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Ethan Corriere Profile (2024)

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Are you searching for the best Ethan Corriere profile and BMX videos?

I always enjoy watching dudes who have a big smile on their faces when shredding, and Ethan sure is one of them.

ON and OFF the bike.

This dude is FULL OF HYPE, which you can tell from watching his BMX videos.

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It’s finally here:

The best of Sleeper!

According to an online resource, Ethan Corriere was born on January 1, 1995, in Huntington Beach, CA.

Ethan is doing it for GSport, Epic BMX and OSS. He has a signature Fit Sleeper frame and bar. (See promo below.)

Note: Another dude with a bright smile decorating his face when shredding (constantly!) is Kevin Peraza.

This post covers:

Ethan Corriere Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: January 1, 1995
Place of birth: Huntington Beach, California
Height: 5’10”
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @ethancorriere

2. Sponsors

GSport, Epic BMX and OSS.

Featured photo by: Ethan’s IG.

3. Best Ethan Corriere Videos

F-IT ALL video part

The master of crank arm grinds, Ethan, deserves a rewatch of his F-IT ALL video part. Not just once but a few more times.

There are a lot of combos in this one but I like the up crank arm grind to tailwhip out the most.

But his part is not all about the crank grinds, he treats you to a ton of other really good street riding that you absolutely need to see.

Let’s GOOO!

Unlock the Spot

Even though this isn’t a video, I still want to include it on the list because it’s so worth the watch. Ethan battles with some of his insane trick ideas that are JUST mental.

I still don’t get the up crank arm grind to tailwhip out. And even though it took him quite some tries to pull it, the final clip was buttery.

If you have ever wondered what it takes to pull a trick for an insane (web) video part, here are a few examples. In short, A LOT of work.

USL – Blow Up The Park

USL BMX AKA Ultimate Shred League, came in with a BANG in their first introduction to BMX with the Blow Up The Park video contest.

The contest consisted of ten of the best BMX riders who each had 24 hours to film the best video they could at a skatepark of their choosing. Here we have Ethan Corriere’s video for Fit!

Ethan starts his video out with a crooked grind to 180 of epic length, then proceeds to get extremely tech for the remainder.

He is so technically incredible that you’ll definitely need to watch this one more than once to tell what was regular and what was opposite.

Ethan Corriere – Street Sleeper

The video starts with a super fun session on a perfect rail where everyone gets a clip in.

Ethan brings us along for the journey as they were originally supposed to hit the beach. Instead, hit a few different spots when recognizing the area.

This is definitely a must-video, as the guys ride around hitting different spots and Ethan narrates all along.

They do end up making it to their original destination, which is basically a street plaza in the actual streets where everyone continues to KILL it!

Fit Sleeper frame promo

Here we have a video with Ethan Corriere from Our BMX going over why Ethan believes his signature Sleeper frame is “the all-time best street frame ever invented.”

Ethan talks about his involvement in designing all aspects of the frame and how the Sleeper frame is made in the USA.

There’s also some riding throughout this one as Ethan hits the rail he is sitting by throughout the video. He goes over all of the geometry of the frame as well as some reasoning behind it.

The geometry on this one is definitely different from many other BMX street-orientated frames so let us know if you think it is the best BMX street frame ever invented!

Fit – Ethan Corriere/Sleeper

According to the description on this one, Ethan Corriere took advantage of the quarantine for this video for Fit that came out in mid-2020.

From the music to the b-roll and riding, this one starts full throttle as ever as Ethan goes to work in the streets.

The opening clip being a massive over to crank arm grind on a big rail was just the beginning of the shred that would ensue. Ethan hits more rails than you can shake a stick at in this video.

Definitely, a must-watch!

OSS web video (2017)

OSS was so hyped on Ethan Corriere’s new OSS video in 2017 that they decided to drop in on the No Jumper YouTube channel.

At under three minutes long, this one is short and sweet as Ethan puts in work in the streets. The opening clip is a barspin line that is technical and gnarly and something you have to see to understand!

Every clip following is some kind of technical line or burly move with tricks like a round rail ride up to 180 barspin or massive truck driver gap.

It’s easy to see why they wanted to upload this one, especially after seeing the last clip which literally DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE!

Ethan Corriere & Julian Arteaga

Before starting Our BMX, the boys at Ride BMX started a video series called Drop The Pin. Riders would use a maps app to drop a random pin in their area, then go to that pin and ride whatever they could.

This installment of the series featured Common Crew brothers, Ethan Corriere and Julian Arteaga.

Ethan was less than thrilled with their pin drop, but it didn’t seem to matter much with how much these dudes killed it on their ride.

They started out cruising down sidewalks hitting spots along the way and eventually found a few rails to hit. Ethan busts out an awesome crank arm grind to 180 on a CURVED rail!

Fit “Twenty Seventeen” video

Here we have Ethan Corriere’s Twenty Seventeen video from Fit Bike Co. Ethan seems to be always working on something and almost constantly coming out with new videos.

This one has a nice mix of technical and heavy riding that never gets predictable.

Whether it’s a huge fakie bar down a 3 block or a backlash to crankflip out directly after in the same line, Ethan kills it!

A great entry in the saga that is Ethan Corriere’s BMX career. The last crank arm grind to 180 half cab bar is something you can’t miss if not only for Ethan’s reaction after landing it.

Welcome to Fit pro

Ethan Corriere was bumped to the Fit Bike Co Pro team at the beginning of 2016. It came with a welcome video that dropped in April of that year.

The video starts with a crash montage that shows just how much work Ethan put in for the video. From the time the riding begins, the wild tech combos and burly moves keep coming.

Ethan killed it from tricks like a big full cab down a stair set to different barspin combos and grind/manual lines.

The bump up to pro makes perfect sense!

Ethan Corriere for GSport

Here we’ve got a quick video with Ethan for GSport that came out in mid-2018. Ethan was rocking the pink GSport rims in this one where he puts in work in the streets.

The manual lines and grind combos are ever-present throughout this one.

And man was that sit-down fakie to fakie barspin down the 4 block satisfying to watch!

OSS “Behind The Smoke”

Here’s a type of video you don’t see every day! All of Ethan Corriere’s raw footage from the OSS All The Smoke video that came out in 2019.

This one is 52 minutes long and features all of the b-roll, attempts, and everything that went into Ethan’s part in the video.

If you’ve ever wanted to see what goes into landing some of the crazy technical combos Ethan does or you’re looking for something longer, this is the video to check out!

It’s wild to see how many attempts Ethan put in to get the first clip in this one.

He is definitely DEDICATED!

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