fashion, the video also has plenty of street clips that are just NUTS (and a hint of trails).

Yup, Jason can ride anything he wants.

If you’re a fan of Vans, just like I am, don’t forget to peek at my best Vans BMX shoes.

Jason Watts For Haro (2017)

Before the Cult era, there was the Haro era for Jason. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or old stuff, Watts killed it back then and he kills it now.

It also doesn’t matter if he’s riding ditches, streets or bowls – Jason will destroy everything you put in front of him.

Plus, his unique riding approach was already present in 2017 – yes, the nac-nac nose manuals, too! (He pulls one with a 180 out in this one.)

However, the decade to manual to 180 was surely my favorite combo. But all the rest is so good I’ll rewatch it one more time, even though I’ve probably played it too many times already.

Welcome To Shadow Conspiracy

I know you’re used to seeing multiple minutes long Jason Watts videos, but even at one and a half minute, he doesn’t disappoint. I mean, I shouldn’t even use the word “disappoint.”

This is a welcome to the Shadow Conspiracy video from 2015 with plenty of park, bowl and ditch stunts that are original to Jason.

The decade and the nose manual variations were already present back then, with all the other madness you shouldn’t miss even if you’re watching it today for the first time. Which I highly doubt you are.

Jason Watts For Haro (2015)

That first nose manual, dude! (But the ice pick grind to nose manual is probably even wilder.)

I can’t believe that this is already “so old” because it makes perfect sense to watch it today to get hyped before you have a park session. At least that’s what I’m having in an hour.

Jason’s riding was next level back then and his riding is (even more) next level today.

Honestly, this one made me the most speechless of all the videos on this list.

So instead of me taking your time talking about tricks, JUST press the damn play button instead.

Welcome to Haro

But what about a Jason Watts video from 2013?


And what about a welcome to the team video that was filmed in 24 hours? Yes, really!

Epic, too.

Jason flew to the US Open in Huntington Beach, California, but he also checked some of the San Diego skateparks to get this one done with Miles Rogoish behind the lens.

Murdering bowls was at nearly the same level at the time then it is now, with some tech moves here and there to make it even more exciting to watch.

My final word: Enjoy.

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