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Jordan Godwin Profile (2024)

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Are you ready to learn more about Jordan Godwin and watch his best BMX videos?

I’ve been a fan of his technical street riding for a good minute, so I’m stoked to bring you this BEST-OF collection.

There’s never enough Jordan material. Period.

And when something new from Godwin drops, I’ll publish it here for your viewing pleasure.

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Jordan is from Magor, South Wales (that’s in the UK) and has been doing BMX since around 14.

This dude is taking things to an entirely different degree regarding technical street riding. (I’m speechless every time I see something new from him!)

This post covers:

Jordan Godwin Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: /
Place of birth: Wales, UK
Height: 5′ 11″
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @jordangoooodwin

2. Sponsors

WeThePeople, Eclat, Etnies, Doomed, Monster Energy and Crucial BMX Shop.

3. Bike Check

Note: Don’t miss Jordan’s bike check!

4. Parts Jordan Rides

Featured photo by: Fred Murray.

5. Best Of Jordan Godwin Videos

Fun fact: Did you know that Jordan rode motocross? (You can learn about the switch to BMX on BMX Union.)

1. Etnies Lo-Cut X Thee Void Promo

While this isn’t the first Etnies and Jordan Godwin collab shoe, it’s definitely the one that pops the most. Jordan decided to go with the burnt orange color with black detailing and that turned out epic.

I’m not a colored shoe dude, but these look rad.

To make the drop official, here’s a nearly one-and-a-half-minute promo video featuring Jordan putting those slip-ons to good use.

I’ve tried one the double peg to hard 360 out but crashed pretty badly. But Jordan makes it look so smooth and casual.

Also, I really like the final toboggan over the rail – I wasn’t expecting it.

2. 2023 WTP Doomsayer Promo

The thing about Jordan’s riding is that it all looks so easy, but in reality, it’s the opposite. And his switch game is getting so clean you almost barely notice it’s switch or the opposite.

Here’s another epic proof of how good Jordan is, promoting the release of his 2023 version of his signature WeThePeople Doomsayer frame.

I already watched it twice, but I will watch it at least three more times.

Nollie icepick grind to hard 180 on a handrail? Cranks grind to rail ride to barspin out?

This is getting really insane and complicated. Enjoy, but I promise you one thing – you won’t relax because of too many WOW moments.

3. Eclat – Ravage

The level of technical mastery in this one is just ABSURD. Every time Jordan releases something new, regardless of which sponsor it’s for, you know it’ll be a must-watch.

But this one is ridiculous. Although each Jordan’s previous video shook the industry, this one takes things to the next level.

Switch and regular, big and exceptionally tech, Jordan is a master of them all. And then he hits you with a long icepick grind on a kinked rail to, not easy, but HARD 180.

I’m lost for words.

I started to wonder, “What’s next in BMX?”

3.5. Eclat – Ravage – Raw

Let me tell you a secret: I’ll never have enough of raw Jordan riding material. I could watch this stuff for hours straight and never get bored.

Grant delivered twelve and a half minutes of raw footage from filming for Jordan’s Eclat “Ravage” web video.

As someone who is madly obsessed with raw clips, this is almost better than the final product.

All this was filmed in just three weeks during March 2023 – and it’s absolutely amazing. Are you ready?

That toothpick to feeble to hard 360 on a rail was too beautiful.

By the way: They didn’t broke the new fisheye.

4. “Freak” Falls

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the epic Monster Energy web video project called “Freak.” It’s mind-blowing; that’s all I can say.

And I’m also pretty sure you’ve noticed a few pretty nasty Jordan slams in it, which is something I’m not really used to seeing. Hey, Jordan always goes SO smooth and stylish with everything he does.

Anyway, while filming for “Freak,” Jordan crashed many times, and Our BMX decided to put together a collage of falls. Yup, there’s A LOT of hard work that goes into filming BMX videos and parts, and here’s proof.

Thank god Godwin is made of steel, so his body can handle all those crazy impacts.

