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Hobie Doan Profile (2024)

hobie doan

Are you ready to enjoy the best Hobie Doan profile and BMX videos?

This dude can shred streets like none out there.

I’m a BIG fan!

Hobie is not afraid of going fast and big. He also specializes in a TECH move here and there or a high hop over a rail.

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But his favorite object to ride is a rail – he just likes to grind rails, whether flat or a handrail. Not just that, but his rail rides are also mental!

In short, whoever is down to see some really heavy street riding, Hobie has you covered.

Moreover, Hobie Doan was born in Eugene, Oregon, but he currently lives in Portland. His sponsors are Primo and Googds BMX.

Additionally, he is also supported by DUB, Lifestyle Farms, Etnies (do you need new BMX shoes?) and Plants Basically. If you remember, the latter is a brand by JJ Palmere, who I already featured here.

I think it’s time now to move forward and enjoy ourselves in some hot moves from the man himself, Hobie.

This post covers:

Hobie Doan Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: /
Place of birth: Eugene, Oregon
Height: Not 6′
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @hobiedoan

2. Sponsors

Primo BMX, Goods BMX and Etnies.

3. Bike Check

Don’t forget to check the latest Hobie Doan bike check.

4. Parts Hobie Rides

Featured photo by: Kink.

5. The Best Hobie Doan BMX Videos

Midwest Marinade

HD, do I need to say anything else? Oh yes, that this one is sick and a must-see.

Hobie and Garett McKenzie spent 49 days cruising around and visiting different spots in Minnesota and Wisconsin and came out with this masterpiece.

This one is made pretty creatively but with lots of burly and technical street shredding that Hobie is known for.

The hop onto that roof, then a 270, and straight into a drop was so fire. But I also really enjoyed that super high opposite double peg to regular 180 out and, of course, that last long icepick grind.

However, you’ll enjoy yourself for all these five minutes, from start to finish. Do you also need more HD in your life?

Drop The Pin

Hobie drops the pin somewhere in the streets of San Diego near the port and, from the video above, it was a success (even though it was windy and rainy).

Nothing stops Hobie, not even a broken rail! He went to work and surprised us with this awesome clip that’ll make you smile and happy to grab your bike and go out for a sesh no matter what. Plus, Hobie is good proof that everything can be a spot!

By the way, that quick tire slide 180 was THE best.

E-Fise Glasgow X Dig 2022

Hobie brings heat to Glasgow street with the help of Trent Lutzke behind the camera. You know Doan means fun times, and that’s exactly the vibe of his E-Fise Glasgow contest entry.

Everything Hobie does looks so casual. But everything he does is also really hard.

My favorite is the long opposite ice pick grind to manual to regular icepick grind to hard 180 out on the legendary spot.

And the last pegs over is also fire. Just like everything else!

E-Fise Glasgow X Dig 2022 – RAW

If you’ve already watched Hobie’s E-Fise Glasgow clip (which I’m sure you did!), the next thing on your to-watch list is the raw version of it.

Of course, this one is, in my opinion, even better, but that’s because I enjoy watching raw clips (no music) so much.

From raw and second-angle stuff to crashes and other must-sees – prepare yourself for seven minutes of goodness from Hobie and Trent Lutzke behind the lens.

I’ll do it again.

Signature Kink Roll Up frame

First, congrats to Hobie for dropping his signature Roll Up frame with Kink.

And second, I needed to watch this promo video a few times before adding it to this collection.

You know Hobie is really good on his bike, so everything he drops is a MUST. And this one is no different.

So much good, smooth, technical and burly riding in here. Ah, I’m doing it one more time!

This frame is for everyone who needs something strong and reliable, perfect for the streets.

Note: What surprises me is that Hobie went with a 75-degree head tube angle and didn’t pick a steeper one.

Enies X Kink w/ Hobie& Nathan

The promotional video for the new Etnies and Kink drop featuring Hobie and Nathan Williams is TOO good. These two destroy multiple amazing spots in SD while wearing the all-new Jameson Vulc shoes and apparel.

A split part from these two is an absolute MUST-SEE material, so make sure you don’t miss it!

I watched it, re-watched it (5 times) and now I will watch it some more.

The tricks, the spots and the music go together so well. Enjoy.

Hobie Doan At House Park

Hobie delivers every single time. This dude knows how to make your eyes go as big as saucers, whether street or skatepark riding.

And his entry to the USL Super Cup competition is no different. All participants had 24 hours to shoot a video at the House Park in Austin, Texas.

This is Hobie’s web video. Insane bike balance, wild grind combos and other wicked stuff – you can expect it all.

The down rail icepick grind to hard 180 and up rail manual to 180 were especially sick. But that’s just me. Everything is dope and you should watch it IMMEDIATELY.

Hobie in the Midwest

Hobie hit the Midwest with some seriously dope riding, which you absolutely SHOULD NOT MISS. Even though this may not be of the best quality, filming-wise, its rawness hits even heavier.

