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6 Best Dan Coller BMX Videos (2024)

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Are you ready to enjoy the best Dan Coller BMX videos for a dose of epic street riding?

For Dan, it all began when he was around seven years old. He got his FIRST BIKE, and everything went from there.

What’s pretty interesting is that he has been part of the Kink team (or at least riding their stuff) since ten.

That’s dedication.

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The only thing that changed is that Dan now rides pro for Kink.

If you want something, YOU WILL GET IT – no matter what it takes and how many slams and hard work.

And BMX riders, in general, are a great example of that – an inspiration to everyone.

Dan was born in Honeoye Falls, NY, and is currently riding for Kink, Eclat, Plants Basically (JJ Palmere‘s supplement brand) and Doomed.

What’s more, Coller is also part of Wolf Brigade, which keeps him strong and mobile.

Update: Dan is no longer riding for Kink. But you can still get his parts (until they sell out.)

When not riding BMX, Dan Coller is normally behind the lens, capturing other dudes murdering spots. In addition to that, Dan likes good food, strong coffee and traveling the world.

Note: Don’t miss Dan Coller’s bike check!

Some of his teammates you should not miss in your life are Nathan Williams, Jacob Cable, Travis Hughes and Felix Prangenberg.

There is a lot of wild action going on in Dan’s life, so do not forget to show him some love and follow him on Instagram.

Featured photo by: Jesse Stanek.

Best Dan Coller BMX Videos

1. Kink The Contender II promo

I’ve been a fan of Dan for a long time, and now, when he owns an R8, even more. Joke aside, here is a killer promotional video for his signature street frame, The Contender II, from Kink.

Watching Dan ride is always exciting. He knows how to mix burly and technical moves very well. And those x-up grinds – MAN, are they sick. (Especially the curved rail one.)

By the way, that last gap to pegs to pretty massive drop was too smooth. If you’re considering getting yourself a new Kink frame (that’s not too new-age-ish), The Contender may be it.

2. Kink BMX “Intervention” part

In 2016, Kink BMX released a video called Intervention.

When I saw this video and all the parts, my mind was blown away. The last part of the video belongs to Dan Coller and he oh so deserves it.

He filmed the whole part during 2015 all around the US, and he filmed something in Barcelona, Spain. He PUSHES the LIMITS of BMX.

Fast and burly riding puts him in front of everyone.

3. Kink BMX Contender frame promo

Dan Coller is a long-time member of the Kink BMX team. He is one of the most highly motivated persons on BMX.

With his riding abilities and dedication to the Kink BMX, he earned a spot on the PRO team and got some signature parts.

Dan is a modern street rider, and his riding is INSANE. The dude is not scared to ride one of the biggest stuff on the street.

So you know his street frame is ready to take some serious beating. Check this promo to see how Dan tests his signature frame and bars.

4. X Games Real BMX 2019

Dan was invited to film his BMX street part for Reel BMX supported by X Games. Dan is known to ride some of the gnarliest spots, sometimes life-threatening ones.

The beginning of this video part is crazy.

Everything starts with a big crash, but after this, he grinds a big kinked rail and does a nice long icepick grind like nothing. This is how you start your video part.

Dan even got hurt in the middle of this project, but his determination to finish this project was solid.

After his recovery, Dan GOT BACK on BMX and kept pushing the limits.

5. Welcome to Eclat PRO

In 2017, Eclat BMX put Dan on the PRO team (not riding for them anymore). If you get a new sponsor, you must make a video showing why you deserve a new sponsor.

Dan is not a dude who will ride small ledges. He will find some big rails and stuff that no one touches or even thinks about it.

Dan’s mission for this edit was mainly to GRIND EVERY POSSIBLE rail he could find, and man, some of the rails are super crazy and hard to ride.

The last trick is difficult to do on the normal rail, but he does it on a curved rail.

6. Cold Cuts by Kink BMX

This is behind the scenes for his promo video called The Contender (watch above). The first crash in the video is insane.

His bike hits the pillar, and if that was not there bike would go through the window, and he would hit Aaron Ross.

He picks his bike as NOTHING would happen, and after a couple of tries, he pulls one of the more wicked clips I have ever seen.

Wow, you need to have some guts to do this. I like this kind of edit because you will see what riders need to go through to put out a web edit or video part.

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