5. Monster – Spin To Win (My FAV!)

Jordan came out with an absolutely EPIC project for Monster Energy despite the global challenges and a broken ankle.

He went to Spain, Portugal and the United States multiple times, putting his insanely technical skills to good use.

Godwin is no stranger to doing things both ways – and switch-footed as well. His icepick grinds to hard 360s on handrails look too casual.

But there’s so much more in here that you don’t want to miss in your life. Five minutes of street madness that deserve a few rewatches. Enjoy!

Guest appearance by Alex Donnachie.

6. Etnies “VISUALS” RAW

Do you remember Etnies’ “VISUALS” video with Jordan, Miki Fleck, Joe Foley, Sam Jones, and others? I’m sure you do because it’s a sick video.

Dudes over at DIG decided to treat us with raw footage from Jordan’s section and added a few extra behind the scenes clips to spice things up.

Like always, I enjoy raw footage the most. I just like the sound of the bike, the streets, and anything else that comes in between.

Of course, Jordan’s riding is insane – AND so ridiculously smooth. You definitely want to watch this one, even if you’ve already seen the original multiple times.

7. WeThePeople – Doomsayer (My FAV!)

Here is Godwin’s Doomsayer video from WeThePeople that came out in late 2018. This part is just over 5 minutes of incredible riding from one of BMX’s most technically proficient riders out there.

I watched it unlimited times already.

The video starts with a casual long nose manual to manual to grind to manual to grind to whip out – yeah, that.

Jordan is capable of much more than just the technical riding with burly moves like a 180 to fakie crook down a pretty big rail that was directly following a pegs to hard 540.

If any of this sounds intriguing to you even remotely, hit play because there is so much more!

Note: Doomsayer is Jordan’s signature WTP frame that I also listed in my best BMX street frames round up.

8. WTP “Honey”

WTP’s Honey is a web project featuring Jordan Riley Smith, Dan Kruk and Felix Prangenberg.

Godwin’s part is too good not to put some extra shine on it.

Here you go!

And I don’t even know what to write about it. I can start by saying that Jordan is one of the smoothest street riders in the game for me right now.

Everything looks so effortless, whether he does it regular, opposite or switch footed.

Crook to hard 3, long ice to hard 3, crank to smith to ice to 180 – it’s crazy, I know! The nollie to crank grind down a sizable rail is also something else.


9. WeThePeople – OUT OF LINE

OUT OF LINE is a full-length video from WeThePeople that came out in 2020 with entire sections from some of the best riders in BMX who also happen to ride for WTP.

Jordan being among that lineup brings us this incredible video part that is almost 7 minutes long! Bomb.

The build-up is real with this one as the riding progressively gets better and better throughout and the things Jordan is riding get bigger/better!

There’s some excellent spot usage throughout as well, with one standout being a pegs down a rail to nose manual on a ledge at the bottom of a rail to barspin out.

If you’re a Jordan Godwin fan and somehow missed this one, stop slacking and hit play!

10. Etnies – Welcome To Thee Void

In early 2021 this video called Welcome To Thee Void promoted Jordan Godwin’s new signature colorway for the Etnies Jameson Vulc shoe.

Jordan went to work in the streets for this one with a ton of awesome riding clips.

A couple that stood out were a wild pegs to hard 360 to manual 180 and crooked grind to hard 180 over a rail.

Unfortunately, there’s no great look at the shoes themselves in the promo video, but pictures of them are available online and who knows, maybe you can find a pair (if you’re lucky)!

Note: See my top BMX shoe collection.

11. Eclat – From Wales To Spain

“From Wales To Spain” that came out in 2017 for Eclat BMX is so fire. There’s no word in the description on if the video was officially filmed from Wales To Spain, but it’s safe to assume and the part that matters is how solid the riding is.

Jordan always puts in work for his videos, and this one was no different.

Jordan’s riding paired with a song reminiscent of classic rock for the first part of the video definitely fits well and adds to the video itself.

There is so much amazing riding here to see, from the most technical street riding there is to gnarly burly moves.

