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Chase DeHart Profile (2024)

chase dehart

Don’t miss the best Chase DeHart profile and collection of BMX videos.

This dude is on an entirely different level.

Everything he does is eye candy. When a new Chase D video drops, you already know you will enjoy it.

His riding style is original and butter-smooth. Wallrides, grids, manual combos, two pegs, low seat – that’s what’s up when it comes to DeHart.

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Growing up, Chase did a lot of skateboarding. Luckily, he hung out with friends who rode bikes.

One of his friends convinced him to pick up a BMX, and the rest was history.

Keep in mind, Chase switched between quite a few companies, even disappeared for a little while but came back stronger than ever.

If you are tired of the new-school street shredding, you better not miss Chase’s videos, as they are absolute mind-melters.

This post covers:

Chase DeHart Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: April 24, 1985
Place of birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @dehart856

2. Sponsors

Cult Crew, Vans, Primo, Ethika and Backcheck.

3. Bike Check

See the latest Chase DeHart bike check here.

4. Parts Chase Rides

Featured photo by: Jason “Fooman” Colledge.

5. Best Chase Dehart BMX Videos

Cult “It’s later Then You Think” part

If I can write just one word about Chase D riding, it would be ART. This dude is on the BMX scene for a very long time. Needless to say, his style is effortless from day one.

He kills it on the street but back in the day, Chase rocked brakes. He had some gnarly tricks, which he can even do without brakes.

Chase can do an easy manual to back wheel wallride to 180 and this thing looks so sick.

The whole video is full of energy and it makes you go out and ride and do some of the Chade D stuff. At least you can try.

DeHart in North East w/ Begin & Mags

Note: DeHart’s part starts at 7:59.

Even though this clip consists of many riders, it exclusively focuses on Chase, Brandon Begin and Trev Mags. Three main parts with some extra clips in between.

Chase scored the last parts and it’s pure EYE-CANDY. In true buttery street riding style, DeHart delivers a ton of heat.

I’m not even here to talk about the tricks and whatnot because you already know how good it is.

(I don’t want to ruin all the fun for you.)

In fact, instead of watching just Chase DeHart’s part, watch the entire video. You won’t regret it!

Cult “Know Em Down” part

Five and a half minutes of raw clips from Chase – what else you need in life? Butter tailwhips, smooth manuals lines, flawless wallrides, well, you get the gist of it; Chase knows how to make it look good – extremely good.

And all this being raw, without any music, makes the whole experience watching it even better.

I especially like Chase because he is another excellent example of a BMX rider, showing you that there is no need for super intense clips to make it work. Now go and enjoy Chase in a raw format.

South Jersey Local

If you did not know it, Chase DeHart comes from South Jersey. For this particular project, Cult guys have sent their filmer Veesh to get some steezy clips from Chase.

This web edit shows a little part of Chase’s life and his normal routine. Also, you get some of the most amazing street riding on the streets of South Jersey.

His Ruben walls on the street are so good. You can’t go wrong with simple tricks, especially if you introduce Chase’s style to them.

Not the mention, the last trick is bananas. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

5 Days in Southern California

When you send Chase on a trip, you get one hell of a BMX video. Chase went to Southern California to visit ex-Ride BMX.

He stretched out on the streets and destroyed every place he touched with his bike.

He doesn’t need any big street spots; all Chase needs is a bank with stairs and he will deliver tricks on tricks.

This guy rides with such fines that all of us can be envious of his skills. Hands down, this guy has one of the best tailwhips in the game.

How to smith hard 180 with Chase DeHart

Do you want to learn smith hard 180s from one of the best riders? Here is a chance.

Seth Kimbrough was one of the first guys who made this trick possible, but Chase made this trick as his normal trick.

Many of us would have a problem making a smith so easy, but to do a hard 180 is just another level.

He describes how to learn this trick and he advises on where to learn it. All we have to do now is to go out and find a ledge and try it.

Cult “Talk is Cheap” Chase DeHart part

If I am correct, “Talk is Cheap” is the first video project from Cult Crew. When you know Chase has a part in it, you know you want to watch it.

How does he do all these steezy whips? I really don’t know. Sometimes you just need to sit down and watch this clip one more time. Or maybe even five times in a row.

Chase’s riding is so fluid and smooth. I mean, we all know that Chase’s style was like this for a long time and it does not change even with new moves.

He can easily do a big double peg grind on a big ledge to 180 off. His ender is a classic Chase D, but you have to check the whole video to see it.

Welcome to Etnies

Back in the day, Chase DeHart was riding for Etnies shoes. He came to California for a couple of weeks and he filmed his complete welcome edit.

This was way back and when you look at his riding compared to today’s, you notice that his riding is timeless.

Probably someone will say that he has the same tricks all the time, but they are dialed and he can do them in his sleep. Can you do tailwhip so smooth? Can you land so soft?

He does so many combos on a spot that is not even ridable for some riders. Ah, watching Chase do his thing is a pure blessing.

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Welcome to Shadow Conspiracy

This one is from 2008. Yes, Chase has been riding for a very long time. He is no stranger to BMX. This clip is his introduction to Shadow Conspiracy, his sponsor back in the day.

The clip may be short, but the riding will always be hot, even ten years from now.

At this time he was already riding brakeless, but you can see that one clip he does a fufanu with a brake.

Chase had a lot of brake tricks before he went brakeless and I think he can even do some of the brake tricks without a brake, even to this day.

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