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Chad Kerley Profile (2024)

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Are you ready to learn more about Chad Kerley and watch (and rewatch!) his best BMX videos?

I’m a fan, are you?

Chad, aka CK, has always been more prone to going extremely technical on streets (even skateparks!). And his magic is only going crazier and crazier.

I’m excited to share Chad’s best BMX videos worth everyone’s time.

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But Chad’s roots aren’t in freestyle but in racing (where he preferred jumping doubles the most). Which he’s very grateful since it gave him so much bike control.

In a DIG interview, Chad says that he likes trying new stuff (one of the reasons his style of riding changed so much), enjoys hip-hop (motivation!), rapping, making beats and being a sneakerhead.

This post covers:

Chad Kerley Profile

1. Chad Kerley Bio

Date of birth: January 27, 1994
Place of birth: San Diego, California
Height: 5′ 6″
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @chadkerley

2. Chad Kerley Sponsors

Rockstar Energy, Haro, Swatch, Cinema, Premium and Ceek Life.

3. Chad Kerley Bike Check

I also have a collection of Chad Kerley’s bike checks ready for you.

Featured photo by: Carlos DeLaRosa Jr..

4. Best Chad Kerley BMX Videos

Let’s GO!


I wanted to do something different this time with Chad’s videography update. If you want to peek into the recent day in the life of CK, this is the one.

Chad updated this video to his YouTube channel, where you can see all sorts of stuff, from hitting the gym and heading to the Haro warehouse to shredding the Dennis Enarson compound.

While I first thought there wouldn’t be any riding footage here, I was wrong.

You’ve probably seen the clip of CK pulling a long crank arm grind to manual to huge barspin drop – well, here’s all the hard work that went into it on camera.

2. Haro CK Pro Complete Promo

Even though this may not be a 100% Chad Kerley-only promotional video for the drop of his signature Haro CK Pro complete bike, it’s way too good not to post it in his videography.

Hey, it also has Dennis in it!

The two went on their first trip – just the two of them! – to Portland, Oregon, to get some solid shredding done. Yes, on their epic complete bikes.

You’ll get a done of insane street shredding from both and some wild park lines from Enarson.

And if you ever wanted to have a bike like Chad, now is your chance. The Haro CK Pro bike is 100% aftermarket grade, pro-level complete.

3. CK in the BAY

Andrew Knight (behind the lens) cruised around the streets of San Francisco with Chad Kerley to film a promotional video for his all-new Haro CKv3 frame.

While the video gives somewhat chill vibes (at least the first minute), the riding does not.

There are many heavy moves in this one, including a long nose manual to 180 barspin – without a chain!

I’m forever impressed by how effortless Chad’s nose manuals (especially the drops!) look and how easily he pulls it even on high objects.

This one is a must-watch for sure.

4. Cinema – Intermission

This. Is. A. Must. Watch.

I don’t need to write anything about it because you already know it’s good. But in fact, it’s REALLY good. New stuff from Chad is always a must and this new Cinema “Intermission” video is no different.

But it’s different. You will find many off-bike clips, showing CK’s life, making it even more special.

However, we’re all here for the riding, and it’s wild in every meaning of the word. And there’s so much of it I can’t even say what stands out – ALL of it. Still, all those nose manual lines are just nuts.


How many times did I already tell you that I like raw cuts and b-sides even more than the original video? Maybe that’s just me, but this is a pleasure to watch.

And this nearly half an hour-long raw cut that shows Chad’s work in his LOCKDOWN video is too good. Kerley is a hard-working dude, pulling insane trick combos you usually need to see to believe. (I could watch it for hours straight!)


If you missed the final project, scroll down and watch it now.



LOCKDOWN is the pinnacle of videos in 2021 from CK. Every clip in this video is a banger and this one is kind of like getting two videos for one.

With two different songs used here, the first song is all of the extremely technical tricks and combos. The second song is where the more burly/gnarly tricks come in and they do not disappoint.

Chad has been at the absolute top of BMX for so long and has been in the spotlight since such a young age that it is amazing to see him constantly progressing!

At one point, Chad does an uprail pegs to gap to a second stage ice pick to barspin. Hard to understand? Watch the video!

7. X Games Real BMX 2021

Here is Chad Kerley’s bronze-winning X Games Real BMX 2021 video! It is a minute and a half of straight fire from Chad with technical and burly riding throughout.

A few highlights are a bump-jump 180 tailwhip up a stair set and the 180 pegs to fakie nose manual about 15-20 feet to another fakie pegs 180 out. (?!)

Honestly, most of the riding Chad does in videos is pretty tough to explain in words let alone understand.

You just have to see it to comprehend the madness!

8. Haro (2018)

This video from Haro with Kerley came out in early 2018. It starts with a pretty chill vibe and song, but don’t let that fool you as one of the very first riding clips is a truck driver to fakie on an elevated bank to half cab manual 180 bar out.

The rest of the video doesn’t let up either, as just about every clip is wild!

Whether it’s something extraordinarily technical or something burly, Chad can do it all and it’s always a treat to watch.