The grind ledge combos and lines from about the 3/4 point in the video were particularly impressive. Especially in conjunction with the big rail tricks in between.

12. Eclat – London Ends

In late 2019, Eclat released a trip video called London Ends, where a heavy crew of riders spent some time in the streets of London after the Source BMX Battle Of Hastings.

This video is Jordan Godwin’s part in that larger project. The footage is raw with no music, so there is nothing but the raw talent of both Jordan and the filmer/editor.

So. Good.

The lack of music certainly does not take away from the video itself, as Jordan’s amazing riding holds on its own. The last clip is a wild one with a very happy spectator at the top of the rail!

13. WeThePeople – Foundation

According to the description, filming for WeThePeople’s full-length Foundation video started at the beginning of 2016. Yet, the Jordan Godwin part we have here didn’t reach the internet until January 2018.

This is a great insight into the time it takes to make a project like this happen. And in reality, 2 years from the start to the final upload of a single video part is a relatively short amount of time for a full-length video.

Nonetheless, Jordan DELIVERS with an almost 6 minute part of absolute hammers.

Being Jordan Godwin, you already know that there is the absolute highest level of street tech and gnarly burly riding at the same time. Hit play!

14. Welcome to Eclat Pro

Jordan Godwin has been at the absolute pinnacle of pushing progressive BMX street riding for years now, and as he was getting to this level, he was officially bumped to the Eclat Pro team in 2018 with this welcome video.

The video starts pretty chill with a mellow beginning to a song but very quickly heats up as Jordan does an incredibly long handrail just before there is an awful clip of him going down hard on a massive 360 drop.

When the riding begins, it is obvious how much Jordan deserves this spot on the Eclat Pro team. He has certainly earned the right to keep this spot in the years since being bumped!

15. WeThePeople – ENDSTATE

Here is Jordan Godwin’s part from WeThePeople’s video called ENDSTATE. ENDSTATE was a larger video from a 3 week trip to California featuring Felix Prangenberg, Ed Zunda, Dan Kruk, Jordan, and an AM Jesse Romano.

Today, we’re focusing on Jordan’s part that comes in at just under 4 minutes.

The part starts with a battle for an uprail hard 540 when he was one of very few doing the trick. (Still a mental trick, though.)

After he lands the trick, the video starts and an onslaught of tech BMX street wizardry barrages your brain! The last clip in this one is described in the description as the “ice to hard-180 heard around the world.”

Check it out to see why!

16. Source Park Lock In

Source BMX has had a running series called the “Source Park Lock In,” where riders are by themselves riding in the park for a video.

Here we have one from 2018 with Jordan Godwin. It’s a good thing he was at the park alone because if there had been people in the park, Jordan would have shut it down anyway!

The opening clip is a wild one in an uprail hard 540, and things don’t let up from there. Jordan makes great use of the park setup and movable obstacles with insane tech grind combos.

There’s also some really cool use of animated elements throughout the video that make it even more entertaining to watch!

17. WeThePeople (2016)

Here’s a throwback for Jordan Godwin in a video he did for WeThePeople way back at the beginning of 2016.

You can see how young he is in this one and how much work he put in to make it a really great video.

Even back then, he was doing wild tricks like pegs down real rails to hard 360. The filming, editing, and song choice also add to the video and make it that much more enjoyable to watch!

There’s a reason this one has 100,000+ views on it, so hit play and see part of what brought Godwin to where he is today!

Note: Videos are listed in no particular order, but I plan to add newer ones on top.

18. Jordan’s Creative Side

There’s no riding in this one, but I still want to include it in this list of best-ofs because I know many BMX dudes are into art and making creative stuff outside the sport. Any creativity and BMX go really well together.

Eclat sat down with Jordan to chat primarily about the process behind THEE VOID.

You’ll learn when Jordan started with illustration and art, where he finds inspiration, and you’ll also discover what THEE VOID actually is.

This is a fantastic look into the creative mind of Godwin.

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