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Stefan Lantschner Profile (2024)

stefan lantschner

Do you want to treat yourself to the best Stefan Lantschner profile and BMX videos?

These are ideal for everyone who puts style first and everything else second.

His riding is full of everything.


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Because Stefan likes to ride EVERYTHING.

Whether it’s street, dirt, skatepark or bowl, Stefan can make magic on his bike everywhere.

Just not pegs’ stuff πŸ™‚

Over Stefan’s pretty rich pro BMX career, he was/is sponsored by brands like Flybikes, Carhartt, Nike and Eastpak.

And when Nike cut the BMX team, he got an opportunity with Vans.

He even had signature products with Fly, but they are now discontinued.

Furthermore, Stefan started riding back in around 2000.

But today, he deals a lot with dirt bikes and cafe racers.

However, BMX is still a big part of Stefan Lantschner’s life, even though he is busy with all sorts of other projects.

To some extent, Stefan’s style is pretty similar to Chad Osburn‘s, who we already featured here.

They both go pegless, like to go fast and stick to more simple tricks than the new-school tech combos and whatnot.

But most importantly, they both make everything look oh so flawless and crisp clean.

His style of riding is timeless. Even if a video is from 2010, it’s still amazing and a must-see.

This post covers:

Stefan Lantschner Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: /
Place of birth: Steinegg, Italy
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @lntstefan

Featured photo by: Lucas Lucas.

The time has come to step up this short bio and treat ourselves to some outstanding riding from the “Italian Stallion,” Stefan.

2. Best Stefan Lantschner BMX Videos

By now, you are very well familiar with who Stefan is. It’s time to watch some of the best videos he ever produced.

Flybikes: Go With The Flow

These are classic pieces and his Flybikes “Go With The Flow” web video is no different.

So much style and so many amazing lines that only Stefan can think of.

You know that he is comfortable with riding just about anything and everything – for as long as he is on his MontaΓ±a.

Stefan likes to go fast, he enjoys manuals and is not afraid of pulling insane wallrides.

Let Stefan’s riding increase your heart rate by hitting the play button above (or below).

Euro trip with Simone Barraco & Stefan Lantschner

BMX is fun and this video proves it right. GoPro sent Simone Barraco and Stefan on a European trip, visiting London, Paris, Berlin and Rome.

With a train, of course.

At different locations, they meet different friends, like Alex Kennedy, Matthias Dandois and Moritz Nussbaumer.

Even though this video is not full of bangers and whatnot, it’s one of the most fun BMX web edits out there.

Once you start watching it, you will immediately know what I mean.

They randomly cruise through each city’s streets, pulling what sometimes feels like not so random tricks.

Barca bowl riding by Stefan

Ah, it’s just something about Stefan’s riding that has me hooked the moment I see him do his thing. Whether in person or a video, Stefan is always a treat to watch.

And if you would like to sit back and enjoy a dose of original “perspectives” of Lantschner enjoying himself at the local bowl in Barcelona, Spain, you came to the right place.

This was all shot on a GoPro HERO 4 by Lukas Kusstatscher. Lukas needed to do a lot of running to shoot all those amazing follows that are real eye-pleasers.

Carhartt 2011

I must mention that I am lucky enough to be part of many of the clips Stefan shot for his 2011 Carhartt video.

Yes, back in the days, Carhartt had a BMX team (myself included), but they eventually decided to stick to skateboarding only.

This one day, they invited the whole team to Essen, Germany, to go ride street (skateparks and trails, too). And that’s where the majority of this video was filmed.

I still remember some of the clips like it was yesterday.

Take the opportunity to witness four minutes of amazing flow and great tricks from Stefan himself.

Welcome to Vans

This is a pretty exciting welcome to the team video, as it’s not something you are used to seeing.

Many years ago, Vans was excited to have Stefan on their Italian team, and they wanted to do something different to make the announcement official.

In here, you will find some shots from 1990 of Stefan riding dirt kickers with his brother, along with the infamous Malaga dirt quarter by Ruben Alcantara in 2013.

So many outstanding slow-motion shots that will take your breath away.

Fun fact: Stefan even started riding BMX in his Vans, so everything came together even better.

Eastpak: Stefan and Bruno Hoffmann split edit

23-year-old Stefan and 15-year-old Bruno Hoffmann met to shot a split part for their bag sponsor, Eastpak.

These two were so young here, especially Bruno (already rocking a Red Bull hat), but they were already killing it.

Over the years, both Stefan and Bruno progressed insanely, especially Bruno’s riding style changed a lot.

For Stefan Lantschner, well, he had that amazing style since forever.

These two hit fantastic street and skatepark spots and gathered tons of great clips that ended up in a five-minute split edit.

It’s always fun watching some ancient clips of pros, and here is proof.

Train line at Europark

This is quick. Very quick. It’s just 36 seconds long. Will you watch it? I bet you will. Why? Because it features two style Gods, Stefan and Sergio Layos.

I am not sure how much preparation there was before, but this train line at the Europark in Spain is dope.

Even though the riders are blurry, you will still thank yourself later that you gave it a watch.

This particular clip was shot during a Carhartt project by Dominik Wrobel of Woozy BMX.

Stefan and Simone in Barcelona

It is always a joy watching Stefan and Simone in a split edit. And when it comes to Barcelona street, you know you will see a ton of goodness from both.

What’s particularly cool about these two is their two completely different street riding approaches. A very dynamic duo, if you will.

From manual and wallride stunts from Stefan to grinds and barspins from Simone, it’s all in here plus heaps more.

On top of that, both guys’ bangers are something – the wallride and the tech combo – enjoy.

Courage Adams and Stefan in Germany

Two completely different riders in a video, making an end product that will have you glued to the screen immediately. Just think of it, Stefan Lantschner and Courage Adams – yes, you read that right.

Even though their riding style is entirely different, they still have one thing in common.

They like to ride the streets.

You are about to witness three days’ worth of riding, and the amount of good clips that this web video offers is pretty crazy.

What’s even crazier is that it’s five and a half minutes long. Epic!

2010 Carhartt BMX video

It is crazy when you think that all this was shot in 2010, and it is still so perfect. This is by far still one of my favorite Stefan web edits.

It has a little bit of everything; the primary focus is street riding. Still, you will also get to see Stefan demolish skateparks and trails.

The style is there, it always was and it always will be. Stefan knows how to make even the most basic tricks, like a manual, look really good.

But he is no stranger to pedaling fast and pulling big gaps and wallrides.

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