I won’t go too into detail on this one because it’s six minutes long and there’s a lot of good stuff in it.

I’ll mention that the last two rail stunts are nuts AF. But many other clips in here’ll get you hyped, too.

Alongside Hobie Doan murdering street spots, you’ll also see shredding from Trent Lutzke, Grant Ueberroth, Jordy Kilpela, and Josh Carrasco.

Kink – Hobie “Just Biking”

When a new clip from Hobie drops, what do you do? You watch it. With clips from Barcelona, Northwest and California, Hobie comes out with another banger that will leave you speechless.

There is so much good street riding material in here that you will want to watch it a few times in a row.

Even though every trick is MIND-BENDING, the feeble to hope over at the end is something else.

There are also some scary rail rides in here and many insane grinds that will get your BMX juices flowing strong.

By the way, his super long toothpick grinds are probably my favorite.

15 Clips at 3 street spots

Hobie linked up with Jeff Z to try something different for the day. The idea was to film five clips at different spots and they found three really fun ones.

They ended up with a collection of fifteen killer street riding clips of Hobie, which could easily end in a full-blown web video.

As you would expect from Hobie, there’s a ton of GRIND COMBOS that you will witness in here, which is always a good thing.

It didn’t even take them the entire day to shot this – just an afternoon.

Welcome to S&M Bikes pro

Even though Hobie may not be on S&M anymore, his welcome to the pro team edit is still a must-see. I do not know what went wrong with the two going in different directions, but damn, this dude is on fire.

What I like about this particular web video is that it features a NEW-AGE street rider with the S&M filming and editing style.

He was definitely a very unique addition to the team, as S&M does not really have many such street riders in their crew of sponsored riders.

By all means, sit back, relax and enjoy watching this one a couple of times – you will have a blast.

Welcome to Primo

Would you look at that, another welcome to the pro team video with the one and only, Hobie Doan. Not just that, but this one is somewhat SUPER raw, like the one above.

If you are tired of seeing all the crisp-clean edits and video parts from other riders, you need some Hobie material in your life.

Needless to say, this one will do the trick, and that is a fact. There is some serious street spot murdering in here, and you know it.

But the last double peg on a rail to hard 360 is something to look forward to.

Hobie’s AM Spotlight by Ride BMX

This one is something different compared to the two above. One thing is for sure, it definitely has this new vibe to it that we are used to seeing nowadays.

Still, it remains the raw and original street riding that Hobie is famous for.

Along with all the INTENSE shredding clips, you will also hear it from Morgan Long, Shad Johnson, Charlie Crumlish and Kareem Williams.

They talk about what they like about Hobie, and they will share fun facts you never knew before.

By the way, this is from the time when Hobie was on S&M and Animal AM teams.

Hobie Doan S&M “Hot Dogs” section

Yes, you almost cannot avoid not seeing some of the green stuff in Hobie’s edits. That’s how the kids role nowadays.

But we are not really here about that; it’s about the wicked part that Hobie filmed for S&M’s “Hot Dogs” video.

Some of the tricks that I really like are the rail ride to nose manual, toothpick to flat tire and then there’s the double peg to manual to rail ride down a handrail.

But really, EVERYTHING is jaw-dropping in here, clip after clip.

As you know by now, surely, Hobie is very into rails.

DIG BMX “Roll Up Foo!” web edit

It seems like Hobie is on fire, full of energy and craving street riding and filming all the time.

That’s why he has been putting out so much good stuff for the whole world to enjoy.

And if you have not seen this one that Hobie filmed with Taran Gilbert, you are doing something wrong.

You better GET INVOLVED right now by hitting the play button and see what Hobie has to offer.

In short, a lot! But the rail ride to opposite 360 at the end is a proper banger.

Hobie destroys the streets of Long Beach

Things are only getting better and better, right? Hobie is a regular in Long Beach, and every time he goes for a session, he hooks up with Forrest Hawk to film a clip here and there.

The final product is now here, readily available to knock your socks off.

Regular and opposite riding, big moves and tech combos, whatever your heart desires, Hobie makes it happen for your viewing pleasure.

Along with all the killer tricks, you will also gain some LAUGHS out of this one. Enjoy yourself.

I wonder how high Hobie can pop. It looks like this dude has a ridiculous bunny hop.

DIG “In The Cut” w/ Hobie, Miki, Augies, etc.

If you are interested in what’s it like being on the streets of Long Beach, California, with some of the top BMX riders, well, here you go.

This edition of DIG’s “In The Cut” features Hobie Doan, Miki Fleck Da Silva, Austin Augie and others doing their thing but, most importantly, enjoying themselves.

Griding rails, wall riding a mattress, riding a private roof and heaps more, you can entertain yourself right by watching this one.

NOT surprisingly, there are many good riding clips in here, even though this was shot more randomly than anything else.

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