6 Best Chris Doyle BMX Videos (2024)

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It’s time for the best Chris Doyle BMX videos if you’re ready for the old-school that’s making everything look pretty timeless.

I was such a massive fan of Chris and everything he did, even though my riding style wasn’t similar to him.

But things were completely different if you take it 15, even 20 years back.

Chris may not be a pro when writing this anymore; still, he treats himself to a session here and there.

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Once you go BMX, you never go back.

Note: Chris went through a cardiac arrest during a Kink trip in Albuquerque.

But I think (highly recommend) all of us should watch the Feeble Talk video below.

Chris, Kink squad, wife, and everyone else involved – Salute!

Do not forget to follow Chris on Instagram.

Featured photo by: Brian Castillo.

Top Chris Doyle BMX Videos

1. Kink “Squash It” part

You may have seen the opening crash for this video before.

It is one of the most gnarly rail slams in all of BMX history from one of the most iconic and legendary riders in the sport.

Here we have Chris Doyle’s section from the full-length Kink video called Squash It, which was released online in 2013.

After the gnarly slam, we find ourselves in the woods where everything you know and love about Chris Doyle comes to life.

360 turndowns, 360 table tops, supermans, and massive tail whips can be found throughout from the legend that is the Doyle!

2. Kink “Intervention” part

In late 2015, early 2016, Kink BMX premiered their latest project at the time, titled Intervention.

In that, Chris Doyle has a 2-minute section where he absolutely destroys it in the woods.

The first line in the video opens with a no footer to turndown, then a 360 no-footed can-can, followed by a tailwhip, and ending with a massive no-footed can-can.

That is just the first 20 seconds of this one, so you know the rest will deliver.

We don’t only get trails footage here, though!

There’s also a ton of fantastic street riding in here with the incredible roof-to-roof superman that you may have seen before.

This one goes hard!

3. Kink “Safety First” part

Chris Doyle is an absolute legend in BMX with an incredible resume from throughout the years. And his section from Kink BMX’s full-length video Safety First is absolutely on.

If you somehow haven’t seen this yet, hit play and buckle up.

All of Doyle’s well-known bag of tricks can be found here, including an appearance of the ever so satisfying to watch 360 straight double suicide truck driver.

Also enjoy the infamous curved staircase rail and the gap to double peg that another attempt shown elsewhere ended up in maybe the most iconic accidental feeble ever.

4. Chris and Chad for Kink (2014)

Before Chris Doyle retired from professional BMX in late 2019 or early 2020, he and Chad Osburn were long-time Kink BMX Pro teammates.

With that came lots of great times, no doubt, and this split video from 2014 with Chris and Chad for Kink BMX.

The description mentions, “Chris and Chad demonstrate what it means to be an all-around rider in 2014.” Yup, both of these guys can shred anything!

We have trails, concrete skateparks, pools, the streets, and even natural transitions in this one.

All of which both of these guys destroy to a fitting soundtrack!

5. Remembering X with Chris Doyle

This one features Chris remembering his experience of X Games throughout the years.

He starts by talking about his first-ever X Games, where he mentions that his only TV time was crashing.

Hearing Doyle talk about competing in X Games 10 years after his previous medal is so inspiring and to hear that he placed 3rd also made it that much better.

Chris Doyle is an absolute G and hearing him talk about his experience throughout the years is worth every second!

6. Kink BMX Saturday Selects

In episode 10 of Kink BMX’s Saturday Selects series from 2017, Darryl Tocco dug through a decade’s worth of footage to look at Chris Doyle’s “Finest Moments On Dirt.”

It is incredible to see all of this footage together in one place. And it really gives even more appreciation for how great Doyle is!

Everything you’ve grown to love about Doyle throughout the years is present in this video and it is definitely a must-watch!

Whether it’s the 360 suicide double truck drivers, or the insanely overclicked turndowns, or perfect table tops.

It’s all here and it’s all awesome!

FAQs About Chris Doyle

What happened to Chris Doyle?

Chris went into cardiac arrest on a Kink trip in front of his teammates and nearly died. Thanks to his BMX buddies for saving his life.

Where is Chris Doyle from?

Doyle is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, born on April 30th, 1981.

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