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Matt Ray Profile (2024)

matt ray

I’m stoked to bring you the Matt Ray profile and a collection of his best BMX videos that’ll hype you up!

This dude can do it all – with style.

I remember reading a discussion about Matt having the perfect barspins in the game – they sure are extremely smooth and effortless.

But that’s something you will witness in all the videos below.

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Thanks to his dad, he would bring Matt to all these new skateparks to have some fun.

However, what really got him hooked was when he went to Rye airfield, seeing Clint Reynolds shred and actually speaking to Matt. There was no going back at that time for Matt.

Moreover, in an interview, Matt Ray also said that he really enjoys riding contests.

But it’s not that much about the podium; it’s more about hanging with other riders/friends and seeing all the new tricks and combos they are pulling.

That’s it; it’s action time now.

This post covers:

Matt Ray Profile

1. Matt Bio

Date of birth: August 20, 1995
Place of birth: Woburn, Massachusetts
Height: 6′
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @matt1ray

2. Matt Sponsors

Subrosa Brand, The Shadow Conspiracy and Dan’s Comp.

3. Matt Bike Check

Ensure you also check the most recent Matt Ray bike check.

4. Parts Matt Rides

Featured photo by: Matt’s Instagram.

5. Best Matt Ray BMX Videos

1. Dan’s Comp Pro Part

This was so dope.

Matt dropped a Dan’s Comp Pro Part to celebrate one year with the company successfully.

Three and a half minutes of technical lines and burly moves continue to prove that Matt is on another level.

All those barspins are eye candy. And it doesn’t matter if it’s regular or the opposite; MR pulls them all too smoothly.

My favorite line: Long nose manual to barspin to manual to barspin to manual to tailwhip. HOW?!

And I really dig it that Matt still does ride with a BMX helmet from time to time.

Okay, let’s go, press the play button above and let Matt WOW you.

2. Subrosa MR2 frame promo

There’s no such thing as going easy for Matt. And that is a fact!

Here’s a fresh promo for his signature Subrosa MR2 frame, which is always full of killer stunts. It starts with a wild double truck driver and ends with an even wilder double peg to hard 360.

Matt hits all kinds of great street setups between Massachusetts and Florida and comes out with another banger you must not miss in your life.

P. S. Matt’s barspins are so clean. Yo!

3. Matt at Sparkys’ The Lot

Even though this is an exclusive park-only video, it still shows how well-rounded a rider Matt is. Whether it’s jump box tricks or technical maneuvers, whatever the case, Ray masters is with ease.

This collection of The Lot clips is a real treat to watch. And to spice things up even further, you also get a Ryan Sher clip, and it’s not just any clip.

As for Matt, you get a 720 over a jump box to flat and the last 360 to manual to 360 combo, along with multiple other insane stunts that will have you glued to the screen from start to finish.

4. The Boston Massacre

When I saw this edit for the first time, my jaw was on the floor nonstop. Who starts a video edit with a bar to manual to bar out on the side of a freaking bridge?

Keep in mind this is not a small side of a bridge. This could go very wrong for Matt. But the second clip is even crazier.

Matt is an outstanding, versatile rider, but this video part is out of your mind.

He does some combos which are hard to understand and you need to hit pause and rewind to understand this madness — hat down, Matt, for this video part.

5. AZ Heat by Shadow

Matt went to Arizona before they got hit with the summer heat. This video edit is filmed on the streets to show his appreciation for his new signature VVS front load BMX stem made by Shadow Conspiracy.

Matt is known as a street rider who can ride everything with his tech side and gnarly combos.

Everything starts with a big cab 180 bar on a big set of stairs. The video flows with some insane BMX riding and wild spots around Arizona.

The last trick is filmed in a simple ditch, but the trick he pulled out is nuts.

6. MR1 by Subrosa

Subrosa released a video of Matts’s new and first signature BMX frame called MR1. Well deserved.

He also has a signature Subrosa Rays bar and Subrosa Designer seat. Every edit Matt puts out shows his amazing progression on a BMX bike.

Your mind is always in question on how did he do that. This edit is no exception. When he hits his first clip with a banger as he did, every rider would be happy to have his first clip as an ender clip.

But not Matt Ray. I could write many things about this part, but just hit the play button above and check it yourself.

Note: I also have the best BMX seats collection if you need more options for your bum.

7. One by Shadow

Everybody knows when the new Matt Ray video comes out that you need to watch it. Everything he puts out shows how much effort he puts into the project.

You will never see a repeated trick on the same or similar setup in his edits, but he will upgrade his tricks to a new level and a bigger setup.

The selection of music and his style of riding go together really well.

Of course, the last trick for this video edit is in Matts’s style of finishing an edit with something super intense.

8. Welcome to Subrosa

In 2016, Matt became a pro rider for the brand Subrosa. He had all the skills to become a pro rider before this, but every brand needs to feel the rider’s loyalty.

If he fits the brand family and he rocks an amazing and solid personality, things may happen. And things sure did happen for Matt – big times.

He has skills on his bike and he knows how to represent the brand properly. As we know, Matt will do something crazy straight away with his first clip.

No exception here. What I love about Matt is that he stays true to his riding and his tricks. Nothing is half done.

9. VVS Stem by Shadow

We all expect that every video from Matt will be filmed on insane street spots. This one shows how Matt can ride every skatepark he hits.

He is not afraid to ride transitions the same way as he rides the street. This is the side of his riding, which you don’t even know that exits.

This edit was filmed to promote Matt’s signature VVS stem for Shadow Conspiracy. Everything you see in this edit shows how good of a rider Matt Ray is and he can jump big setups with some insane jump box tricks.

10. Welcome to Shadow Conspiracy Pro

For this edit, I will take some wise words from Shadow “Sit down, strap in, and get ready to have your mind blown!”.

Matt is that kind of rider who will put 110% effort into his videos and parts. He will go one step further than others.

For him, this is not like, “OK, I will film something and then I will put it out as it is.” For Matt, everything he puts out is a big project and he will make it done as a masterpiece.

This was filmed worldwide, and he destroyed every spot he touched. Needless to say, Matt has a well-deserved spot on the Shadow PRO team.

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