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Justin Spriet Profile (2024)

justin spriet

Are you searching for the best Justin Spriet profile and collection of BMX videos to enjoy some street, skatepark and dirt riding?

Justin can do it all – with massive smoothness.

It does not matter if it’s a flat ledge, a massive quarter pipe, or an insane handrail down a big set of stairs – Justin will murder it.

Another cool thing about Justin is that he is riding a BMX helmet a lot.

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Growing up seeing what Stephen Murray and Mike Aitken went through, he just thought it would be better to stick to a helmet. (He already had a few nasty slams, by the way.)

Justin’s been on two wheels for a very long time now. It’s not just Justin Spriet that rides BMX in the family; his father is still very involved.

How awesome is that, a father-and-son combo? Imagine them filming a split video – that would be just the best.

This post covers:

Justin Spriet Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: March 2, 1995
Place of birth: Murietta, California
Height: /
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @justinspriet

2. Sponsors

Odyssey, Ends Footwear and The Secret BMX Shop.

3. Bike Check

Don’t miss the latest Justin Spriet latest bike check.

4. Parts Justin Rides

Featured photo by: Jeff Zielinski.

5. Best Justin Spriet BMX Videos

Odyssey – Guest List

If you’re following Odyssey, you know what’s up when it comes to their “Guest List” projects. One Odyssey rider invites a non-Odyssey rider for a day-long session at the Full Factory facility.

And Justin invited Devon Smillie.

I’m sure you know what to expect to go down – from style to technical wizardry, both deliver a bunch of epic clips that you don’t want to miss in your life.

Justin and Devon complement each other nicely, starting by both wearing helmets, which isn’t something I see coming.

In addition to that, both do some really sweet air stuff laced with even more technical combos that are – as always – too good to be true.

F-IT ALL part

Justin’s all-around riding skills really show off in his F-IT ALL video part. A ton of street stuff with a few transition moves to top it all up nicely for your viewing pleasure.

And Justin’s smooth style makes it all look ten times better. I definitely think that Spriet should deserve a lot more shine for how amazing his riding is.

But the last gap to smith grind on a round flat rail will keep you questioning: “How?” That’s precision that Justin is well familiar with.

Unlock The Spot

Even though you’ve probably seen all these clips already, here’s an epic behind-the-scenes watch in raw – exactly how I like it best.

Plus, it’s one of the best “Unlock The Spot” videos so far – I only wish it would be longer. (Or maybe I’m just too big of a Spriet fan?)

You can now better understand what it takes to film a Spriet video. There’s a lot of work that goes into it, but Justin is so dialed he pulls some of the stuff really quickly.

I really like that last gap to over smith grind on the baseball rails. But all the rest is also eye candy.

I can’t wait for new JS stuff!

Summer of Spriet by Odyssey BMX

Justin is one of the new generations of BMX with an absolutely amazing riding style. He is not afraid to ride some of the biggest sets of stairs or big rails.

This video edit starts with a banger and it continues all the way till the end.

One of the highlights is definitely a curb bump to a tooth hanger bar out on the ledge. Everything about his riding is smooth and stylish.

This dude can ride everything, and I am glad he is not oriented on only one thing. Justin is a good example of what BMX is all about.

Simple Session 3rd Place Street

Simple Session is one of the biggest BMX events in wintertime. This event takes place in Tallin, Estonia. Justin was invited to compete in 2019 and he did pretty well.

He got 3rd place in the street event. We are going to watch some of the highlights from his runs.

As you can see that right from the start, he does some amazing stuff on his first hit.

Everything with his riding looks easy and kind of looks like he is not even trying too hard.

But that is the beauty of BMX and Justin’s riding. This dude knows how to enjoy himself on a BMX.

Justin Spriet x FitBikeCo

Justin has been riding for FitBikeCo for quite some time. FitBikeCo says it best about Justin, that he is on another level. I totally agree about this.

His riding is timeless and he is so buttery on everything. When you watch this video edit, you will see what perfection means.

All the tricks are spot on. It always looks like he is not even working too hard on some sick combo or grind a massive rail.

What I also like about Justin is that he can also ride dirt and park and he can do some of those tricks on the street as well.

Headlights Part

The next video section we will watch is from RideBMX “Headlights” by Mike Mastroni. This is a split part between Brady Tweedy and Justin Spriet.

These two dudes are crazy. Brady opens the whole part and he has a unique approach to riding.

Somewhere in the middle, we are starting to see madness from Justin. He starts with an insane combo and this goes on throughout the whole section.

The dude does a long nose manual to tooth grind on a ledge and nose manual off this thing. Yes, he does this with a lot of speed. This section is something that every rider needs to see.

BOH 2019 Justin Spriet and Corey Martinez

Battle of Hastings is an event you need to experience. If you are in the UK, you need to go.

For 2019, they have picked Spriet and Corey Martinez for Plaza Session. They have a couple of hours to film a one-minute-and-a-half video edit and after this, they have some time to edit.

All edits have a raw filling to them, which I love and it is better to judge.

This video is packed with such crazy tricks and combos that you have to rewind and check what happened again.

I love it when you combine a younger guy with an older guy, and you can see how they are pushing each other.

10 Spot by Odyssey BMX

This is a series where you guys can send your questions to Odyssey BMX’s Instagram for their PRO team riders to answer. This installment of 10 Spot is with Justin Spriet.

The first question is really good. One of you asked him when he is going to do a park/trails edit?

We all know that Justin can ride parks and trails really well, and we would all be happy to see just this kind of video edit.

He also talks about who is up and coming rider, who is his favorite travel buddy, why he is wearing a helmet nonstop and speaks about his dad who is still riding.


Holy Fit part

Justin is a longtime member of the FitBikeCo team and of course, he earned his spot, so you know he will produce some of the best clips for his video parts.

Holy Fit is no exception. This dude is a silent street killer. However, in this video part, you will also see how well Justin rides trails.

I love it when riders are BMX riders and they ride everything. He has that classic style of tricks mixed with new modern stunts – man, it looks good.

For me, the stand-out trick is the gap no-hander to nose manual out of the ditch.

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