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Sergio Layos Profile (2024)

sergio layos

Are you ready to enjoy the ultimate Sergio Layos profile and collection of BMX videos?

This dude has been in the game for over two decades and is still killing it.

Here we are, to enjoy a short Sergio bio first before moving forward to the riding part.

Officially, his career started in 1999, but he shredded bikes before that.

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Layos started riding at eleven but was already killing it at contests just two years later.

Can you imagine – 13?

Sergio progressed extremely fast, even though there were few skateparks in Spain.

But that did not stop him; he already knew what he wanted at this point and went full force after it.

He is one of the tops in the game, and he is at that level for many, many years now.

What’s best, it does not seem he will stop anytime soon, although you can see Sergio enjoying himself on a mountain bike quite a lot.

This post covers:

Sergio Layos Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: July 13, 1985
Place of birth: Madrid, Spain
Height: /
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @sirlayos

2. Sponsors

Flybikes and Vans.

Fun fact: Rumor has it, that he is also operating a vegetarian restaurant near Madrid with his mother and brother.

3. Bike Check

Don’t forget to check my Sergio Layos bike check.

Featured photo by: Pablo.

4. Best Sergio Layos BMX Videos

2023 Sierra Line Promo

Fast, stylish and quick, that’s what’s to expect from this epic promotional video for Sergio’s signature Sierra line.

Riding bowls and trails with a lot of speed, going high and pulling tricks, Sergio’s unstoppable. And then he pulls an insane tailwhip transfer that makes you go, “WTF?!”

I could watch this dude ride for days straight and never get bored.

Layos (by Rich Forne)

I wasn’t expecting this one. And even though I don’t ride bowls, dirt and transitions, I like watching Serio do his thing.


Speed, flow, style, tailwhips, spins, yup, Layos absolutely killed it for his latest Fly bikes project, “Layos.”

He teamed up with Rich Forne and cruised around Spain to find a ton of amazing skateparks and trails to enjoy himself to the fullest.

I don’t need to say anything else about this one because you know it’s good. Six minutes and thirty seconds of pure amazingness that you MUST SEE from sir Layos.

Flybikes signature Sierra line promo

Over the years, he altered the details of his Fly Sierra line to develop the perfect geometry of the frame and other parts.

Sergio has been riding a BMX for a very long time, and he knows every important detail on the bike to make it run smoothly.

Treat yourself right to some outstanding bowl shredding from Sergio, pushing the boundaries on his fresh Flybikes Sierra line of products – frame, handlebar and BMX seat.

Magic Number with Sergio Layos

If you ever wanted to know which three tricks, three spots, and which three people are Sergio’s favorite dudes to ride with, now is your chance to find out.

Watch the video above.

He best explains all the details of why he likes these particular three tricks, why he would only ride these specific three spots, and why he would ride with these selected three people.

I am keeping it super mysterious, right?

Well, I do not want to ruin all the fun for you.

Do you have 3 best tricks, 3 best spots, and 3 best friends to do the same 3 tricks at the same 3 spots you like?

Feel free to share it in the comments section below.

Sergio destroying SkateHalle in Innsbruck

Sergio Layos was invited to Innsbruck to test the new indoor skatepark, Olympic World Skate Hall.

This park was first opened in 2011, and if you do some kind of extreme sports, you know about this place.

They already had visitors from all over the world. After the long use of the park, the time has finally come to make some updates and whatnot.

Surprisingly, it only took them six weeks to freshen up the skatepark and prepare it for shredding.

And who is the best rider to test it? Sergio, who else. If you are ever in Innsbruck, Austria, go and visit Olympic World Skate Hall. Now let’s go and watch his edit.

Sergio Layos for Fly Bikes (2016)

After watching this clip, I could not believe that the whole clip was filmed in one week. Yes, you read that right – in 1 week.

Sergio wrote that he is thrilled with the result and dude, I can say he is really modest.

Many riders take a lot of time to film and edit a full-blown web part, and believe me, many don’t attain the same results.

This clip was filmed by Hugo Almeida (Sergio’s long-time friend), and he had some help from Stefan Lantschner and Courage Adams as well.

Now sit back and take notes on how to make a clip in one week.

Sergio’s Comeback (2013)

In 2012 Sergio broke his leg, trying to land a 360 on top of the roof of some building. Unfortunately, he had a bad crash and broke his leg.

He had surgery the very next day and got a metal plate to keep the bone together.

He couldn’t walk for two weeks, but immediately after that started with his rehabilitation.

It took him ten months to recover from his injury fully. This is his story of how he recovered right before the X Games in Barcelona, where he got 4th place.

I think this proves what it means to have a strong dedication to the sport you love is.

Welcome to Vans edit

In 2016, Sergio surprised us all with his new show sponsor, Vans. Sergio is a well-respected rider worldwide, and when he makes changes, the entire BMX scene knows about it.

He is still a very humble human being, though. Here is a quick welcome to Vans edit filmed at Ruben skatepark in Malaga.

This is probably the most visited bowl in Spain, and Sergio knows all the lines that you could possibly think of and heaps more.

I know this is short edit, but still, you can see style master at his work, doing what he loves best, riding bikes, of course.

Sergio’s 3rd place at Vans Pro Cup

Since all the BMX major events are canceled due to Covid-19, we better watch some of the events from last year or before that.

This is a 2017 run from Sergio at Vans Pro Cup Series in Malaga. This is a big bowl, and putting together a one-minute run is difficult. The level of your fitness matters, too.

However, Sergio knows how to make things look eas. Big lines, big air, simple tricks, and a fast run with no mistakes. Tired in the end but with a big smile like always.

Sergio Layos Etnies RVM2 promo

Wow, this clip is from 2012, and it’s for Etnies. This was filmed for the colorway of RVM2 2 from Sergio.

You can’t go wrong with smooth-riding from this Spanish-style master. If you have a guy like Sergio on your team, you know you will always get solid clips and good riding with a lot of style and flow.

This was filmed at his old compound near Madrid and at some ditches close to that park setup.

Enjoy watching this old masterpiece now, as it is one of those timeless pieces that will never go out of style.

Flybikes Sierra line promo (2019

Whether it was shot today or five years ago, even ten, whatever Sergio puts out is timeless. Watching Sergio ride cement bowls, what else do you need in life?

He delivers a good dose of style, speed and insane bike control that only he can manage.

In addition to that, you also get a nice overview of his signature line of Flybikes Sierra parts.

Even though there are not too many tricks in here, the flow is all you need. Enjoy yourself to the fullest while examining Sergio do his amazing thing on concrete.

DIG x Fly Bikes: Surfing with Sergio

Sergio met up with Vince Perraud at the famous Ocean Museum of Biarritz aka The Surf Museum.

This spot is outstanding; on one side, you can see Pyrennes and on the other side is the Atlantic ocean.

These are big transitions, and they have rough terrain to ride (falling is a NO-NO).

Many riders tried to shred this place and even got some air out of the quarter, but Sergio took things to the next level.

This place was made for BMX and for riders like Sergio, even though that was not its main intention.

How to build a ramp with Sergio Layos

Did you ever want to know how to build a ramp? If yes, this is a clip for you. Fly Bikes have always seen BMX from a slightly different perspective than the others.

Their first Fly video was made on the pallets entirely. They used them for everything. Go and check this out.

In the video Coastin, they used one transition ramp for the majority of riding and in this clip, Sergio will explain how it is made.

This is thinking out of the box. You don’t need a big park and ramps; you just need some imagination and one ramp to have fun.

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