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Denim Cox Profile (2024)

denim cox

Are you ready for the best Denim Cox pofile and his collection of insane BMX videos because you know this kid shreds?

His specialty is street riding, but you will see Denim ride everything.

However, Cox has some big balls. He is also no stranger to going insane on his dirt bike.

In short, he is a WILD dude who likes all the fun two wheels bring.

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Moreover, Denim was born in 1995 in Tucson, Arizona, and started riding back when he was 7 or 8.

But even before that, he was already doing stuff on dirt bikes.

Luckily, his dad somehow managed to befriend some motocross guys, and it all when from there. They were the ones that brought Denim Cox on board of the freestyle life.

Denim rides for various brands and teams, like BSD, Epic Ride Shop, Onsomeshit and Common Crew, to name a few.

This post covers:

Denim Cox Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: Feb 7, 1995
Place of birth: Tucson, Arizona
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @denimcox

2. Sponsors

BSD, Epic Ride Shop, Onsomeshit and Common Crew.

3. Bike Check

Don’t miss the latest Denim Cox bike check.

Featured photo by: Kevin Schnider.

4. Best Denim Cox BMX videos

If you haven’t yet gotten a chance to see any of the rad BMX videos that Dan shot, you can enjoy them right here, right now.

Odyssey Guest List

Full Factory did another “Guest List” episode with their affiliated rider, Denim Cox, who invited his good friend, Trevor Sigloch, to shred the ramps for one day.

Although this is a short one, it’s still packed with some really good clips from both, bringing out their originality.

Denim seems to always find unique lines and Trevor does things with smoothness.

Let’s GOOO!

Note: No dirt bike clips?

BSD – More Speed Less Doubt

Everyone should follow Denim’s motto, especially the “less doubt” part.

His More Speed Less Doubt web video for BSD is nuts. An insane amount of crazy good street riding and having fun in his original and burly way.

Just the first wallride – How did he manage to stay on the bike? But then you get a six minutes dose of wild and amazing stunts.

Denim is BMX, that’s for sure. Now sit back, relax and enjoy yourself.

(And I’m sure you’ll want to rewatch it a few times as I did!)

More Speed Less Doubt (RAW)

I didn’t know this one’s coming, so I’m even MORE stoked about it! Raw shots and second angles from Denim’s absolutely mental “More Speed Less Doubt” video project for BSD.

You know I like raw videos, especially a twenty minutes long one.

This one shows how much work went into the production of the video, giving you a glimpse at what a beat Denim is.

There are many insane crashes in here, but Cox always somehow manages to walk away like it’s nothing.


I even spotted some riding from Austin Augie.

Denim and Reed Stark at Full Factory Warehouse

Here is a video from BSD at the Full Factory Warehouse featuring Denim and Reed Stark.

The boys visited Full Factory as it was a new US distributor for BSD and caught a session on the ramps.

After checking out some parts in the warehouse, they go to work, shredding the ramps.

Everything about this session video screams fun, and Denim had a couple of gnarly clips in here as well.

A hefty gap to smith on a pyramid hubba was definitely a highlight, but the banger of a gap to opposite feeble 180 on the hubba was insane, too.

Denim Cox’s Onsomeshit “Behind The Smoke”

The Come Up’s “All The Smoke” came out in 2019. With that, they also released behind the scenes videos from the parts.

This video called Behind The Smoke is the BTS or raw video from Denim’s official part.

33 minutes of raw footage of both riding and non-riding starts out with Denim having an outright session on a public electric scooter.

Seeing behind the scenes of a video part like this is always a great insight into what actually goes into the absolute insanity that is Cox’s riding.

Just the gap to ledge to 180 toward the beginning is a gnarly look at the story behind the tricks.

BSD “Road To Grime” video

In this video from BSD called “Road To Grime,” we have Denim Cox on his adventure to ride the grimiest spots possible all across the US.

The video starts out with a funny dumpster skit where Denim finds his signature Grime Bars and then gets straight to work, putting them to good use.

Everything about this video, from the spots to the song, screams grimey; except maybe Denim’s riding.

There is also no shortage of burly gaps and grinds that we are used to from Denim.

One really awesome clip was when he used a couch’s armrests and a chair beside each other, kind of like a spine.

Denim Cox in South Africa for BSD

If you haven’t yet been to South Africa, let Denim take you around the streets of Cape Town and Johannesburg on his BSD bike.

Tons of great street spots, amazing riding, some crashes and good times, that’s what’s up when it comes to this BMX video.

Denim is no stranger to pulling some really gnarly stunts on his bike, so watch out for those.

This entire video was filmed and edited by Antoine Sabourin.

Hit the play button and enjoy the cool South African vibes and tons of dope shredding that is signature to Denim.

BSD “Fuck Yes Dude!” video

This video from BSD featuring Denim Cox is literally called “Fuck Yes Dude!”

That is definitely a fitting title because it’s exactly what you think after seeing most of the clips in the video.

Denim goes to work on plenty of different setups bringing his signature burly approach as usual in a way that is always enjoyable to watch.

It is definitely great that you just never know what might come next in a Cox video.

The last clip in this one is definitely a mind-melter and worth the watch for sure. You don’t see people wallride down the side of a rail every day.

Ride BMX “In The Volvo”

Here we have “In The Volvo” with Denim Cox.

In The Volvo is a series that started over on the late Ride BMX youtube channel where Jeff Z would pick someone up in his Volvo, then drive around to different spots to film while recording the conversation that happens in between.

The video starts with Denim’s workshop tour and wastes no time getting to the conversation.

Denim’s positive attitude is so good to hear, and these insights into the lives of the riders we experience watching are always great.

Jeff also asks some great questions that lead to Denim’s good stories, especially the question about how he learned the woodworking he does and how it leads to a roller derby story about his mom.

Denim Cox’s “Monster Mash” DVD part

Denim’s “Monster Mash” DVD section is an absolute hammer of a video part that catapulted him directly into the mainstream of BMX.

Upon watching this video, you will see exactly why.

Denim handles some massive setups and does the gnarliest gaps, all while filming for his first-ever DVD part when he had never even filmed an edit.

Every single clip in this video is something insane, and seeing the stoke of the people present while filming just shows how excited everyone involved with this project is about BMX.

This one is worth watching all the way through and then watching again to take in all of the insanity.

The ender for this one as well is on a whole different level. Wait for it.

BSD Forever 2016 web edit

Denim’s BMX Forever 2016 edit starts with him blasting down a hill and jumping a little kid’s 16” bike in a way that would terrify most other people.

After that comes a big grind, big gap, balls to the wall video part that is exactly what we have come to know and love from Denim Cox.

It is very clear from some of the attempts at tricks included in this that Denim works hard for his stuff and doesn’t let a few or a lot of gnarly crashes get in his way.

The last two clips in this are two totally different grinds worth the watch alone.

Denim in Stranger “No Hype”

Denim stuff is always good stuff, be it old or new. Here is his section from Stranger’s “No Hype” video that’s actually full of hype.

Denim comes out with some serious street riding that will knock your socks off. (Keep in mind, he’s very young in this one!)

Amazing pegs use, wild lines and a few crazy crashes will get your heart beating fast. Get involved – I know I’ll re-watch it one more time.

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