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Colin Varanyak Profile (2024)

colin varanyak

Are you ready to get familiar with Colin Varanyak and watch his best BMX videos?

It is no wonder his riding style is so INTENSE, with Garrett as his best friend.

Needless to say, it was Garrett Reynolds who offered him to become a pro through his bike company, Fiend BMX. (Update: He’s now riding for Haro BMX.)

That was in 2015.

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With Fiend, Varanyak even has his signature street BMX frame.

However, for Colin, everything really started when he was about three years old.

Yes, that’s 3!

Colin was already riding dirt jumps and trails around his house, learning how to shred.

Moreover, he started BMX racing when he was just FIVE years old. And by the age of eleven, he was competing in the UCI World Championship.

In his prosperous BMX career, Colin already accomplished a lot. Not only did he film many mind-bending edits and parts, but he is also successful with competitions.

For instance, in 2018, Colin scored silver at X Games’ Real BMX competition.

This post covers:

Colin Varanyak Profile

1. Colin Bio

Date of birth: June 23, 1990
Place of birth: Hamilton, New Jersey
Height: 5′ 10″
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @colinlikewhat

2. Colin Sponsors

Haro, Premium BMX and Adidas.

3. Colin Bike Check

Don’t miss checking my Colin Varanyak bike check.

Featured photo by: Official Fiend website.

4. Best Colin Varanyak Street & Park BMX Videos

Haro – Let the Good Times Begin

If you’re following Colin, you know he’s no longer riding for Fiend, switching things up with Haro.

This is a video from his very first team trip with Haro and his teammates, Chad Kerley and Noah Miranda, around Northern California.

While you get an epic dose of killer street riding from Colin, both Chad and Noah also absolutely murdered it.

Now, the Haro team is stacked with some serious heavy hitters!

Cruising Barcelona with Colin

Okay, I wouldn’t call it cruising because this nearly four-minute video is packed with crazy wild street riding in the epic city of Barcelona.

Colin spent (only) a week in BCN with Peter Adam behind the lens to get this one done for Adidas Five Ten.

I’m not even sure where to start, but all those extremely high and risky bunnyhops were something else.

Also, the crankflip (I think it’s the first time I saw Colin do a crankflip – yes, really) and into a nose manual was a dope line for sure.

But all the other goodness in this video deserved multiple (re)watches, so hit play and treat yourself to something incredible.

DUOTONE w/ Colin & Casey

I usually focus on riders’ videographies without including split videos, but this one is too good not to include it.

Colin and Casey Starling join forces in an epic three-minute DUOTONE project, shredding the streets of San Diego, California.

Their individual BMX styles may differ, but together, they create a harmonious and dynamic duo. Both riders excel in executing bold and technical tricks with nothing but style and easiness.

Colin brings out one of the best 180 to feeble grind to backward manual I’ve ever seen – and that ledge isn’t small! And heaps of tech wizardry that’s too smooth.

And Casey delivers a combo of wild and burly stuff that will knock your socks off.

Premium Varanyak Rim Promo

With the release of Colin’s signature, Varanyak rim, comes this one-minute-long promotional clip that’s sick from start to finish.

We all know Colin is a beast on a bike and can pull stuff that gets us questioning, “But how?” Even though this one may be a bit “mellow,” it’s still one hell of a promo you shouldn’t miss in your life.

Colin is an absolute fan of 40mm wide rims, which you can now also put on your bike to enjoy more balance when doing rail rides and overall bike balance.

Premium Varanyak Fork Promo

I know this isn’t a riding video per se, but I’m still adding it because the hype for the new signature Premium Varanyak fork is real.

Not only does Colin share all the ins and outs of the fork, but you’ll also see him pull some really awesome flat tricks at this basketball court. His switch game is next level.

What’s unique about this fork is the extra lip that covers the bottom of the frame’s BMX headset, preventing dirt from getting in there. This means your headset will last a lot longer.

E-Fise Glasgow X Dig 2022

So much positive feedback from riders around the world about Colin’s E-Fise Glasgow content entry – and it really is good!

Colin does a ton of burly stuff mixed with technical lines that he’s known for. The icepick grind on a rail to hard 180 barspin looks TOO easy!

Or the double peg grind to gap barspin to double to over hard 180 – madness.

However, there are still many more epic street moves in here that you don’t want to miss in your life.

Colin’s USL Blow Up The Park submission

What can a rider do in 24 hours at his skatepark of choice? That’s the format of the video contest called USL Blow Up The Park.

One of the contestants was Colin, and this was his intense submission.

Being a Fiend BMX rider, you know that Colin is full of insane moves that he can pull so flawlessly.

In here, you will witness tons of front and back wheel madness, regular and opposite grinds, you name it, Colin delivers it.

The last backward double peg grind to manual to double peg grind to over double peg to 180 barspin combo was bonkers.

