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What Size BMX Do Pros Ride?

what size bmx do pros ride

If you’ve ever wondered what size BMX do pros ride, you’re in the right place.

As someone who’s been riding BMX for over 20 years, this question has always fascinated me.

I’ve dedicated a lot of time observing, investigating, and even chatting with some top riders to understand their preferences.

In this article, I’m thrilled to share with you the bike sizes of 50 pros, including Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Jake Seeley, Chase Hawk, and others.

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What I’ve noticed is that professional riders don’t always follow the traditional BMX frame size chart.

But that’s OK because you don’t have to either.

Still, I created a complete guide on choosing the right BMX bike size, so you’ll avoid any inconveniences.

What Size Bikes Do BMX Pros Ride?

Rider Top Tube Length Rider’s Height
Jordan Godwin 20.75″ 5’11”
Lewis Mills 21.25″ 6’2″
Jake Seeley 20.75″ 5’9″
Joris Coulomb 20.75″ 5’9″
Courage Adams 21″ 5’11”
Logan Martin 20.5″ 5’6″
Devon Smillie 21″ 6′
Felix Prangenberg 21″ 5’11”
Anthony Perrin 20.75″ 5’9″
Jacob Cable 21″ 5’9″
Dennis Enarson 21″ 6’2″
Chase Hawk 21″ 5’9″
Casey Starling 20.5″ 5’5″
Alex Kennedy 21.25″ 6’2″
Reed Stark 21.8″ 6’4″
Garrett Reynolds 20.75″ 5’7″
Colin Varanyak 21″ 5’10”
Chad Kerley 20.5″ 5’6″
Perris Benegas 20.5″ TBA
Boyd Hilder 21.2″ 6’1″?
Joe Jarvis 21″ 6’3″
Alex Donnachie 20.6″ 5’6″
Nathan Williams 21.25″ 5’10”
Corey Walsh 21″ 5’9″
Dan Lacey 20.75″ 5’8″
Bruno Hoffmann 21″ 5’10”
Broc Raiford 21.25″ 6′
Kevin Peraza 20.75″ 5’8″
Hobie Doan 21″ Not 6′
Kris Fox 21″ TBA
Matt Nordstrom 21″ 5’11”
Dan Kruk 20.8″ 5’10”
Charlie Crumlish 21.25″ 6’4″
Johnny Raekes 21″ TBA
Trey Jones 21″ 5’9″
Matt Ray 21.2″ 6′
Larry Edgar 21″ 5’9″
Denim Cox 21″ TBA
Brett Silva 21.25″ 6′
Miki Fleck 21.25″ 5’10”
Simone Barraco 21.15″ 6’1″
Ty Morrow 21.25″ 6′
Dillon Lloyd 21″ 5’11”
Mike Hoder 21.5″ 6’4″
Dakota Roche 20.75″ 5’6″
Kriss Kyle 20.8″ 6’2″
Brandon Begin 20.5″ 5’11”
Murray Loubser 20.6″ 5’9″
Mike “Hucker” Clark 21″ TBA
Nikita Ducarroz 20.25″ 5’4″
Stephan Atencio 20.75″ 5’8″

Factors Influencing BMX Bike Size Choices

Here are the main factors that influence the bike size you choose.

This isn’t just about the color or the brand; it’s about how your bike feels when pulling off those awesome tricks or cruising through the streets.

1. Rider Height

First up, let’s talk about height – your height, to be exact. Picking a bike that matches your stature is key.

Too tall or too short, and you might find yourself struggling with control or comfort.

2. Style Of Riding

Next, consider your riding style.

Are you a street rider, weaving through urban landscapes, a park rider mastering ramps, or a dirt/bowl enthusiast flowing fast?

Each style has its vibe and needs.

A street bike might be more responsive, while a dirt BMX might need more stability. It’s all about what feels right under your feet and in your hands as you ride.

3. Personal Comfort

Now, don’t forget about personal comfort. This is all about how the bike feels when you’re on it.

Does it make you feel confident and in control? Can you spend hours riding without feeling like you’re wrestling with your bike?

Comfort is king – or queen!

For instance, I feel much better on a larger bike than a smaller one, thus, I switched from 21″ to 21.6″ top tube length.

4. Bike Geometry

Last but not least, let’s geek out a bit and talk about bike geometry.

This is the science behind how your bike handles. The angles and lengths of the frame affect everything from stability to how easy it is to do tricks.

It might sound technical, but it’s super important.

Head tube angle, standover height, chainstay length, bottom bracket height – these all impact how the bike feels.

Choosing The Right Size For You

After going through the above factors, essentially, you’ll need to pick something.

The general recommendations are ideal for beginners because, as a rider, you might not know yet what fits you right.

With time and testing, you’ll develop your own style and preference for bike size and parts choice.

When I started riding BMX 20+ years ago, my bike looked nothing like the bike I ride today.

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to try new things.

And, of course, don’t forget to seek advice from more advanced riders, even pros.

These guys and gals have been where you are and know a thing or two about choosing the right bike.

Many pros suggest starting with a mid-sized bike and then adjusting as you get more comfortable and develop your style.

They also often stress the importance of a bike that feels responsive and easy to control.


We’ve learned that BMX pros pick their bike sizes based on a mix of factors – their height, riding style, and, most importantly, what feels right for them.

It’s not just about following a chart; it’s about listening to your body and riding preferences.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all in BMX.

The best bike for you is the one that feels like a natural extension of yourself, one that resonates with your unique style and physique.

Don’t hesitate to try out different bikes and setups.

So, keep pedaling, keep shredding, and most importantly, keep enjoying every moment on your BMX.


Featured photo by: Merlin Czarnulla.

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