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Matt Closson Profile (2024)

matt closson

Welcome to the most insightful Matt Closson and a collection of his best BMX videos.

A friend showed me one of his videos many years ago, and I became an instant fan.

Matt has been around for a long time, producing some of the most insane videos that combine burly and technical riding.

We are all here today to give him all the extra shine he deserves by watching Matt’s videos multiple times.

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Closson is in his 30s, killing it harder than he ever did. (Yup, age is just a number!)

This post covers:

Matt Closson Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: /
Place of birth: Las Vegas, Nevada
Height: /
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @mattclosson

2. Sponsors

Fiend, Premium, Fpfootwear, GhostWax and Plants Basically.

3. Bike Check

Don’t forget to peek at my recent Matt Closson bike check.

4. Parts Matt Rides

Featured photo by: Fernando Gomarin Olaiz.

5. Best Matt Closson BMX Videos

Dig 2020

Matt is an absolute BEAST! Here is a video with him from Dig that came out in mid-2020, which shows just that.

The video starts with almost an entire minute of gnarly slams showing how much work he put in to make this video.

The opening clip alone is worth watching the video for and things do not let up from there.

From massive gaps to gnarly grinds and insane technical moves, this video is absolutely amazing from start to finish!

The dude literally half-cabs a double set of stairs in here! Hit play and enjoy one from someone who deserves all of the love he gets and more.

Matt Closson – Desert Town

Matt has held things down in Las Vegas for many years and feels like one of the most underrated in BMX.

Videos like this one called Desert Town that came out in mid-2019 prove exactly that!

When the opening clip to a video is a literal half cab off of a roof, you know it will be a good one.

It took Matt 6 months to film this one around Vegas and has everything from big rails to big gaps and technical moves.

The last clip is also completely mental and worth watching the entire thing for!

Stacked BMX 2019

According to the description on Matt Closson’s 2019 Stacked BMX video part, he has ridden for the shop since 2013.

And if you’ve been following the Vegas scene for some time you’ll know that Matt has been on another level for years!

The video starts with a grind down a skatestopped rail with one of the coolest grind sounds ever and goes right into a line with a massive half cab.

Matt Closson kills it on everything he touches!

2016 Video

Matt Closson is the kind of rider who is absolutely destroying everything he touches for so long, but for whatever reason never really received the attention he deserves.

Here is one from mid-2016 that was uploaded to the OSS YouTube channel.

Matt throws down as he always does with big burly moves and technical ones like the 180 fakie double peg to pop over tooth bonk on a rail.

The description on this one acknowledges that he hasn’t gotten the attention in BMX that he should. And while he has received some more love as of late, Matt is still underrated but on another level today!

Stacked X Deco

Almost every Matt Closson video has an excerpt in the description about Matt how underrated he is in BMX, including this one.

In 2014 Deco welcomed Matt to the team and he went huge for this welcome video!

Matt is no stranger to going big in the streets, from massive gaps to massive rails and many other setups.

One that stood out in this video was an incredible fakie double peg down a kinked handrail.


Blunted Athletics – Forever Rolling

Here is Matt Closson’s section from the Blunted Athletics DVD titled Forever Rolling. (This is the opening section of the DVD.)

You know you’re about to be in for something wild when the very first riding you see is a hop tailwhip roof gap and this one certainly does not disappoint.

One clip that stands out and is seriously wild is a 360 to over ice pick bonk on a rail! (On a big stair set!)

This one is worth the watch 5 times over and you won’t regret hitting that play button.

Welcome To ODI

Matt Closson was welcomed to ODI with this video at the beginning of 2014.

Matt takes some gnarly crashes in here in what could be the very first use of the since viral The Shangri-Las song Remember to set to a slam of any kind.

It is super rad to see Matt shredding trails in this one with some big 360s and turndowns before the video returns to the streets.

This shows how skilled as well as well-rounded he is on his bike and lends to the widely accepted opinion that Closson has always been very underrated in BMX!

Dig Spring 2015

With the number of incredible videos Matt Closson has put out throughout his riding career, it’s crazy how underrated he has always seemed to be.

Here is a Spring 2015 video with him that was uploaded to the Dig BMX YouTube channel and was filmed in the streets of his home of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The video opens with a pretty wild ice pick grind on a rail to hop over, followed by a massive air on a spot you just have to see to understand.

Closson always produces and this one is no exception so hit play and check it out!

Stacked Flossin Sprocket promo

Late 2014, this promo came out for Matt’s signature Flossin BMX sprocket from Stacked BMX. The sprocket was made from CNC’d 7075 aluminum and came in several sizes.

Matt went in for this one to promote the sprocket, which you get to see in action in the video.

He hits the streets and the trails where he absolutely kills it with big no-footed cans and even a 360 whip.

When it comes to the streets, it’s exactly what we’ve come to know and love from Matt with his burly riding mixed with tech.

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