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Larry Edgar Profile (2024)

larry edgar

Enjoy the best Larry Edgar profile and collection of his ultimate BMX videos.

I needed quite some time to fully comprehend what happened when I first saw this dude shred.


Larry is known for going fast – EXTREMELY FAST & HIGH. But he’s also no stranger to pulling wild trick combos (even on the streets.)

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Plus, you’ll see him working out quite a bit, forging his steel body to prevent injuries (you should consider it, too!).

If you need madness in life – JUST. WATCH. LARRY.

This post covers:

Larry Edgar Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: June 30, 1993
Place of birth: Corona, California
Height: 5’9″
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @larry_edgar

2. Sponsors

Fly Bikes, Vans, Stay Strong, Monster Energy, Epic BMX and Ethika.

3. Bike Check

Don’t forget to check the latest Larry Edgar bike check.

Featured photo by: Hector Torres.

4. Best Larry Edgar BMX Videos

Power Hour

Here’s a fun one with Edgar doing a power hour at Cody Henning’s compound!

The ramp setup here is in a building with only moderately high ceilings.

And if you’ve ever seen Larry ride, you know that this could be a limiting factor for someone who goes to the literal moon.

This didn’t stop Larry from doing tricks like air out tuck to barspin and he is much more than just a high-flying rider.

Larry has so many different lip tricks on lock and that is the majority of the beginning of this one. A few standouts were the whip to footjam whip then 360 to footjam in a line.

Larry kills it and this video is a great watch!

A Day in the Life of Larry Edgar

If there’s anything that’s a well-known fact about Larry, it’s that he goes fast. This is the title of this day-in-the-life video with Edgar from Our BMX.

The video starts with a quick Call of Duty session before Larry rides his backyard pump track, his first time riding since a recent fall.

The riding continues at an awesome pump track before Larry gets out of his drift car for a go-fast drifting session.

The day moves on to Pat Casey‘s house where the conversation and antics continue before the riding starts.

If you’ve ever wondered what a day in Larry Edgar’s life is like, this is the video for you!

Fly – Power Personified

“Power” sums it up well if we need to use only one word to describe Edgar’s riding.

Here is a video from Fly Bikes that came out in late 2017 called Power Personified. This video shows that Larry’s riding is just that.

From the mile-high upside-down 360 invert that starts the video to the fakie hop whip into a bank at a skatepark, it is obvious that Larry is in complete control of his bike at all times and it is always fun to watch!

Larry hits everything from dirt jumps to skateparks and a pool here!

Fly Volcano line promo

Here is a quick video promo for Fly Bikes’ 2017 Volcano line with Larry Edgar.

The Volcano line featured a BMX fork and a front load BMX stem and top load BMX stem, which Larry shows off while installing them at the beginning of this video.

From there, he flows around a concrete skatepark, going extremely high as he always does.

The b-roll shots of the products throughout are a nice touch. And there are some video angles meant to show them off, which calls for a nice promo.

Fly signature Aire frame

In 2018, Larry Edgar received a signature frame from Fly Bikes. The frame is called the Aire frame and is spec’d to exactly what Larry needs for his powerful, high-flying style.

With this frame came a quick promo video that looks at the frame itself and its features before Larry puts it to use.

There’s some well-rounded riding in here, from an absolutely massive air on the famous DIY ditch quarter to an up-rail pegs to whip and some fast action at a concrete skatepark.

Welcome to Fly Bikes

Larry Edgar was welcomed to FlyBikes officially back in 2015 with this quick video.

It may be just short of 2 minutes long, but that doesn’t keep this one from being a banger!

Larry blasts higher than most so any amount of time watching him do his thing is enjoyable.

From his signature tuck no-handers and tabletops to his wild combos like the can-can to tabletop, this one is signature Larry and no one does it quite as he does!

A Day In The Desert

Here’s a quick one from early 2017 with Larry called “A Day In The Desert” from VitalBMX.

This video is classic Edgar with his massive airs and other types of things he does.

Larry might have some of the highest airs in all of BMX, but he is far from a one-trick pony.

He can also get super tech and do other things like a 180 tailwhip over a huge double-coping spine.

Within the barrage of insanely high airs, the line with the 450 whip over a hip to a big 360 tuck no-hander to fakie on a quarter definitely stuck out and this video is a great watch.

The last clip is a must-see as well!

Fly Aire frame promo (2019)

With the release of Larry Edgar’s signature Aire frame in 2018, Fly kept it going in 2019, and here is Larry’s quick one-minute promo video for the 2019 frame.

When a Larry video comes up, you know you’re about to see some insane air time (pun intended).

Larry doesn’t stick to the skateparks with this one, you geet street, too!

If you didn’t know, Larry is extremely well-rounded and can kill it anywhere he rides. A few standouts were the hop tailwhip up the stair set and the no-footed can down it!

Woodward Copper (2017)

Here’s a video from 2017 where Larry Edgar visited Woodward Copper for some shred time.

This one starts in true Larry fashion in the bowl where he goes super high as usual and gets super tech with tricks like a long nose manual and whip to footjam whip.

Things travel around the camp and Larry shreds throughout to really show what can be done. Then takes down a safety net to do an NBD transfer from a mini ramp to the giant foam pit roll in.

This is a fun one!

AM Spotlight

Before Larry Edgar was a widely known name in the BMX world, there was an amazing contest series called the Gatorade Free Flow Tour.

This series allowed amateur BMX riders to compete and break into the professional world.

With that came some AM Spotlight videos like this one with Larry and with where Larry is in BMX right now, clearly they were onto something.

In this video, we get to know 16-year-old Larry and see him ripping around Da Compound, where this stop of the tour took place.

It’s awesome to see young Larry blasting to the moon even at 16!

Harley – Two wheels forever

Here’s a cool one! Harley-Davidson did a feature video with Larry Edgar talking about BMX and his introduction to riding a Harley.

Larry gives insight into a Harley-Davidson riding education course then shows him riding his new motorcycle.

This one might be short and the only BMX riding we see is at the beginning of the video but it is pretty darn cool to see Larry show up in a video for Harley-Davidson!

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