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Lewis Mills Profile (2024)

lewis mills

Are you ready for the best Lewis Mills profile and collection of BMX videos?

This young gun is fearless, with a ton of bike control that allows him to pull wild tricks on crazy spots.

Australia’s finest, Lewis, is full of CREATIVITY but does not mind GOING BIG, too.

And everyone loves his signature one-handed x-up, which is definitely not a common trick you see on the streets.

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Lewis Mills’s journey began when he was around 12 or 13. Before BMX, he was skateboarding and even riding a scooter for a year or so.

His older brothers were into BMX, which they passed it on to him.

Even his dad rode a Readline.

At one point, it just did not make sense to Lewis and Ben (the filmer, Norris) to bother building jumps because somebody always demolished them.

They started to focus on street riding and stuck with it.

Look at Lewis today, he has grown into one of the top street shredders in the world, traveling the world and enjoying all and everything that BMX has to offer.

This post covers:

Lewis Mills Profile

1. Lewis Bio

Date of birth: May 6, 1998
Place of birth: Sydney, Australia
Height: 6’2″
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @lewismillss

2. Lewis Sponsors

Fiend BMX, Eclat, Vans Shoes and Monster Energy.

3. Lewis Bike Check

Don’t miss the latest Lewis Mills bike check.

4. Parts Lewis Rides

Featured photo by: Lewis’s Instagram.

5. Best Lewis Mills BMX Videos

1. Lewis is Fiending

This. Is. Crazy. Period.

Ten minutes of Lewis footage? I’m down! ALWAYS.

(Remember, it’s not all 100% riding.)

And no, I’m not going to write any tricks here because there are so many good combos and burly moves that you need to see first-hand.

And the music is on point, too.

All this was filmed throughout Syndey, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and California.

Mills is on fire for a long time and he keeps surprising us with epic stuff like this. It hyped me up really heavily for today’s session.

Keep ’em coming!

1.5. Lewis is Fiending – RAW

So, you watched the Lewis is Fiending web project, which I’m sure made you go, “WTF?!”

And because you’re all hyped up to see some more, here’s the extended, raw version that’s over half an hour of insane riding clips, endless attempts and crashes.

In other words, you’ll witness how much work went into making the 2022’s NORA Cup Video Part Of The Year.

All this was shot around Australia and California by Ben Norris and Tony Ennis.

Lewis is one MAD dude!

2. Eclat Controller bar BTS

You know exactly what you need to do when something new drops from Lewis. Why? Because you already know it’s going to be really good.

Official video or behind the scenes – it doesn’t matter; Mills kills it every single time.

If you already watched his Controller bar promo from a little while back, you absolutely must check the BTS version.

Crashes, second angles, Lewis’s shirt collection and other random stuff – it’s all in here for your viewing pleasure.

It’s the rawness of these BTS videos that always hook me immediately.


3. Eclat Controller bar promo

After working on his signature Eclat Controller bar, Lewis comes out with a banger of a promo video for the official launch.

In the past, Lewis was switching between Dive and Morrow bars (10-inch bars).

However, since he’s pretty picky with bars, Eclat offered him the opportunity to create his signature. It comes in two sizes, 9.5″ and 9.75″.

Note: Lewis likes to switch between the two a lot – sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller.

I particularly like luc-e grind to 180 bar and the multi-kinked double peg. But everything Lewis does here is FIRE.

4. Lewis for Real BMX 2020

I believe the idea for Real BMX content is spectacular. An invited group of shredders gets to film a short edit with their favorite filmer, and then it’s up to judges to decide the winner.

That’s not all, in addition to the main competition, there is also the Fan Favorite version, where, you guessed it, fans vote for their favorite rider.

In 2020, X Games also invited Lewis Mills to participate with one of his best friends and an amazing young filmmaker, Ben Norris. The outcome – spectacular!

Some insanely serious tech moves, rail rides to barspins on kinked rails, full cab barspin and full cab tailwhip over serious sets of stairs, you name it, Lewis pulls it.