How to tailwhip

This excellent how to video is perfect if you’re in the process of learning tailwhips (or considering learning).

Colin’s whips are smooth and he can easily do them in and out of tricks. So he’s a perfect name to do a proper how to for you.

What’s cool about this one is how Colin breaks the learning phase into three sections: the kick, the whip and the catch. An excellent step-by-step guide, if you will.

I also like that he mentions getting the feel of a tailwhip while on your back (which you can do anywhere you want!).

Go for it!

Colin’s Feeble Talk interview

Let’s first kick things off with the interview Colin did with Jeff Zielinski for Feeble Talk’s 8 episode.

This will get you even more familiar with who Colin is, what he was doing growing up, going to Philly and all sorts of other info.

He even shares how he met with Garrett and how the whole Fiend thing came about, his vlog, the Berrics session and more.

Colin Varanyak “Fiending” Part (2014)

When it comes to announcing a new pro, it is a tradition that the rider will go all in, filming an edit.

Colin did the same with his insane “Fiending” part for – hence the name – Fiend BMX.

So much amazing street riding from start to finish, some crashes as well. I have many favorites in this one by the nollie truck line definitely stuck the most.

Also, the ender banger 540 over the fence is ridiculous as well. This particular clip, he pulled the very first try, however, he just slightly cased the rail with his back tire.

It was evident that Tony and Garrett wanted him to clean it, which he did.

Animal House NYC edit (2015)

If you would like to watch NYC street riding on another level, you need to see Colin do his thing. This truly is ridiculous from the first to the very last clip.

Speaking of the last clip, that’s some next-level stuff right there. Let me break it down for you: feeble on a rail to 180 to backward double peg to barspin out.

Yes, you read that right, and that were two rails. On top of that, all the other rail combinations were also killer moves that will never get old.

Hit play and rewatch this one a few times before you go to the next one.

Colin Varanyak Bike Check

Even though this might not be his latest bike setup, you can still get an idea of what Colin’s bike looks like.

It is pretty much an Animal/Fiend build, a street machine if you will.

Short back, steeper front, definitely a very responsive bike that helps with bunnyhops and gets you on the front wheel easier.

He also has his signature Animal Empire bars, as well as Fiend frame, sprocket and seat. As you will also see, this ride is far from fresh, as he put it through some serious abuse already.

Colin silver medal 2018 Real BMX edit

Short but exceptionally sweet. As I already mentioned earlier, in 2018, Colin Varanyak scored silver for his insane X Games Real BMX edit that he shot with Doeby Huynh.

Above, you can watch it again and enjoy the pure street madness.

And below, you can hear it from Colin and Doeby themselves speaking about the process, the spots and all the work that they put in to create this masterpiece of a web edit.

And after the clip, you can hear it from Chris Doyle, Scotty Cranmer, Trey Jones and Dennis Enarson talking about what they loved about the clip.

Me: I will go with Scotty, that fakie hop over the guard rail.

Drop the pin with Colin, JJ and Demarcus

This is from back in the day when Ride BMX was doing this cool Drop the pin feature. A rider pressed a location somewhere on the map, not knowing where they are going.

As it turned out, Colin managed to get them to somewhere ridable.

In here, you will also find the presence of Demarcus Paul and JJ Palmere. Even if this is more on the chill side, you will still enjoy yourself in some very sweet street riding.

Of course, the main focus is on Colin, but the other two got some clips in, too.

Who’s Colin Varanyak’s favorite rider?

Instead of picking just one, Colin decided to go with four. After all, it’s kind of hard picking just one favorite rider.

Even from different eras, there are so many good ones, but I really do like Colin’s pick.

The riders who he looked up to the most are Scotty Cranmer, Edwin Delarosa (Animal “Can I Eat”), Garrett Reynolds and Davey Watson.

Each of these four dudes has a completely different style of riding, even if the latter three are street shredders.

I think I will now go and rewatch Edwin’s part.

Colin in Animal’s “Facts”

This is the final part of the video, and just as it starts heavy, it ends heavy. That crash at the beginning truly is nasty, which will get you stoked for the riding even more.

So many great street spots and a ton more unique moves, from tech to big.

The ender, well, it’s all about the ender banger. And just in case you managed to miss Colin’s section, I will not ruin it for you.

Watch it for yourself, two minutes of crazy street riding that makes everyone want to pick up their bike and hit the local spot.

Colin killing streets of Philly

Everything Colin and any of the brands that he works with releases is a must-see.

In this Dan’s Comp web edit (by Vital BMX) you will get to see Colin Varanyak destroy some of the street spots in Philadelphia.

Indeed, a lot of technical riding in here with a few massive moves here and there. If you need to get some hype to go out to shred, this one will do the trick for sure.

However, all the other BMX videos on this list are just ridiculous anyway. And once a new one from Colin drops, I will add it to (t)his best-of collection.

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