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Kriss Kyle Profile (2024)

Are you ready for the ultimate Kriss Kyle profile and want to watch his best BMX videos to enjoy extreme originality?


This dude knows how to surprise us with something original and never before done over and over again.

I guess that’s somewhat respectable for someone who has lived at a skatepark for quite some time.

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Kriss is not your everyday BMX rider.

He was introduced to BMX by his older brother at around nine. At the time, he had this super heavy bike that he could barely handle.

Luckily, Kriss got a sixteen-inch Haro when 10, and all the rest was history.

Growing up, he knew exactly what he wanted, even though being a sponsored rider was not his goal.

Kriss’s insane video projects always have something in them that you haven’t seen before. If it’s not for the tricks, then the setup will absolutely blow you away (mostly both).

Kriss still has a very bright future ahead of him with his positive attitude and belief that he can accomplish anything.

This post covers:

Kriss Kyle Profile

1. Kriss Bio

Date of birth: March 25, 1992
Place of birth: Dumbarton, Scotland
Height: 6’2″
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @krisskyle

2. Kriss Sponsors

Red Bull, BSD, Endura, Specialized, LOOK Cycle and Halo Wheels.

3. Kriss Bike Check

Don’t miss the latest Kriss Kyle bike check!

Featured photo by: Alex Donnachie.

4. Best Kriss Kyle BMX Videos

BSD – 23

As someone who knows the Unit23 skatepark better than anyone else (probably even the owner himself), you can expect nothing less than extraordinary coming from Kriss when he releases a new video.

Here you go!

I really liked that hand plant spinning combo on the vert wall.

But there are so many other insane things here that naming just one as “the best” is impossible.

If you need a dose of skatepark riding unlike anything else, I recommend you watch a Kriss Kyle video.

Floating Hot Air Balloon Bowl Riding

Although Kriss is no stranger to doing insane projects, primarily with Red Bull, I think this one is by far the most insane to date.

Riding a floating hot air balloon bowl, anyone? I mean, who would even though of this? Okay, I know who, Kriss!

Kriss enjoys a session while floating 2,000 feet above the ground, pulling his signature moves, including a fakie frontflip. However, the ice pick stall is for sure the wildest one.

But really, everything about this project is WILD.

I’ll rewatch it for the fourth time now because it’s so epic. Enjoy.

Stick Or Twist?

Kriss’ creativity never stops – AND that is a fact! Here’s a new video in collaboration with Endura, shot entirely at the Unit23 skatepark.

The fact that he incorporated “shoebox” in the riding as an object is just SO awesome. And showing how sticky the shoes are (you’ll see it) is too good to be true.

And the ender clip is brilliant!

Full of style, full of originality – what else did you expect to get from Kriss Kyle? Just sit back, relax and enjoy yourself in gaining some inspiration for your next sesh.


BSD Recording – Behind the scenes

Whatever Kriss does, it is an absolute pleasure to watch.

If you are into behind the scenes clips and raw shots, second angles and other whatnot, you will be absolutely blown away by all that goes down within these thirteen minutes.

This is a massive collection of clips from the BSD Recording that was shot worldwide, like Barcelona, Glasgow, Israel, and the list goes on.

Even though all Kriss’s clips are mind-bending, that last one – let me just say – deserves to be the last one. Some of his teammates also make guest appearances to spice things up.

Kriss’s approach to shredding Denmark

Can you start your BMX video as spectacularly as Kriss? No, I don’t think so.

This is one of the sickest videos you will see. I mean, we have many more, but this one is out of your mind.

This was filmed in beautiful Denmark, where bikes are the first choice of transport and then everything else.

Kriss rides through one of the most popular tourist sights in Denmark. He does some crazy lines and gaps and in all of this, he does tricks.

Everything in this video is made with perfection, from filming to riding. Waste no more time and watch this Red Bull masterpiece now.

BSD “Transmission” part

Kriss’s riding will blow you away from the first second of the video to the very last. Who starts with a foot plat over the rail to wallride and then a double peg on the rail to jump over?

Not a lot of people have this kind of capability. Kriss does.

He has a unique riding style, making tricks look so easy and using them on the most difficult street objects.

The more you watch this clip, you can see that he is on another level of riding.

You can’t copy his riding. He is the only one who can do wallride to flair out on the streets like it is nothing. See it for yourself.

Dubai’s most famous landmarks with Kriss Kyle

Here we go again with a unique way to start an edit. Kriss drops from a helicopter and then shows begins.

You can also see that this is made in the most cinematic way possible. Who does a drop on Burj Khalifa?

Man, I can’t believe what goes through your mind when you drop out of a helicopter and of the helipad. What can I write about this video?

There are so many things happening inside that I am without words. Let Kriss show you around if you have not been to Dubai yet.

Kriss’s Kaleidoscope Red Bull film

Okay, this is almost too good to be true. You know that Kriss is full of originality, but when you put him at an original setup built just for him, you get Kaleidoscope.

You will want to rewatch this mind-bending BMX video by Red Bull multiple times for your brain to comprehend.

All the elements and everything was put together just for this particular “film,” and the outcome is outstandingly good.

There are not tricks that are better than the other in here – the whole thing is exceptional!

BSD The Passenger frame promo

Kriss took some of his friends with him on a trip through New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas.

All the Kyle fans know he has a line of frames from BSD called The Passenger, and this is some kind of a promotional video with a twist.

Kriss loves to travel and this is also an inspiration for his frame. He visits some famous BMX spots and does his riding magic on them.

You will also see clips from Dan Paley and Chaz Mailey in the video.

They ride everything from streets and bowls to skateparks and abandon pools.

RAW 100 with Kriss

This is a Kriss Kyle version of RAW 100. As you all know, this series comes from Brandom Semenuk, a crazy MTB rider.

So it is called RAW 100, which means the bike is the only thing you will hear 100 seconds of the best riding in one take without music. Of course, Kriss filmed this at his home Unit 23.

He has this place so dialed that I bet he can even do tricks blindfolded.

When you take one of the best riders on the planet and you put him in the best skate park in Europe and one hell of a filmer, you get 100 seconds of pure BMMX pleasure.

BSD – Kriss Kyle’s concrete sessions

Do you want to see how Kriss rides bowls? Here you go. He has spent a summer riding all over Scotland to visit the most famous concrete skateparks.

Everything in this video flows. Filming and riding are like one.

You have shots from close-ups to wide angles to see all the details of Kriss riding. Man, this is what BMX is all about.

How many people do you know that can flair out of the bowl to a long manual with grinding in the middle to a strong finish at the end of the line? Who can do it like this?

Click play and you will see some jaw-dropping BMX stunts.

Kriss in California

This clip was made when Kriss visited California with Alex Donnachie in 2015. It looks like they had a lot of fun during their stay.

Once again, Kriss kills the Cali spots with his unique approach. Did you ever see a toothpick grind to can-can on the street?

No, probably not, but now you have a chance. Go to 0:32 second, check it out, and then watch it again and again.

The whole video is building up and the banger, in the end, is insane. Don’t click forward to the end; check the whole thing from start to finish (with a few replays at 0:32).

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