What I also find it pretty awesome in here is that the video also shows the other creative passion that Lewis has – painting.

5. Eclat B-Sides

If you like watching b-rolls just as much as I do, you will absolutely enjoy this collection of crashes, attempts and even some pulled tricks from Lewis.

This kid truly is on another level, wowing us all the time with his clips and web edits.

Even if they put a b-sides video out of Lewis, you know you want to watch it, not just once, but maybe a few times in a row.

This one comes straight from the guys over at Eclat, featuring Mills doing it on the streets around Down Under.

The barspin to smith grind to nose bonk to barspin to manual to tailwhip was something else.

6. Lewis Mills destroys parks/plazas

You know already that whatever Lewis releases with his companion Ben will be a must-see.

Sometimes, things go slightly out of control, but the ender is always a banger.

With the ridiculous bike control and all the rails and ledges that a skatepark or a plaza has to offer, you know already that you are in for a sweet treat.

Combos on combos that will be an inspiration for many BMX riders around the world for years to come. And, by the way, this is not one of his newest videos.

It is always a pleasure watching Lewis ride his bike since you never know what the next move will be. Pretty unpredictable, if you will.

7. 2017 street video from the duo, Lewis and Ben

This is even one year older than the previous edit, but oh so damn good. Pretty much a timeless street edit from one of the current best Australian riders, Lewis.

Ah, when I watch a video like this, I do not even bother thinking about which trick or combo is my favorite.

It’s simple; the entire web edit is mind-boggling, and you will soon understand why.

Of course, that last grind/manual/tailwhip clip is one of those that you need to watch a couple of times to comprehend it truly.

There is even a pretty extensive length of b-rolls at the end, which are definitely fun to watch.

8. In The Cut with Lewis Mills

Here is an awesome In The Cut video from DIG BMX featuring Lewis, from waking up to some vegemite to shredding the Source park.

This tech wizard always surprises with something exclusive. It just shows that this dude can shred whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

He even does some skateboarding.

Along the way, Dan Lacey joins him, and they together destroy the indoor skatepark.

Later, Lewis even goes to the basement to shot some images and heads over to taste English delicacies at a local coffee shop.

I do not know what Lewis has, but Dan’s bagel with beef looks delicious – simple, but delicious.

9. Volume Bikes 2016 edit

When Lewis got on Volume Bikes, that was the time when he actually thought to himself that this is now serious.

Not to mention, Volume is one of his first real sponsors. In the video above, you can enjoy yourself a ton of street madness from the man himself, Lewis.

Also, along the way, you will witness how amazingly well does Lewis actually ride dirt, too.

In short, a very versatile BMX rider who has not yet found his limits.

The final piece is a three-minute-long web clip that will have you glued to the screen from the first to the last second.

A few crashes, to begin with, followed by a combination of technical shredding and big street tricks. Enjoy.

10. Lewis Mills for Eclat (2019)

If you think you have enough Lewis edits for today, you are wrong. After all, you have not seen his Eclat web edit yet, shot by Ben Norris.

In fact, even if you did, this almost seven minutes long masterpiece deserves another watch.

It’s simply amazing, from the filming and editing perspective, as well as from the riding point of view.

Even though when it comes to all the street riding, things get very serious, still, Ben knows how to sneak in some cheerfulness.

The music is also always on point in all Lewis’ edits.

Moreover, once you start watching, the video sucks you in so much, you do not even notice almost seven minutes passed. And that’s how you make a successful web edit.

11. The Head Angle: Lewis Mills and Ben Norris interview

If you ever wanted to know more about Lewis and who he is, this extensive video interview will do the trick.

But it’s not all about Lewis, it’s about the amazing rider/filmmaker that Lewis and Ben are.

Always trying to figure out ways how to get creative and artistic with their web edits, and they are surely doing an extremely good job.

In the interview, they even go way back to when these two met, skateboarding, how they got into BMX in the first place and heaps more.

They even touch Australia’s capital, Sydney, Lewis’ art and they discuss just a whole bunch more interesting topics that will have you sit down for one and a half hour and enjoy every moment of it.

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