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Craig Passero Profile (2024)

craig passero

Are you down for this set of Craig Passero BMX videos and profile?

I’m sure you are!

This dude kills it on a bike, and everyone knows it.

For those of you who may be hearing of Craig for the first time – you are welcome.

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This dude is a beast and has been on a bike for a very long time. Even though there was a slight break from riding, Craig could not stay away from it too long.

Once you go BMX, you never go back.

At the time of writing this, Craig Passero is riding for S&M Bikes and Primo. He even has a signature S&M frame meant to destroy the streets.

There is always something wild that you can expect from Craig and his amazing BMX riding skills.

With that in mind, you can better see his level by viewing and examining any of the videos below.

I wish he would put out even more material, as Craig is always pretty original.

If you want to watch some more incredible street riding, do not miss watching videos from Brett Silva, Denim Cox and Reed Stark.

This post covers:

Craig Passero Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: /
Place of birth: Locust Valley, New York
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @whammo

2. Sponsors

S&M Bikes and Primo.

3. Bike Check

craig passero bmx bike check

Featured photo by: John Hicks.

4. Best Craig Passero BMX Videos

S&M – Long Island Legend

S&M and Charlie Crumlish went on a journey to document Craig’s life in his natural environment.

Here’s a short documentary they managed to put together, full of solid park and street shredding.

The level of riding Craig is at is unreal. This dude can do whatever he wants (even in the rain!) and does it with great style.

You also get quite a portion of creativity from Charlie, which is always a treat to watch. Enjoy yourself!

S&M 2020 web video

Passero’s 2020 video from S&M is another chapter in the technical BMX riding handbook from the Whammo man himself.

Craig’s technical abilities on his bike are always amazing to watch and the way he uses spots is always impressive.

The guy can manual into and out of anything he wants to, with so many awesome examples of this in a single edit.

The ride up the wedge to nose manual 360 to manual down the wedge to 180 out is just one of many dope tricks you can expect.

They are so complex that writing them out feels like they would be impossible to understand. Check it out and see for yourself.

S&M “Hot Dogs” part

Back in 2018, S&M Bikes released their “Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read” DVD. To everyone’s luck, Craig Passero’s section hit their YouTube page, too.

It is full of hard-to-understand technical combos and manual lines that Craig makes look so easy.

Backwards pegs on a rail to backwards manual to 180 out? AMAZING!

It seems like every single clip involves some sort of wild tech combo. Craig’s videos are always enjoyable to watch.

The last clip is a 180 fakie ice on a rail to over to the ledge beside it, landing fakie, then half cab bar spinning off of it.

Wrap your head around that, then watch it happen.

WhamMix mix from 2018

Craig Passero’s WhamMix section came out back in 2018 for S&M Bikes. This is from a mixtape that Craig made earlier in the year.

The description uses a word to describe the video that fits his riding perfectly.

“Artistry” is the word they used that fits so well, and anyone who has seen a video with Craig can understand why.

This one starts with a bunch of raw clips and then transitions into the song with a beat that keeps you psyched for what comes next.

We even get a Scott Marceau guest clip in here.

S&M Whammo frame promo

Do you want to watch some serious street shredding from Craig to promote his signature BMX street frame properly?

What I find really awesome is that he is riding two pegs and a cassette.

However, you will think he has at least three pegs from time to time, but no, he just actively uses the pegless side, too.

Craig is no joke, and here are some intense stunts that will get your eyes as big as saucers, especially the ender.

Okay, here it goes: 180 to icepick grind to over 180 on a flat rail. You read that right.

Craig Passero Primo 2014 edit

Craig has ridden for Primo for quite some time now.

The video starts with an absolutely incredible kinked handrail crank arm grind, but kinked differently in that this rail has a literal corner in it!

Things don’t let up there either, as Craig’s technical ability continues throughout the entire video.

The eye for setups he seems to have and how he uses them is always such a joy to watch.

Oh, and there might be one of the longest curved rails ever done toward the end as well.

Craig’s “RYWS” section

Before the podcasts with rappers and the like, the No Jumper YouTube page was home for BMX videos.

The OSS “Ruin Your Whole Summer” or “RYWS” sections still live here, including Craig Passero’s part.

Watching it and thinking about how the riding holds up today gives a true appreciation for Craig’s shredding.

Everything from this and Craig’s other videos still hold incredible today.

There are so many 360s out of tricks that look like they are so hard to do, but Craig makes them look easy.

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