5 Best Seth Kimbrough BMX Videos (2024)

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Were you just as big of a fan of Seth Kimbrough as I was?

This dude had a significant influence on me, mainly due to being a metalhead (an actual musician, not just a metal fan like myself) and a 3-peg bike setup.

It’s an honor to bring you this collection of his best BMX videos from 2002.

Note: Seth was born on November 4, 1982, in Decatur, Alabama. He rides for Hoffman Bikes and The Shadow Conspiracy.

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Do you still remember Matt Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2? Where Seth was a playable character? SO. GOOD.

If you are ready to watch the legend shred, scroll down and enjoy yourself.

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Featured photo by: Seth’s IG.

Best Seth Kimbrough BMX Videos

1. Shadow Conspiracy – What Could Go Wrong

Seth is an absolute legend in the BMX world. According to Shadow Conspiracy, he is the longest-standing Shadow team member.

If you watch this one, it’s easy to see why! Seth pedals hard and goes fast while mixing in the technical riding.

A few standouts are the road gap half cab, the nose manual up the cellar door to wallride to nose manual back down, and the last clip is completely bonkers even today.

2. Shadow Conspiracy – Into The Void

Here we have a throwback to Seth Kimbrough’s Into The Void section from The Shadow Conspiracy’s second full-length video.

Even though it’s from 2011, it’s still an awesome watch today.

Seth shreds spots we still see riders hitting today in a video part that is still awesome even by today’s standards.

One clip that really stood out was a pole jam right in front of a wall that Seth hits into a wallride to fakie.

The sprocket barspin on the bank to skinny sub was excellent as well. This whole section rules!

3. Seth & Corey Martinez in Roll Call DVD

Seth Kimbrough and Corey Martinez.

These are two legendary names in the world of BMX. And it just so happens that they both had a split part together in Dan’s Comp’s Roll Call DVD from 2014.

Both of these dudes are from Alabama, and they both went IN for this part!

Seth and Corey have a very technical side with grind combos and lines, but they also have a badass charge forward and go big side to them.

Their riding goes together very well!

4. Lost Tapes

In BMX, video projects often get put on hold or fall through to never happen.

This video with Seth Kimbrough called Lost Tapes is an example of this where the footage was 2 years old at the time of release and came from a few different projects that fell through the cracks.

This one came out at the end of 2014, so the clips are from 2012, maybe earlier!

None of this makes the riding quality any less. It’s awesome that this footage saw the light of day rather than being lost to time.

The first clip is a long nose manual immediately followed by a one-footed tabletop air on a crazy ditch-looking spot in the middle of a lake.

But enough talking about it, check it out for yourself!

5. Hoffman Bikes – Testimony

In BMX, there are a lot of names that have come and gone throughout the years. Some of which stuck around for longer and shorter than others.

It really says that a rider like Seth Kimbrough can have so many video parts from such a wide range in time.

For example, this part was released in 2002 but uploaded in early 2021!

This is Seth’s part in the Hoffman Bikes video called Testimony.

This part begins with Seth talking about his hometown, combined with footage of a young Seth skateboarding on a mini ramp.

There is also over 5 minutes more of Seth killing it to an OG Underoath song.

This part is classic, and anyone around in this era will feel the nostalgia from it!

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