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Travis Hughes Profile (2024)

travis hughes

Are you searching for the best Travis Hughes profile and BMX videos?

From bangers to dope tech combos, Travis enjoys them all.

But if you ask him if he would pick a ledge to grind for the rest of his life or pull gnarly gaps – he will always go for the latter.

Travis was about seven years old when he started building dirt jumps with his stepbrother. It all started getting more and more serious until the age of twelve.

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That’s when his mother told him that he has a cousin who is also riding BMX – Jacob Cable.

From then on, it all pretty much skyrocketed for both of them.

Some of his early influences were Garrett Reynolds and Sean Sexton – two absolute legends.

If you like modern street riding with many scary tricks and stunts, that’s when you need some Travis Hughes BMX videos in your life.

From Odyssey, he has signature Trav grips and from Kink his signature Cloud street BMX frame.

This post covers:

Travis Hughes Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: January 21, 1999
Place of birth: Temecula, California
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @travishughes

2. Sponsors

Kink, Odyssey and Vans.

3. Bike Check

Don’t miss my Travis Hughes bike check.

4. Parts Travis Rides

Featured photo by: Travis’s Instagram.

5. Best Travis Hughes BMX Videos

Welcome to Kink Pro

2016 was a big year for Travis. He was bumped to Odyssey PRO and also to Kink PRO. He has put a lot of work into filming two big parts in 2016.

But he is a young guy who has a lot of energy and loves BMX.

He starts hard and the whole video is full of next-level tricks. As usual, he has all the tricks dialed.

I love how he jumps to a long nose manual to bar out like it was nothing and the setup is far from perfect.

The last clip is bananas. You will want to check this one out at least three times in a row.

Welcome to Odyssey Pro

Travis is one of the young dudes who are killing it on the streets. This welcome clip was filmed when he was just 17 years old.

He was an AM for Odyssey for two years, but 2016 was the time to bump him to PRO.

This young dude has been progressing over the years and has put all his energy on trips or riding with his teammates.

Travis has a lot of skills on his bike and never shies away from the big stuff. Hit the play button and let the video do the talking.

Odyssey “It’s Chill” video

This edit is far from being a chill one – but Travis is. He talks to rails and other stuff and it looks like it is working for him pretty well.

After all, he destroys them – every single time. Right from the start, he does a huge 360 over the rail and then he starts with technical riding on small and big objects.

He is pushing freecoaster to the max as well. Travis also does over ice rail to manual to bar ice on the rail. Is that a chill line?

Nope, this is a hard line.

Watch this to the end; you will not be disappointed. This video is pure progression and shows why Travis is at the top of the game.

Home in ATX with Travis Hughes

Travis has spent two months in Austin, Texas, with his teammate, Dan Coller. As you can see, he is still young and reckless, but his riding is a different story.

How many guys can ride manual on a rail to manual to 180 a stair set?

I know it is at the park and not a street spot, but who gives a damn?

Everything looks so easy but believe me it is not. The dude is an excellent rider and he has earned his spot on Kink BMX.

This one has a pretty hilarious start that ends with some intense park riding. If you are up for a laugh, you are welcome.

Kink “Champagne” Cold Cuts/Extras

Even though you already know it, Travis Hughes has an opening part in Kink’s full-length video “Champagne.”

This particular video is full of clips that didn’t make it to the video. All raw without the music, which makes it extra fun to watch.

You will see how much effort it took Travis to make it look all perfect. All the crashes and takes he makes are all paid with glory in the end.

Some clips are probably done on the first try, while some of them took him multiple attempts.

Travis deserves to have an opening part, and this raw footage is good proof.

Travis Hughes for Kink (2015)

Travis is no joke, killing it on his BMX bike for a long time. This one is from many years ago, but it’ll still be hot even if it dropped yesterday.

A timeless piece, if you will.

Travis and Francis Castro teamed up and hit spots around SoCal to shoot this all-street masterpiece. It is full of insane tricks and combos pulled smoothly.

I enjoy re-watching Hughes’ old parts and edits a lot, just because they are all so damn good. Enjoy.

10 Spots for Odyssey BMX

For the 10 Spots series from Odyssey BMX, they sit down with one of their riders to get to know him better. This round is all about Travis Hughes.

He talks about who is the best rider to go on trips with, he also talks about if he had to choose between barspins and tailwhips.

Moreover, he mentions his favorite rider when he was growing up, his favorite skatepark, his weirdest trick he ever tried, and even shares what’s it like riding with his cousin Jacob Cable.

If you want to know more about Travis, watch this video.

Travis and Lewis Vans BTS experience

When you know you are about to watch Travis and Lewis Mills do their thing, you watch the video immediately, even if it is a BTS experience.

This is a fantastic collection of raw clips, crashes and pulled tricks.

The good portion of the video is dedicated to Travis until he destroys his ankle on an absolutely massive feeble to tailwhip.

From then on, it’s all about the Down Under shredder Lewis and his amazing style. The two are crazy good and always so enjoyable to watch demolish street spots.

Treat yourself to tons of goodies now.

Travis’ Ride BMX AM Spotlight

This part was filmed at the same time when Travis had his 17 birthday. He is still a young dude but his riding is on another level.

He looks like he is a long-time pro rider, but he is still an AM for Odyssey and Kink BMX at this time.

This is also kind of an interview with him and with his friends and TM from Kink. They talk about how everything started with Travis.

You can see that Travis has a lot of respect from his pro team riders and riders in general.

Park days with Travis

If you see the name Travis Hughes pop up, you think it is going to be a street edit, right? Well, you are wrong about this one.

He is a street shredder, but Travis can also ride skateparks like a true champ.

In this video, Travis was 18 years old and he is already PRO for Kink BMX and Odyssey BMX and he is a well-respected rider amongst the BMX community.

He can ride everything in the skatepark – he can even rip bowls, pull jaw-dropping turndowns, etc.

In short, Travis is an all-around shredder who is all about having fun on a BMX bike.

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