Another aspect of Chad’s videos that make them so good is that we often get to see his reactions to landing tricks which are often pure bliss. It is always awesome to see a rider happy after rolling away!

9. A day in the life of Chad Kerley

Here’s a pretty cool video of spending a day in the life of CK. This one starts out at the Linda Vista skatepark with a session.

Everyone knows Chad absolutely destroys the streets, but some people may not know how much he can shred in a skatepark, on quarter pipes.

Chad rips around Linda Vista blasting tables and flows through the skatepark. We even got an intro and cameo clip from Mykel Larrin!

Chad gives a lesson in skatepark etiquette and after the skatepark session, he gives a tour around his car before taking a trip for lunch.

The rest of the video brings the session to a different skatepark and Chad’s final words at the end.

10. USL Blow Up The Park

In 2020, USLBMX came out of nowhere with their introductory Blow Up The Park video contest.

Blow up the park featured different riders from different brands where they all had 24 hours each to film the best video they could at the skatepark of their choice.

Here is Chad Kerley’s video from OB skatepark in California. Chad’s video contains wild manual lines around the skatepark and some burly riding.

Chad rides this skatepark the way few people can and it shows.

How he does a full cab barspin to flat over a quarterpipe then blast a table over a hip of the same height of quarter is incredible!

11. Cinema (2015)

Here is Chad Kerley’s part in The Cinema Video, which hit the internet in late 2015. At just under 8 minutes, you’re in for a treat if you haven’t seen this one in a while or ever before.

There’s also a bunch of guest clips from so many BMX legends like Corey Martinez, Dan Lacey, Dennis Enarson, Nathan Williams, and Dakota Roche.

Chad’s talent on a bike is on display here in full form, from wild technical combos to big burly clips, to both in different lines.

This one may have been filmed quite a while ago at this point, but everything in here holds up even by today’s BMX standards.

12. Cinema – Signature Sessions

Cinema BMX’s signature sessions videos are promo videos for different riders and their signature Cinema parts.

This installment of the Signature Sessions series features Kerley and his new at the time CK plastic BMX pedals and came out in late 2018.

Chad hits so many mind-bending technical combos here and also easily goes big.

Enjoy clips like the huge 540 gap then later follow it up with a nollie bar to manual down a stair set followed up with a manual 180 down an even bigger stair set.

If you’re a fan of CK, this is definitely one to check out!

13. Premium CK frame promo

Way back in 2013, Chad Kerley’s signature Premium CK BMX street frame dropped and this promo video along with it. Chad always goes in for his videos and this one is no different.

With the song and editing the vibe with this one is upbeat and Chad’s riding is always on point so you know that combination makes for a killer video.

There are so many technical clips in here that can’t even be explained properly through text without writing a novel.

So just hit that play button and take in a prime example of CK killing it!

14. CeekLife 2

If you haven’t heard, Ceek Life is Chad Kerley’s side project that he started some time ago.

There have been different clothing drops and colorway collabs from Ceek Life and Cinema throughout the years. Here is Chad’s CEEKLIFE 2 edit from 2016.

This one is just under 6 minutes of Chad letting loose as he always does!

The first clip is an insanely long ledge ride to barspin on a super skinny ledge that leads perfectly into the video.

Chad always does an awesome job mixing things up between his incredible tech wizardry and the more wild stuff, which he is no stranger to.

For example, the gigantic 360 at the end is reason enough alone to hit play!

15. Markit (2014)

It’s amazing and awesome the level of riding Chad Kerley reached at such a young age. Also, not only has been able to maintain but progress and improve immensely.

This video is from back in 2014 and while Chad was already killing it at the top of the game, he’s since progressed to a whole other level.

One awesome thing about this video is that there is a ramp riding clip in here where Chad does a smith on a pretty big sub-box-to-nose manual to barspin in on an attached wedge.

The rest of the video is in the streets and is full of burly and tech shredding.

16. CeekLife 1

Here is Chad Kerley’s original CEEKLIFE edit from February 2015. This one starts off with a pretty hefty opposite tailwhip and a song with a vibe that just feels like the video is about to be on one.

Chad unleashes all sorts of wild technical riding.

You get tricks like a tooth hanger on a ledge to smith on an adjacent shorter ledge to long manual to nose manual on another taller ledge to drop smith on another shorter adjacent ledge.

I know, right?!

If that was too much to comprehend through words, you’ll want to check out the full video because every clip is just as complex.

The clips that aren’t that complex are burly and wild!

17. Dan’s Comp – Roll Call part

Years ago, Dan’s Comp made a full-length video called Roll Call with some LEGENDS in BMX. Among those legends are people like Broc Raiford, Devon Smillie and – of course! – Chad Kerley.

Here is Chad’s section in the video which hit the web in early 2015.

Chad goes in for every project he does so you know that when something as big as a full DVD part for Dans Comp comes up, he will take it up another notch.

That is exactly what Chad does here with many insane technical clips that just can’t be given justice through words on a screen.

The only way to appreciate it is to hit that play button and take it all in for yourself!

Note: Videos are listed in no particular order, but I plan to add newer ones on top.

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