5 Best Justin Inman Videos (2024)

justin inman

Do you want to watch the best Justin Inman BMX videos to enjoy the nice style and versatility?

So PLEASURABLE to watch.

And Justin is famous for riding trails, skateparks, bowls and streets.

The dude can do it all!

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Even though Justin is not as active as he once was, he’s still on Fit BMX‘s Legends team.

He should stay there forever!

Note: Justin is a tall rider, but you barely notice it.

He knows how to maintain the amazing flow, making it all look effortless.

A few other tall riders you should absolutely not miss in your life are Reed Stark, David Grant, Charlie Crumlish, Joe Jarvis and Mike Hoder.

Unfortunately, Justin does not post regularly to his Instagram profile, but you can still show him some love by following him.

Featured photo by: Pat Kempany.

Best Justin Inman BMX Videos

1. Fit “Fit Life” video part

One thing that makes a rider truly great is the ability to kill it on anything – street, transition, or trails.

Justin fits this perfectly, and here we have his Fit Life section from 2007 full-length from Fit Bike Co.

At three and a half minutes long, set to a classic song, Justin brings the heat everywhere, starting at the trails.

From 360 tables, X-ups, tire grabs, and turndowns to huge sub-ice picks in the streets and skateparks this section is extremely well-rounded!

There’s also NO SHORTAGE of rails and big gaps in here as well. So hit play and check it out!

2. Fit “Stay Fit” video part

The Stay Fit full-length video dropped in 2009 with some of the most iconic riders in all of BMX at the time.

Justin was one of those riders and here we have his section from the video.

This one is short and sweet at just two and a half minutes.

It has EVERYTHING from the streets to skateparks to trails, all of which Justin Inman absolutely kills it on.

Those nose jams on the top of the sub rail against the telephone pole were crazy!

3. Fit “Holy Fit” video part

Here we have a split section between Justin Inman, Mike Aitken, and Christian Porras from the legendary Fit Bike Co full-length video Holy Fit.

With names like that, you know exactly what you’re in for with this one!

Style for MILES and a whole lot of hang time!

The video starts out with a bang in a massive gap to wallride from Justin, followed by a few more street clips before we take a trip to the trails where maximum steez is achieved.

After Justin’s part comes Mike’s, where he also takes things to the trails.

Mike had a bunch of street and skatepark clips as well before Christian wrapped things up, riding everything as well.

This is a split section for the history books!

4. Fit signature series video

Here we have a quick video with Justin Inman from back in 2012 in Fit’s signature series videos.

This one takes place in Portland Oregon where Justin rides an incredible skatepark under a bridge.

The flow he has is so awesome to see and one of the very first tricks he does is a Ruben Alcantara wallride to table out!

So wild!

Justin has such a great style, making all his videos timeless and fun to watch. This one included!

If you’re a table fan, you’re going to wanna hit play right now.

5. 411 Rookies bio (2002)

We can fin a little back story on this one in the description of the video on the Snakebite BMX YouTube channel: “411 was a skateboard video mag that tried competing with Props back in the early 2000s, which didn’t last long.”

The video mag featured Rookies Bio with younger Justin Inman at just 20 years old.

Justin shreds everything here with tricks like manual to abubaca on quarterpipes, big rail double pegs, and sub rail moves.


If there’s one thing that is for certain, it’s that Inman has always been a very WELL-ROUNDED, enjoyable rider to watch.

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