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Timmy Theus Profile (2024)

timmy theus

Are you ready to enjoy the best Timmy Theus profile and BMX videos?

I’ve been a fan of everything Timmy does for a VERY long time.

This dude has such an incredible style of riding – real eye candy.

Today, I’m stoked to bring you this best-of collection so you can also indulge in Timmy’s incredible biking.

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Even though he may not be as heavily involved in BMX as he once was, Theus is still KILLING it for Cult BMX and Tree Bikes.

Note: You may also want to check my best Cult frames review if you’re a fan.

Now let’s do some riding with Timmy.

This post covers:

Timmy Theus Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: /
Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @timmytoomuchsauce

Featured photo by: David Leep.

2. Best Timmy Theus BMX Videos

SOS Colorway promo

Here is a promo for Timmy Theus’ SOS Colorway from Cult that came back in mid-2016.

Timmy is a rider who has always killed it and it’s always good to see someone who steadily puts in work get some extra shine time.

There’s an excellent mix of tech and burly riding in here with technical lines and big burly moves, with the huge barspin at the beginning being a great example!

There’s also some great spot usage here, which shows Timmy’s versatility as a rider!

Cult “Small Talk” section

Sections from Cult’s full-length DVD Small Talk started hitting the internet in late 2014 over on the late Ride BMX YouTube channel.

The concept of Small Talk was pretty cool in that this was a DVD that shifted the focus to the AM squad for a full DVD.

Among the lineup for this one was Timmy Theus, whose section is here for your viewing pleasure.

Timmy definitely went in for this one with his powerful style of riding.

What’s also cool about Timmy is that you just never know what might come next.

Timmy Theus 2012 Mix

Years ago, before Our BMX, the late Ride BMX had a series on their YouTube channel called “The Monday Edit.”

With this series came an installment featuring Timmy Theus in his 2012 mix.

The video starts at a few different skateparks, including the legendary House Park in Austin, Texas, before transitioning to a few street clips toward the end of the video.

You can get a feel for how dialed Timmy is by watching how he does tricks like the wild flat ground line that closes out the video.

It’s Later Than You Think split part

Back in 2019 (feels like forever ago, doesn’t it?) Cult released sections from their latest DVD at the time titled It’s Later Than You Think.

In this one, Kilian Roth, Timmy Theus, and Dan Foley all shared a part just under 5 minutes in length.

This split part starts with Kilian and his highly technical style.

Every one of his clips is wildly technical, especially the last clip, which was an absolutely massive rail feeble to manual!

Next up comes Timmy, who comes in with his dialed style in which you just never know what is coming next. That Sea Wall clip was so wild!

After Timmy, we have Dan and his signature stylish riding regardless of whether it’s tech, close to the ground or blasting in the air!

Welcome to Tree Bikes edit

Tree Bikes welcomed Timmy Theus to the team with this welcome video in 2012.

If there’s one thing you can tell from watching an older video like this one, Timmy has always been a dialed rider, not afraid to go big or get technical.

Timmy’s riding is never predictable, from big whip gaps to the wildest backlash/tornado back wheel spin move to flowy lines!

Not being predictable is a great trait to have as a BMX rider as it makes riding videos much more enjoyable and Timmy Theus has always been a great representation of this!

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