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Matt Roe Profile (2024)

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You’ve been asking for it; here you have it – the best Matt Roe profile and BMX videos.

You’re welcome.

Matt is one of my FAVORITE style dudes of all time.

But Roe transitioned from killing it on a BMX to killing it on an MTB.

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(The STYLE is STILL there!)

However, I only included Matt’s BMX riding videos for this roundup.

I would definitely enjoy seeing Matt do more 20″ stuff since his riding is unbeatable.

BUT. It is what it is.

Matt was born on August 8, 1985, in England. He started pushing it on a single-line BMX track but later transitioned to freestyle.

If you want to watch more style dudes murder it, don’t miss Stefan Lantschner, Corey Walsh, Kris Fox, Tom Dugan, and Chase Hawk.

This post covers:

Matt Roe Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: August 8, 1985
Place of birth: Derbyshire, England
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @matt_roe

Featured photo by: Rob Andrews.

2. Best Matt Roe BMX Videos

DIG: Robbo and Roey

Here is a split video with Robbo and Roey, AKA Matt Roe, from early 2015 with the guys shredding around Texas.

The video is called Parks And Recreation, which perfectly describes what goes down.

These two look like they had so much fun cruising the skateparks in this video.

The way each of them found unique ways to use the different unique ramps at the different skateparks was very entertaining throughout.

These skateparks seem to be perfectly suited to their riding! From the insane volcanos to the skinny quarterpipes to the massive vert wall-type quarterpipes.

Matt Roe was welcomed to Hideout BMX

In April 2013, Matt was welcomed to Hideout BMX, an independent UK BMX clothing brand.

This one is just under two and a half minutes of Matt shredding an indoor skatepark.

The video opens with a brakeless wall slap out of a quarter that is just so satisfying to watch.

Matt’s style exudes throughout this video with tricks like 360 turndowns, insane vert wall hits, and tire slides on ramps.

This one might have come out in 2013, but it definitely still holds up to this day!

Matt Roe in Austin, Texas

Roe was on a tear back in 2013 with a ton of awesome videos, including this one from Mutiny and The Come Up that lives on the No Jumper YouTube channel.

The video goes down in ATX, AKA Austin, Texas, and we are first greeted in a Mexican restaurant before the riding begins.

It doesn’t take long for Roey to get to shredding at a wild-looking spot that you really can’t tell whether it is a street spot or a DIY.

This is a quick one full of great riding like a manual to footjam whip on a sub box, and that last quarterpipe grizzly air is to die for!

Robbo and Matt Roe in London

Robbo and Matt Roe were a BMX dynamic duo in years past, with many different videos and trips.

This one from way back in mid-2010 for Mutiny and Seventies BMX is a gem in the vault.

The guys shredded skateparks and streets around London before ending the video at the Source Bowl.

Both of these dudes exude style in everything they do, and it’s easy to see that they have fun riding together.

The street spots they hit in the beginning are solid, as with a massive curved wallride that ends up 180’d out of and a crazy street roller setup.

Fly Bikes signature line promo

Here is a video from mid-2014 with Matt Roe to promote his signature line from Fly Bikes.

This one has a raw, visceral intro that really gives a feel to the video beyond just riding.

So much so that it almost feels cinematic.

Matt absolutely kills it throughout and has an awesome session at the 2014 version of the Full Factory ramps.

It is awesome to see his versatility, where he goes from blasting a quarterpipe as high and as stylish as possible to doing a 270 footjam whip over a pretty good-sized hip!

Mutiny Lime street video

Here is another chapter in the Matt Roe + Robbo split video part saga that came out in mid-2015 for Mutiny on the OSS YouTube channel.

It features the guys ripping through the streets and bringing their signature stylish riding with them.

That nose jam in the hole on the street bank was super awesome, and the way each of these dudes can make hitting any transition look good is a real treat to watch.

Rich Forne did a great job putting this one together and a song that brings us along for the journey in an engaging way.

Definitely check this one out!

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